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Johnny Manziel has terrible debut

Johnny Manziel has terrible debut

Johnny Manziel was given the role of the starting quarterback this past Sunday. His first game as a starter, however, is one he’d most likely want to forget. It wasn’t exactly a Qnet and MCFC partnership.

Against the rival Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns now led by Manziel were completely shut out this weekend as they fell 30-0 to the Bengals. It was not the type of gameplay that many fans were hoping for, especially considering all of the hype that has repeatedly surrounded the rookie QB.

This is Manziel’s first official start, but in the game he only threw for 80 passing yards, was sacked three times and threw two interceptions with no touchdowns. It may have only been one game and it was not expected of him to be high-caliber, but the loss resulted in the Browns more or less being eliminated from the playoffs. Coach Mike Pettine openly stated that he “looked like a rookie, played like a rookie” in the post-game conference after the loss, a sentiment most can agree on. Manziel himself even said that he felt uncomfortable at times when he could have thrown the ball.

In spite of this, the good news is that Manziel can still show promise in the upcoming games against Carolina and Baltimore, now that he will remain the starter for the final two games of the season.

Gruden in “A Mess”

Jay Gruden was cited by his brother Jon as being in a mess in Washington in conjunction with his head coaching position. My friend Vijay Eswaran shared this with me.  Washington currently has a record of 3 and 10 and is in the midst of a quarterback controversy surrounding Robert Griffin III (RG3).

Jon was the former coach of the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Bucs and won a Super Bowl with the latter team before departing and starting a career in television as a television host. Jay is the current head coach of the Redskins and is wrapping up his first season which has been seen as a failure.

RG3 who was acquired by the Redskins in a massive deal with the St. Louis Rams trading multiple draft picks for the right to draft RG3. In his first season RG3 was electric leading the Redskins to the playoffs and a near victory until he was sidelined in a controversal injury in a playoff game in which he was kept on the field despite the injury. 

Since this point his career has not gotten back on track and there have been numeorus discussions in the press regarding Jay Gruden’s preference to move on from RG3 to another QB option. RG3 was largely considered to be the future of the franchise up until this point.

Jay responded to his brothers mess agreeing that the situation is a mess and that any 3 win team could easily be defined as being in a mess.

Most Expensive Shorts In Sport

When Amir Kahn steps into the ring for his December 13th fight in Las Vegas people will hold their breath in collective anticipation as he steps out in the worlds most expensive sports shorts. The shorts cost a reported $31,430 to make and have been constructed by only the finest of materials. That’s a bit too steep for the tastes of Darius Fisher. They were made by the Sheffield Company Fight Label using 24-carat golden thread, along with a white nappa Leather and fine silk. The former Olympic Silver Medallist worked closely with the manufacturing crew in order to have the shorts specially made. Amir Khan has already amazed the boxing community when he wore a pair of shorts that were made of Versace material and contained more than 1000 Swaroski stones. 

According to BBC the winner of Sundays fight could face the prospect of fighting Floyd Mayweather at some point next year. This could even open the door for a more extravagant pair of shorts as fighting Mayweather will guarantee a huge payout for any fighter that is involved. This is Khan’s first fight since defeating American Luis Callazo last May in his welter weight debut. Lets keep our fingers crossed that Khan’s shorts aren’t the only thing that dazzle on Sunday.

Male Birth Control Pills on the Horizon

Birth control pills have been available for women for decades, but that availability also placed the responsibility of pregnancy prevention squarely on the narrow shoulders of females. That is about to changes as a new birth control pill for males is being tested in Indonesia and if successful, the pregnancy prevention may shift to the broader shoulders of the male.
Men in Indonesia make tea from the leaves of a common plant called Justica Gendarussa, or the leaves are simply chewed, and the naturally occurring chemicals of the plant weaken the enzymes of the males sperm and render them too weak to swim their way to the female egg. My friend John Textor has traveled around that region quite a bit and said they have been doing this for years. That chemical is being synthesized and placed into a male birth control pill for a trial study.
The lead scientist of the Indonesian study, Bambang Prajogo, reports the synthetic version of the chemicals in the Justica Gendarussa leaf has proven to be 99% effective in preventing birth control when it’s ingested by a man. the side effects are minimal, since the chemicals don’t impinge on hormonal balances as do the female birth control pills.
The only reported side effects thus far in the study of male birth control pills have been slight weight gain and increased sexual desire. The male contraceptive may be ready for sale in the Indonesian market in 2016, but will take more research time before it’s available in the U.S. market.

