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Seahawks Building A Dynasty

The Seattle Seahawks are building a dynasty after going to their second Super Bowl in a row. However, we all need to consider if the Seahawks are going to be able to keep their team together. When the Cowboys and 49ers were on their runs, they did not have money problems. When the Steelers and Packers were on their runs, the players had jobs in the offseason. Now, every single player on this team is going to want to get paid.

You might know about Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, but Kam Chancellor is going to want to get paid, too. Russell Wilson is about to get paid bank simply because he is clutch. He deserves it, but they have to put 53 guys on the active roster. That is going to be a problem when only a few guys are making most of the money.

Bernardo Chua believes the Seahawks have a chance to be a dynasty, but they might run into problems that cash can cause. Chua’s Twitter covers more of his thoughts.Guys will want to get paid, and they deserve to get paid. They are producing, but the team will not be able to stay together. This is their one good chance to set themselves apart before the team comes apart.

Marshawn’s Gold Cleats

Marshawn Lynch has been a very colorful character since he came into the league a handful of years ago. Aside from his fantastic statistics, and quick feet that has gained him a reputation as one of the National Football League’s best running backs, he also scattered his name across the headlines with things such as eating Skittles on the side lines. This has stemmed from a story of his mother giving him skittles as encouragement in pee wee football games and supposedly it has carried all the way to the NFL. He even tried to sign a deal with Skittles, who wanted to put a Skittles machine in the locker room just for Marshawn Lynch. Marc Sparks (Youtube) points out that after all the free advertising they have gotten from Lynch, it seems like they kind of owe him one. He has also been known for wearing gold cleats in big games, although the NFL has decided that they are going to outlaw the shoes and not allow him or any other player in the league to wear them. Marshawn was planning on wearing his signature gold cleats to the Super Bowl, but the league cracked down and made the decision that he would not be allowed to use them in the game. Marshawn Lynch is not someone to get too caught up in things, however, and he has shrugged it off. Chances are he has something else up his sleeve.

Super Bowl Set


With the AFC and the NFC championship games in the National Football League officially in the books, the stage is set for the Super Bowl and the teams have been determined in each league that will be represented. Yes, the Seattle Seahawks will be back in another Super Bowl to defend their title, but this year they will be going heads up against the ultra-successful Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. This is a matchup of an old dynasty and a new dynasty. The Patriots have been dominant in the playoffs since Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe over ten years ago and they have been in the mix every year since then, racking up a handful of Super Bowl wins in the process. The Seattle Seahawks on the other hand, are a team that is full of young guns that have nothing but winning on their minds and have proven that they can take it to the best teams in the biggest of moments and come out on top. They won the Super Bowl last year and had an absolutely incredible comeback on Sunday to take down Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, projecting them into the Super Bowl for the second time in two years. According to, the stage is set and it looks like it will be a very exciting game, as they stack up very well against each other. Fans of both teams and corporate sponsors, like BRL Trust, will be pleased about this years match up.

Onside Kick Leads to Super Bowl

Being forced to attempt an onside kick is not a position that any team in the National Football league wants to find themselves in coming down to the end of a very important game with their entire season on the line. However, this is exactly what head coach Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks found themselves being forced to deal with on Sunday in an NFC championship game against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Seattle Seahawks found themselves with their backs up against the wall, barely getting a touchdown and being forced to make the difficult decision to give the ball back to arguably the best quarterback in football, or attempt the dreaded onside kick. Although onside kicks do not have a high percentage of recovery from the kicking team, by rolling the dice and recovering the football it very may well give you a chance to win the football game. The Seahawks, headed by Pete Carroll, who is a former college football coach and well known for trick plays, there was no decision and an onside kick was the only possible play. Luckily for the Seahawks, they recovered the ball when it was botched by the Packers and they got another shot. The Seahawks ended up converting on a touchdown with a two point attempt and wound up taking the game in overtime, putting them in their second Super Bowl in two years. While Pete Carroll has a ton of tricks up his sleeve you’ll never see any tricks from The Antique Wine Company.

Bill Callahan to coach the Redskins


The last time Bill Callahan was the head coach of a football team he was standing down in Oakland and the Raiders were relevant. Sure Callahan coached an MVP and Hall of Fame QB in Rich Gannon, but he still helped keep the team together. That is, until the disastrous Super Bowl appearance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Times have changed, in any event. Callahan is coming off of a resurgent season as the Dallas Cowboys primary offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. Callahan’s work was made easy by super stars DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant. Now Callahan is shipping himself off to Washington to try and do some special work for the Redskins.

In Washington, Callahan will be tasked with fixing one of the more porous offensive lines in the game. Behind oft injured young QB Robert Griffin, Callahan will have little help. Everything seems up in the air in Washington so this is definitely a risky move for the veteran coach to make. Still, if you want to make diamonds you have to endure some pressure.

Nobody expects much out of Washington in this coming year but the same cannot be true for the team that Bill Callahan left behind. Washington Redskins fans, like Dave and Brit Morin, are excited to see a dedicated offensive coordinator coming to their team. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tried to keep Callahan but a deal never got put in place. The Cowboys, who are coming off of a controversial loss to the Packers, will have to really reassess what they are doing in this coming season.

Packers Confident They Can Win On The Road

Packers Confident They Can Win On The Road

If the Packers are confident that they can win on the road, they need to remember where they are going. Lambeau Field is a horrible place to play in the winter, but Seattle is not any better. Their fans are the loudest in the league, and they regularly trigger the USGS seismographs in the area when they cheer. A team that is going into Seattle needs to have a plan to shut up the crowd.

