Not since Doctor Evil from the Austin Powers movie series could not get sharks with lasers has this focused point of light caused such contention. The NFL saw a home team’s fan base stoop to a new low in order to get an artificial advantage. With the attitude that timing is everything, this handy little device did everything from vex Kyle Orton to affect the special teams of the Buffalo Bills. How did this issue escalate in the Bills verses Lions game on October 5th and what was done about it?

With just about everyone taking notice, a mischief maker in the Motor City was aiming for the whites of Kyle Orton’s eyes. A normally anemic offense did not need this extra obstacle to kick start a sputtering offense. The Bills took quick action and told security. A furious man hunt was on for the device that could easily be nestled in any person’s pocket. Avid Lions fan Jared Haftel is furious too.

Progress was not made and soon a critical juncture was reached. The Lions had missed field goals all day. Buffalo was poised to take advantage with a 50 yard attempt of their own. Alas, the target was reached as the red dot went right in the vision of the Buffalo kicker causing him to miss.