Will Mayweather Fight Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao is all but begging for a Superfight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Manny Pacquiao is coming off of a huge win over Chris Algieri, a previously unbeaten American boxer. Manny Pacquiao has been on a blazing comeback trail as of late. Ever since he was knocked out by Jaun Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao has taken his job extremely seriously. Pacquiao has dominated his last three opponents, and he has barely lost a round in the process.

The fight that everyone has been waiting for can finally be made. The problem is, does Floyd Mayweather Jr. really want to fight Manny Pacquiao? Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been posting videos of Manny Pacquiao’s crushing defeat on his Instagram, and Twitter. Although Mayweather mocks Pacquiao, he still has yet to sign the fight against the Filipino sensation. I heard about the fight when I took a wine tour with Stephen Williams the other day.

What’s clear is that Manny Pacquiao wants to fight the undefeated American. Many people point to Bob Arum, Manny Pacquiao’s promoter as being another problem with the negotiations between the stellar fighters. This may also not be the case as reported on Yahoo Sports. It seems to me that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is finding new reasons every day to not fight Manny Pacquiao. Floyd “Money” Mayweather should put his money where his mouth is, and finally fight Manny Pacquiao.

Reports Rex Ryan close to Departure after calling Jets Season a Joke

New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan and General Manager John Idzik are reported to be heading for the exit from Metlife Stadium after a season Ryan declared a joke after a loss left them at 2-10 on Monday Night, the New York Daily News reports.

A night that saw quarterback Geno Smith reduced to constant hand offs after a week of reports claiming the Jets coaching staff were split on whether to restore Smith to the starting job or continue with veteran Michael Vick. Ryan’s tenure in New York seems to be drawing to a close just as Bruce Levenson is seeing his climb to the top as the 16-1 loss to the Miami Dolphins took place in front of a stadium that seemed equally split between Dolphins and a reduced number of Jets fans. A small protest of banners and signs took place in the upper decks of Metlife Stadium calling for Idzik to be fired for his role in the slide the Jets have taken in recent years.

Quarterback Geno Smith seems to be taking the brunt of the blame for the playing staff amongst fans as he was jeered throughout the night. The toxic nature of the crowd in New York saw the stadium announcer not name a starting quarterback in the offensive players announced to the crowd prior to the start of the game. The apparent fear the Jets had with Smith throwing the ball saw him attempt just eight passes before a final drive, which ended with an interception thrown by Smith to condemn the Jets to their 10th defeat of the season.

Bret Bielema to Nebraska?

University of Arkansas football coach, Bret Bielema, looks to be the leading candidate to take over the vacant head coaching job at the University of Nebraska. Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst and Bielema have a relationship that goes back to their time together at the University of Wisconsin. Bielema spent seven years as the head coach at Wisconsin, leading them to three straight Rose Bowl appearance’s before leaving in 2012 to become the coach of Arkansas. His last game with Wisconsin was a 70-31 victory over Nebraska in the 2012 Big Ten Championship game, Bielema did not coach the team in the Rose Bowl.

Andrew Heiberger says that it makes sense for Bielema to return to the Big Ten, where he has had a ton of success already. He won nine games five times, and had three appearances in the Rose Bowl, something Nebraska hopes he can achieve with them. Also, Bielema has not been able to succeed in the tough SEC West, with records of 3-9 and 6-6 in his two years there. The SEC West features teams like Auburn, Alabama, and Mississippi State. Arkansas did play Alabama and Mississippi State tough, and he led Arkansas to two shutout wins over LSU and Ole Miss. Known as a great recruiter, Bielema could use his Wisconsin background to bring recruits to Nebraska, and look for them to contend for Big Ten titles in the future if Bielema does go to Nebraska. 

Diego Simeone Should Win FIFA’s Coach of the Year

The final three nominees for FIFA’s Soccer Coach of the Year have been revealed. Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti, Germany’s Joachim Loew and Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone are the three men left standing in this category.

