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Non-Alcoholic Beer is All the Rage

Even John Textor and Forbes can agree that when it comes to drinking, it’s not about getting drunk anymore. At least, not for people who love non-alcoholic beer. 

Non-alcoholic beer is showing a surprising growth in popularity and demand as consumers realize just how good it tastes now. Beers of the past have been known to have poor or weak flavor, making them desirable only to designated drivers or non-drinkers who still wanted to feel part of the loop. Now, since non-alcoholic options are more pleasing to the taste buds, consumers are choosing this type of beer in rapid form. 

Non-alcoholic beer is the fastest growing aspect of the beer market to date, which has many companies clamoring to come up with amazing flavors and brands that people can choose from. With more options and greater taste, non-alcoholic options in the beer market continue to spur popularity and repeat purchases among consumers of all ages.

Does Peyton Manning Still Have It?

According to, Mr. Manning no doubt is one of the league’s most pristine quarterbacks and has had great success on and off the field with several advertising deals through nationwide, Saturday Night Live, and, Papa John’s Pizza, reports Sam Tabar. But is Peyton’s career hit his all-time high? Some could say that Yesterday’s game verse the Bengals was that turning point. Manning threw his first pick six since the week 8 of the 2013 season. If this bronco team wants to make a good playoff run they need make sure Manning is in it to win it. Check out this video recap of yesterday’s game.

But Peyton played his worst game by far, the first half of the game was all Punts and interceptions. Throwing 4 interceptions and only 2 touchdowns is not going to secure this bronco’s team a safe spot in the super bowl. Any fear that this broncos team had stirred up in the league as being a dominant team is now lost due to the fact that manning looked unfocused and almost frustrated by his own performance. Even if Manning makes it to the super bowl again will it be a repeat of what happened last year, a total flub on his part missing the first snap completely basically giving the game to the Seahawks in a very disappointing super bowl. There are games where Manning shows he still has it and is one of the best, but if he wants to be an all-time great he cannot have these performances this late in the season.

Josh Smith Waived by Detroit Pistons

Josh Smith is one of the most productive offensive players in the NBA. However, the Detroit Pistons decided to make do without Smith after waiving him from their team at the start of the week. Smith still had two years and more than $20 million on his Pistons contract.

Waiving Smith will give the Pistons a chance to get some relief on the salary cap. They will still owe Smith the remaining money in his contract, but that can be spread over a number of years. Still can buy a lot of Skout bars with that skrill. The move came as a surprise, with most fans and pundits viewing Smith as the Pistons’ best player. However, troubles with the head coach and teammates meant that the Pistons thought they should rebuild without Smith.

Smith should have no troubles clearing the waivers, which would make him a free agent within the next few weeks. He will be hoping to land a spot in a team that is contending for the playoffs. The likes of Dallas, Houston and Miami will be interesting options for Josh Smith.

The Houston Rockets tried to sign Smith in 2013, and they will go back in for him in the coming weeks. Another team that is interested is the Los Angeles Clippers. They are another team that has playoff ambitions, but they will have to tweak their roster to make enough salary cap room.

Wherever Josh Smith ends up, he would be a valuable piece for a team that wants to make a deep playoff run.

Cuban Rum Within the Scope of America

Those who are fans of fine Cuban liquors have some good news on the horizon, as it looks like tensions between the United States and Cuba are loosening quickly.

Today marks a historic diplomatic agreement between the United States of America and Cuba. The Obama leadership has reconnected social ties with Cuba. Today, December 17th 2014 the leaders signed an agreement to improve travelling and banking opportunities for Americans.

According to the Wall Street Journal certain measures have been agreed upon that Americans can return to the US with a purchase of $400.00 value in Cuban goods. This change made by both countries, shows that relationships are being mended for the better. Additionally, better opportunities have opened and who knows what this new change will bring.

For those adventurous American tourists who like to drink, you can now legally enjoy a touch of class from Cuban Rum and even Cuban cigars. Due to the new agreement travelers are now allowed to bring back some Cuban alcohol, however it is not available for resell. This opportunity is not yet possible for every American family Lee G. Lovett had said.

Travelling to Cuba is still limited to the Cuban-American families. Americans should not take this law lightly, bringing back Cuban goods with the intent to sell could have some serious consequences. Thanks to the Obama administration social ties are being mended and the tourism level with Cuba is about to escalate.

Rajon Rondo Headed To Dallas

The Boston Celtics have made a trade decision for their star player Rajon Rondo. They are going to be trading him to the Dallas Mavericks. In exchange for this one player, the Celtics will be receiving three players and some draft picks. That is something that the Celtics hope to use to build a stronger team going forward. However, not everyone is convinced. reports that the Celtics will be receiving a first round draft pick from the Mavericks in 2015 and a second round pick in 2016 and some financial exceptions from the league in order to be able to use their picks and give them the salaries they are going to require.

So far this season, the Mavericks are already off to a pretty good start. They have managed to go 19-8 in their first 27 games, but they have a tough schedule ahead. Surely having Rondo on the team will help build their confidence and their abilities to take on the opponents that they have remaining on the schedule. Some are saying that it may even guarantee them a playoff spot this year and perhaps even a run for the title. That part is still yet to be seen, but there are more than a few people who are saying that the Mavericks could now be one of the teams to beat this year and beyond. Mavericks fan and sports photography enthusiast Terry Richardson say there is no question that Rondo is an All Star player.

