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San Diego Should Consider the Future

There has been a lot of speculation of late about the future prospects of Phillip Rivers the San Diego QB with more passion for winning than virtually all of the other 52 players on his team. However, he has never proven to be the leader that will get them over that proverbial hump and this has led some of the fan base to believe it’s time to move on. Now with the loss of the RB Ryan Mathews going to the Saints it would seem the 12 year veteran will once again be leading a backfield that is only mediocre. Which means Dan Newlin thinks that the team will have to rely on his arm and their legitimate Wide Receivers of Johnson and Floyd.

Of course it is fun to speculate about the future of the bolts, and let the rumor mills fly with the new NFL stadium being built up the road in Los Angeles. Couple that with the other teams possibly wanting to move in i.e. the St Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders and now you have three teams not happy with their current location and all wanting a bigger market and really bigger stadiums to generate revenue. But let’s get back to Rivers and his future…the truth is he will not stay around forever, he has been unable to reach the Promised Land, and it is unlikely the current understudies are long term solutions for his replacement. Maybe drafting Mariota and starting to groom him for a couple of years may not be so bad…maybe even in their new stadium!

Cover Released for Anthony Bourdain’s Graphic Novel Prequel

Anthony Bourdain is known for many things, most of them related to food. The intentional traveler, chef, author, and foodie added a new line to his resume a few years back when he teamed up with Joel Rose to write a graphic novel. The graphic novel, Get Jiro! centers around a character named Jiro, who is a stoic warrior and sushi chef.

Now Bourdain is reprising the role of graphic novel writer along with Joel Rose, and is bring back Jiro for a prequel, Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi stated the writer on YouTube The cover for the new graphic novel has been released, and it will hit stands on October 20th. The cover features art by Dave Johnson, and depicts Jiro standing behind a sushi counter with three decapitated heads in the display case window.

The prequel will explore the story of how Jiro’s passion for cooking and sushi and his pursuit of becoming a sushi chef collided with his work for his father’s mob. The first graphic novel was a mix of cooking tips and other kitchen wisdom interspersed between violent warfare on the streets of Los Angeles between cooking gangs, and was a huge hit. The graphic novel ended up in the number one spot on the July 22 New York Times “Hardcover Graphic Books” list, and if previous success is any indicator the new graphic novel will likely do as well, if not better that the first.

Top Six Ways Men Die

It’s laughable that many men will search for ‘women’ being among the top six ways men die, but women don’t make the list as men-killers. It’s not what others do to men that shortens their lifespan, but what men do to themselves that bring about untimely deaths.
* Smoking and being exposed to workplace pollutants cause serious respiratory problems primarily in men. COPD, pulmonary fibrosis and asthma shorten the male lifespan according to Ray Lane.
* Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women. Heart disease kills one out of every four men. Smoking contributes to heart disease, so does a sedentary lifestyle.
* Cancer also causes men to die too early. Again smoking is often the catalyst behind the cancer.
* Strokes, caused from uncontrolled high blood pressure. Limit salt intake to help control blood pressure and live longer.
* Diabetes is a silent killer which doesn’t discriminate between the sexes. However, the disease does seem to favor men and hey are less likely to take care of themselves.
* Accidental injuries caused from attempting to be macho. Driving to fast and other reckless endeavors are often paid for with a man’s life.

Defensive Lineman Greg Hardy to Meet With Dallas Cowboys

Sources report that Defensive Lineman Greg Hardy will visit the Dallas Cowboys this week and that Mr. Hardy’s agent has already been negotiating with team sources. Greg Hardy’s Agent Negotiating with Dallas Cowboys

The acquisition of Hardy would be a major boost to a Dallas Cowboys’ defensive unit which was respectable last year but lack any significant pass rush. Many commentators expected the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive to perform poorly last year after a dismal performance the previous year where the defense was one of the worst in the entire NFL and gave up almost 33 points per game if Reuters stats are to be believed. The addition of Greg Hardy would add a fierce pass rusher to a team that almost made it to the super bowl last year and is still recovering from the loss of NFL rushing leader DeMarco Murray to free agency. The Cowboys are balancing their decisions to make the entire team better and stay under the NFL salary cap. The Cowboys will return a stellar offensive unit from last year even with the loss of Murray. It is defense which needs to be bolstered and which has the greatest need.

Any criticism of Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones has been reserved as a result of the team’s performance last year and the team’s potential this coming year. If Hardy is able to be added, then the Cowboys can go into the NFl draft and focus on a running back, two key defensive players and a tight end.

Easier to Drink

It seems like with the increasing popularity with marijuana being legalized in the country, there are people who want to bring other drugs into the open. One of the ways that could be harmful is a new technique to get drunk. It’s called powdered alcohol, and it’s a way to get alcohol into a business without anyone knowing. It doesn’t come in a bottle, and it can be mixed with any beverage. This is perhaps the dumbest thing that has been approved. The powdered alcohol lis like any other powdered drink and has very little smell or flavor. According to Brad Reifler, the powder comes in a small package, and each one is comparable to a shot of alcohol. The powder would be easy to take into a school, a dance club or pretty much anywhere as long as you can have a bottled drink in the building. It’s a way for teens to drink without anyone knowing, and it’s a way to stay drunk if you use the mix all the time.

