Everything great takes time to grow as one needs to nurture it. Many people spend their time complaining of that promotion that they were denied after being loyal to the firm for years. What they don’t understand is to be successful, you have to invest in yourself and be concerned about the mission of the firm. David McDonald is a source of inspiration for those who are working in the firm and want to acquire the high positions. David McDonald has been working in the OSI Industries for the past 30 years. He is currently working as the President of the firm. However, he joined the OSI Industries as a project manager; it is his efforts that led to his promotion.

David McDonald says that the OSI Industries has been able to grow by learning the needs of their clients and earning their trust. For instance, they have gained the trust of the China market because they have been working with them for the past two decades. In areas that they do not know the culture and interests of the individuals, McDonald says that they have representatives who understand the needs of the community. He explains that they do not micromanage their representatives, they provide them with the resources that they need to fulfil the requirements of the clients. David McDonald says that perfection is essential in every firm. He, however, adds that they allow room for mistakes because it is through taking risks that new things are discovered. He says that their other source of inspiration is their customers. He explains that sometimes the customer’s request a change in the menu, and they use the feedback they get to adjust their portfolio.

Besides their present progress, the OSI Industries is ready for the future. David McDonald says that the industry is changing at a very high rate. The consumers are now aware of their health value. They want to have products of animals who are raised in certain environments. He said that many companies are rigid, and they are not ready to embrace the changes that occur. McDonald says that having the willingness to adjust, helps OSI acquire long-term clients. The only challenge that the firm is facing at the moment is the poor roads of China. However, they have taken a step to solve the issue by informing the government and other corporations involved with the development of the sector. They are hopeful that they are going to act in favour of the citizens and more