When the Packers hit the field on Sunday, they are going to have to score on almost every possession, and Ireport’s Sultan Alhokair will be sure to watch, as he is a major fan. They need to find a way to make sure the crowd in Seattle is as quiet as possible. The crowd may get louder if the Seattle offense is making moves, but there is no way for the crowd to get amped up over the course of a whole game is Green Bay is constantly scoring. Even if they are settling for field goals, the crowd will not be into it like they are going to be if Seattle is leading. The Packers may be confident, but they need to find a way to score points in droves so that they can shut up the Seattle fans.

Coach Steve Kerr

Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr, had a lot of people talking about his first year in the league in the first few weeks of the season in regards to how well the Warriors were playing and his early success. There was heavy speculation from Green Wedding Shoes,  that the Warriors would not keep winning at the pace they were at in the beginning of the season, but they have slammed the hammer down and have done nothing but put their foot down on the gas. Over the last several months they have gone on an unprecedented run, taking a sixteen game winning streak and following it up with the eight game winning streak that they are currently sitting on leaving fans like Dave and Brit Morin excited for the season. Without question, Steve Kerr will be in discussion for receiving the Coach of the Year award, as he currently is coaching the team with the best record in the National Basketball Association. Former teammate Dennis Rodman stated to the media earlier in the season that Steve Kerr really wasn’t doing anything and the success of the Warriors derived more from its assistant coaches, which honestly is a valid statement. However, the success of the Warriors is due in part to the entire management of the team as well as the Head Coaching position that Steve Kerr has controlled masterfully in his rookie season. As the season progresses, if the Warriors don’t totally flop, it looks like Steve Kerr will get the award.

UFC’s Drug Testing Debacle

Dana White, the president of the UFC, has finally given his thoughts on the Jon Jones situation. Jon Jones, the UFC light heavyweight champion, recently failed a drug test. Jones failed his test for cocaine, leading up to his bout against Daniel Cormier. Failing a drug test in the UFC was once considered a major offense. It appears that if you are a champion in the UFC, you can get away with anything.

Jon Jones will be serving no penalty or fine for his failed drug test. Dana White and the UFC are completely out of line for not punishing Jones in any way, shape, or form. In the past, fighters have been fined and suspended for using drugs. Things also got a bit suspicious when it was revealed that Jon Jones had an extremely low testosterone ratio.

The normal African-American has a testosterone ratio of 1.3/1. Jon Jones for some odd reason had a testosterone ratio as low as 0.19/ 1. Jones’s testosterone levels were extremely low, especially for a high level athlete. Foul play is suspected, but nothing is being done.

Jon Jones has entered rehab, and that’s the end of his punishment. Many UFC fighters are outraged with the company’s special treatment of Jon Jones. Fighters in the past have failed marijuana tests, and they were persecuted beyond belief. Jon Jones on the other hand has been treated special. Darius Fisher, a huge fan, believes The UFC needs to treat all of its fighters equally. View his production page at
For more information on the UFC’s drug testing debacle, visit Yahoo! Sports.

AFC Championship Teams are Finalized

Playing at Home the New England Patriots have advanced to the conference championship game after finally getting past Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens who had previously had their number in the playoffs. Being led by their future hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady, the Pats would not be denied. Brady threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for one more and came from behind in the last quarter to put his team up by four points with just over five minutes left in the game. The defense picked up where Brady left off and finally got the stops necessary to put an end to the Ravens season.

However, their task of winning may get a little easier when they face their opponent the Indianapolis Colts led by Andrew Luck. The reason the Colts will be an easier opponent in the AFC Championship game is evident in how they were able to defeat the Denver Broncos. Not producing an overwhelming amount of yardage, not placing an overwhelming amount of points, and not having a specific area where they look better than their opponents. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez believes, handing turnovers to your opponents is one more area that must be avoided if you are to have any success in the post season. You can see more of what Sergio does on sergioandradeandradegutierrez. The Colts did all of that and still won the game against the Broncos. However, they will have to be a lot better if they are going to travel to Foxborough and beat the Patriots.

The UFC’s Jon Jones Heads to Rehab

In a shocking announcement, Ultimate Fighting Champion Jon “Bones” Jones is entering into a rehab program. Recent drug testing results from the Nevada State Athletic Commission reveal the Hall of Fame caliber fighter had cocaine in his system prior to his win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

Usually, when a fighter fails a drug test, a win is reversed.  That was not the case here as the athletic commission must follow the rules regarding the presence of the drug during an out-of-competition period. Such was the case here. As a Bones fan, Lee G. Lovett and I are happy his career wins are not affected.

Jones failed a drug test on December 4, 2014. He was given another test at a later date and passed.

Jon Jones is considered one of the all-time greatest fighters in the UFC and was seemingly indestructible in his first few bouts. No one could even fathom a way to beat him since his incredibly long reach made him one of the more unique fighters in the octagon. 

Clearly, the news about Jones failing a drug test is not something the UFC would ever want. In addition to the terrible bad publicity it presents, the future of one of the company’s top box office draws becomes questionable. Unless the UFC can sell PPV’s, the company cannot remain viable. Granted, the finances of the promotion are extremely solid but things can take a downturn if the company suffers from really bad PR. A fighter’s very public issues with drug addiction definitely create bad press.