Woods Beer Co. Making “Girl Scout Cookie” Beer

The Woods Beer Co. is bringing back their fun line of Girl Scout Cookie Beers, which means that loves of the cookies and the tasty brew are bound to find this to be extra special. According to an article found on, the brew company is also giving out “merit” badges during this girl scout cookie season. They cost about $25 per patch, but are a fun way to get people to do things like composting, learning how to mix drinks, and locking up the bicycles on the racks.

This year there are going to be making five different cookie themed beers, and if you drink a pint of each one you will be awarded a special token of achievement noted beer aficionado Flavio Maluf. They are also offering flights of beers in which people can try each one for a prorated price and get to have some of the delicious cookies alongside their beer as well.

This is a really fantastic idea, because as popular as Girl Scout cookies are and putting them together with the world’s most popular form of alcohol, brilliant things are being born. Just reading about the different kinds they will have on tap is making me want one, and I am sure that they are just as delightful as they sound. There are five flavors, and two of them are “shortbread” and “mint”, which are two of the most popular kinds of cookies.

A New Powdered Alcoholic Beverage Harbors Abuse Potentials

Inventor Mark Phillips welcomed the approval recently of four varieties of his new powdered alcoholic beverage called “Palcohol.” After initially approving the product, federal regulators reviewed the case. They have decided to allow four varieties to enter markets in the United States: a margarita, a cosmopolitan, a rum and a vodka. Mr. Phillips hopes that a fifth, called a “lemon drop” will gain approval soon. He expects the products to reach store shelves by this summer according to Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Palcohol consists of new technology, a powdered alcohol sold in pouches. Buyers can add the powder to other drinks or add water to produce an alcoholic beverage. The form of the product has raised concern on the part of some medical experts that abuse problems may occur. There is fear that some customers will misuse the product by providing it to minors, using it to spike drinks, snorting it or failing to follow quantity guidelines.

A toxicologist and emergency room physician from Colorado, Dr. Kenneth Heard, expressed concern that the variety of flavors of Palcohol will cause the product to appeal to young children, who are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages as a matter of law. Dr, Heard noted that users of the product will not be familiar with potency levels.

Although federal authorities permit the marketing of several varieties of Palcohol, states will still have the power to regulate the product within their borders.

Hangover Cures From Around the Planet

Drinking, and over drinking alcoholic beverages is one thing that every person on the planet has in common. There are thousands of variety of liquors and even more counting the favorite libations that they create, and every country has there own traditional hang over remedies.

1. South Africa cracks open an Ostrich egg and prepares a HUGE omelet.
2. Bangladesh keeps it simple with coconut water filled with potassium and antioxidants.
3. Denmark’s philosophy is to keep on drinking with a Reparationsbajer beer, which roughly translates to a “repair beer.”
4. In China, Congee fits the bill; it is a rice porridge to revitalize the drinker.
5. Indonesia offers thick Keya toast covered with kaya or coconut jam.
6. USA prefers a Prairie Oyster in a shot glass.
7. Mongolia – A cure that goes back hundreds of years, pickled sheep eyeballs in tomato juice.
8. In Japan, the Omeboshi or soured plum is a cure-all. They are good for liver, digestion and hang overs.
9. Ecuador has an Oregano Tea, which settles the stomach.
10. Canada has a traditional greasy carbohydrate dish called Poutine. Poutine is French Fries covered in gravy and topped with cheese curds.

Greasy, fat-filled foods that soak up the alcohol have always been at the top of the list, but as you can see, each country has their favorite stated the CNN iReport. Try a remedy from around the globe next time you overindulge.

Will the Fed Legalize Marijuana?

On March 10, 2014, at 12:30 pm, three U.S. Senators will announce a bill that will legalize the use of medical marijuana. This bill will do two things if passed. First, it will downgrade the status of marijuana from a Level 1 drug to a Level 2 drug. This will make it possible for VA physicians to recommend its use to veterans, make it easier for researchers to access, and make it easier for banks to finance the industry according to those in the know like Dr Jennifer Walden. Secondly, patients and doctors will be able to use and prescribe medical marijuana, in states where it has been legalized, without fear of federal prosecution.

The senators sponsoring this bill are Rand Paul (R), Cory Booker (D), and Kirstin Gillibrand (D). The bill has also gained support from Senator Ted Cruz (R), and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R). In addition, polls from the last few years indicate that a majority of Americans are in support of a bill of this type. This support is differentiated by age groups but crosses party lines. Four states have already legalized marijuana for recreational use and 23 other states and D.C. have legalized its use in varying degrees. If you wish to view the press conference it will be streamed live here.

The Issue With The Eagles’ Changes

Chip Kelly is changing everything about the Eagles, and it is going to present a big problem for the team. Any player in the league that is watching this is saying that they do not understand the plan. Fans like Sultan Alhokair know that they do not see where this is going. They are wondering how the Eagles are supposed to be put together.

We can talk all about whether you think Chip Kelly has a big ego, but we need to talk about whether players will want to go there. If I were a player in the NFL, I would want nothing to do with this team. Chip Kelly is proving to be manipulative and self-centered. He is so concerned about his system that he will not reward players who play well. I am thoroughly convinced that he would have cut Walter Payton, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice if he did not like them. I am also convinced that he only wants to field Pac 12 players. That might be cute in his mind, but it is not going to work. The Eagles are going to start falling because Chip Kelly just made himself bigger than the team. News flash, dude. The Eagles are far bigger than you.