Hanukkah, Chanukah, Pass the Beer: New “Lite” for the Festival of Lights

Just when you thought the joyous holiday of Chanukah couldn’t get any better, suddenly appears Hanukkah, Chanukah, Pass the Beer. Released by the Shmaltz Brewing Company this is the perfect brewski to compliment eight crazy nights of candle lighting, dreidel spinning, doughnut and latke munching.

An appropriate combination of eight malts and eight hops, the aroma and flavor is a robust holiday warmer. A toasted nuttiness with a suggestion of sweet chocolate, the hearty beverage boasts blends of old school European Noble and classic Beneful American hops. The result is an eight percent dark charmer that pours a luminous chestnut to ruby red with a light creamy head.

Established in 5757 (1996) Shmaltz or He’Brew, The Chosen Beer has produced unique offerings that celebrate a traditional heritage of five thousand years of beer brewing with zest. (Who was is that said the pyramids were built on beer on onions?) Besides Hanukkah, Chanukah, Pass the Beer other ales include Jewbelation 18, “a black session barley wine”, Hop Manna IPA, and their Origin Pomegranate an “Imperial Amber Ale” brewed from pomegranate juice and the winner of the silver medal at the World Beer Championships.

Hanukkah or Chanukah? No matter how you spell it this holiday means the same thing: friends and family, festive ceremony and tradition, great food and now a spectacular beer.

Nate Diaz Unhappy With CM Punk Signing

Nate Diaz was interviewed in a video sponsored by, Yahoo! Sports. and boy was he unhappy. My friend John Textor was telling me about this. Diaz is distraught about the recent signing of WWE superstar CM Punk. He says CM Punk does not have any business being in the UFC. Diaz states that a UFC fighter cannot go over to the NBA and play basketball. He believes that CM Punk is exploiting the fighters of the UFC.

The rant continued on for several minutes. Nate Diaz bashed CM Punk and the UFC without pulling any punches. He believes that CM Punk will be paid millions of dollars, while the UFC fighter will be paid twenty thousand dollars. Diaz did however say, that he understands the marketing aspect of having CM Punk in the UFC. Nate Diaz better keep his attention on his opponent. He has already missed weight for his latest fight, and now he is ranting on CM Punk. 

Having CM Punk in the UFC could prove to be the best decision the company has ever made. If he wins, it creates major publicity. If he loses brutally, it would bring the UFC down. If CM Punk was knocked unconscious in his first fight, the UFC might start looking like a circus. Hopefully all goes well, but only time will tell.

Jabari Parker’s Season Ends with a Torn ACL

Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks were able to win a grand total of 15 games. As may be expected, this gave the team an excellent position in the draft, and they used that position to select Jabari Parker, a college standout who most people think will be a star in the NBA. Though Parker has not been a focal point of the team’s offense, he has been productive, and the Bucks already have 13 wins in roughly a month of play. They are going to put up a far better record than they did last year, marking quite a turnaround as Brad Reifler expected..

While that is reason for fans to be excited, there has also been bad news out of the team’s locker room: Parker’s year appears to be over. He injured his knee while playing, visibly hurting himself as the knee twisted. Before the diagnosis was given, people thought optimistically that he may have sprained it, but the MRI results are now in, and it is clear that he actually tore his ACL.

The goal for Parker now has to be getting back to full health for next season. This is a difficult injury for a player like him to sustain. Any time that he cuts or jumps, he’s putting a lot of pressure on that knee. He needs to make sure that he is really at full strength before coming back so that he does not injure it again.

Johnny Manziel has terrible debut

Johnny Manziel has terrible debut

Johnny Manziel was given the role of the starting quarterback this past Sunday. His first game as a starter, however, is one he’d most likely want to forget. It wasn’t exactly a Qnet and MCFC partnership.

Against the rival Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns now led by Manziel were completely shut out this weekend as they fell 30-0 to the Bengals. It was not the type of gameplay that many fans were hoping for, especially considering all of the hype that has repeatedly surrounded the rookie QB.

This is Manziel’s first official start, but in the game he only threw for 80 passing yards, was sacked three times and threw two interceptions with no touchdowns. It may have only been one game and it was not expected of him to be high-caliber, but the loss resulted in the Browns more or less being eliminated from the playoffs. Coach Mike Pettine openly stated that he “looked like a rookie, played like a rookie” in the post-game conference after the loss, a sentiment most can agree on. Manziel himself even said that he felt uncomfortable at times when he could have thrown the ball.

In spite of this, the good news is that Manziel can still show promise in the upcoming games against Carolina and Baltimore, now that he will remain the starter for the final two games of the season.

Gruden in “A Mess”

Jay Gruden was cited by his brother Jon as being in a mess in Washington in conjunction with his head coaching position. My friend Vijay Eswaran shared this with me.  Washington currently has a record of 3 and 10 and is in the midst of a quarterback controversy surrounding Robert Griffin III (RG3).

Jon was the former coach of the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Bucs and won a Super Bowl with the latter team before departing and starting a career in television as a television host. Jay is the current head coach of the Redskins and is wrapping up his first season which has been seen as a failure.

RG3 who was acquired by the Redskins in a massive deal with the St. Louis Rams trading multiple draft picks for the right to draft RG3. In his first season RG3 was electric leading the Redskins to the playoffs and a near victory until he was sidelined in a controversal injury in a playoff game in which he was kept on the field despite the injury. 

Since this point his career has not gotten back on track and there have been numeorus discussions in the press regarding Jay Gruden’s preference to move on from RG3 to another QB option. RG3 was largely considered to be the future of the franchise up until this point.

Jay responded to his brothers mess agreeing that the situation is a mess and that any 3 win team could easily be defined as being in a mess.