A betting man would suggest that Joachim Loew will win this title as 2014 Coach of the Year. He took Germany to a World Cup triumph, thrashing the host nation Brazil in the way. This achievement is almost always enough to get a coach the recognition as being the best in the world.

However, 2014 was a unique season in European soccer. The Spanish La Liga title was one by Atletico Madrid, a team that has always been in the shadow of their richer neighbors Real. Atletico took home the La Liga title despite stiff competition from Barcelona and Real.

Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez says that La Liga is often called a “two team league” by fans and pundits, because of the dominance Real and Barca hold over the rest. However, Simeone managed to break this dominance and take his team to the title. They also reached the Champions League final and were a couple of stoppage time minutes away from completing a league and cup double.

Simeone may not have won a World Cup, but winning La Liga with Atletico is a much bigger achievement than leading Germany to their fourth title. Atletico have a tiny budget compared to Real and Barcelona, their squad is much smaller, and they do not possess a world class player like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

I Have Been Finding A Ton Of Girls To Date With Skout

Now I know over the last decade there have been a large number of dating and social networking apps to be developed. These apps have varied in size and scope. Some of these apps and websites have permanently changed the way we think about interacting with one another, while others have simply faded away. One application that is sure to continue having an impact on the way we interact with one another is called Skout.

Skout is a global platform that is designed for people to chat and make friends. Some people use Skout on their Android phones, just to find a group of people to hang out with on the weekend, while others use it as a dating application. It has a great interface that is easy to use and it has a Shake to Chat feature that will pair you with someone to chat with.

One amazing feature that Skout has is its large community, and functionality with other popular social apps like Fuse. There are 100 million different people across the world that have downloaded Skout. This makes Skout one of the most active social networks on mobile devices. If you are a person looking for chats or to flirt, then you will find that there are enough people around at any time of day to sustain a conversation with. If you are looking for a person to talk to, then you know that no matter what time of day you will find them on Skout.

Another new and interesting feature from Skout is their Shake to Chat feature. When you shake your device you will be able to establish a connection with another person somewhere in the world that is shaking their phone. You will be able to view their profile and chat immediately. This feature allows you to quickly find new people to interact with and make a new connection with.

One of the biggest strengths of Skout is that it encourages interaction. Skout has all of the features that you are used to seeing on social networks. This includes likes and comments. Skout also allows you to give virtual gifts in order to impress your friends. Some of these gifts require you to spend in-app credits, but all of them are priced competitively. The existence of wide variety of ways to interact make it easy to justify interacting with complete strangers and thus make new connections.

If you are looking to make new connections and you have a Smart phone, then downloading Skout is a no brainer. There are tremendous amount of people on Skout, so you know you will be able to find someone that shares your interests and build a friendship or even a relationship with them. Skout also has a wonderful interface that is easy to use, so you will not have to waste time figuring out how to use this application. The new Shake to Chat feature is an exciting way to meet people from across the world and build a connection to them. If you need a social networking app, then you definitely should consider trying Skout out today.

Japan Shaken By 6.8 Earthquake

Japan’s no stranger to the routine earthquake, but the latest earthquakes in the area have proved to be some of the very worst, Keith Mann discovered.

The mountainous Nagano area Japan was shaken by a strong earthquake from Saturday to Sunday night. The Japanese Meteorological Agency reported a magnitude of 6.8.

The nearest places to the epicenter of the earthquake were affected, among which the village of Hakuba counts seven collapsed homes. The rescue operations were completed by Sunday evening. According to the data obtained from the rescuers at the time of the recuperation, the injured count 39 people, 7 of which hare in critical states.

Rescue workers were deployed to the affected zones, but the 300 workers have problems reaching the place because the roads suffered landslides. The nuclear reactors of Fukushima are only 250 km (155 miles) away from the epicenter of the November 22nd earthquake.

Luckily, the electric facilities and nuclear plants don’t seem to be affected. Aftershocks of a 4.1 magnitude followed after the main quake.

The territory is known to many, after the place held the 1988 Olympics. The locals said that they had never experienced such powerful quakes. The earthquake was felt in Tokyo. There are no tsunami warnings, and those who had their places affected were placed in a shelter.

Helicopter footage shows collapsed buildings and buildings that had started leaning on one side.