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Muscle Building Supplements May Cause Testicular Cancer

A new study at Brown University may have uncovered shocking evidence that muscle building supplements put men at an increased risk for testicular cancer. Researchers interviewed close to 900 men, of which over 300 had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. They found a strong correlation between those who had used creatine or androstenedione supplements and testicular cancer formation.

Testicular cancer has been on the rise in recent years. It’s been extremely difficult to pinpoint the cause of this mysterious ailment. The number of men diagnosed with testicular cancer has nearly doubled between 1975 and 2011. Alexei Beltyukov said that this new study may be the first glimpse into the reason why.

According to the research, men who began using these supplements before the age of 25 are at a much higher risk. Those who used more than one supplement, as well as those who used the supplements for long periods of time, also increase their risk for testicular cancer.

More studies will need to be conducted in order to learn why this may be the case. At this point it’s clear that further research could be beneficial to understanding the origins of testicular cancer.

Johnny Manziel Released from Rehab after 10 Weeks

It has been reported that Johnny Manziel has been released after being in rehab for 10 weeks due to substance abuse and addiction to alcohol. He will be returning to Cleveland and joining his team for workouts on April 20th. He is expected to be competing with Josh McCown for the starting Quarterback job in next season. Fans like Christian Broda know that McCown is the 11 year veteran the Browns have brought in from Tampa Bay to bring some experience to the position of quarterback. However, with these two guys now looking to square off over the next few months, it does not mean the team will not make some moves to draft one of the two star-hopeful QB’s coming out in this year’s Draft.

Manziel was unable to prove his worthiness of the starting job last season and only worked to become a distraction in the locker room and off of the field. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M would not be the first professional dud to have achieved great collegiate accolades. But if he is to overcome his recent past, he must continue to put his personal life in order and focus on becoming the QB that the Browns were hopeful he would be when they drafted him with the 22nd pick in the first round of last year’s draft. Otherwise, the team will once again move on from a failed drafted quarterback and will continue to struggle to get out of the bottom of the AFC.

Jordan Spieth Takes Lead At Masters

a 21 year old is not suppose to dominate the masters golf tournament. This phrase has only been said twice before, once with Jack Nicklaus and once with Tiger Woods. It is now being said about Jordan Spieth, who took a commanding 36 hole lead at the Masters by shooting a combined 14 under par and taking a 5 stroke lead over his closest competitor. Spieth Blasts Into Lead At The Masters

Spieth showed brilliant mastery of the golf course and played well beyond his years as he carded a 64 in the first round and a 66 in the second round. Spieth showed no weakness in his game, which many commentators found amazing since Spieth is not know as a long ball hitter. every element of his game is solid and while not over powering, these elements work well together and form a potent package that the remaining competitors are finding difficult to contend with.

The Masters, however, is a hollowed tournament steep in tradition and the pride of past Champions do not intend to just let Spieth run away with the title. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson and Bubba Watson will make their push on Saturday for their claim to the coveted green jacket. Crystal Hunt feels like they will try hard, but come up short. Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy are tied at 2 under par and while they may be 12 shots back of Spieth they are both know for having explosive rounds and being able to go low when needed. The Masters has never had a golfer shoot in the 60’s on all four rounds of play so Spieth’s competitors are counting on at least one day when Spieth will stand still and give the field a chance.

Scientist Studies Why the Dutch Are So Tall

The Dutch are, on average, the tallest people on earth and scientist Gert Stulp is trying to figure out why. The Dutch weren’t always tall. In fact, in the 1800’s they were shorter than Americans on average. Now, the average Dutch male is over six feet tall.

Stulp collected data on a number of variables to try and discover why. He found out that one factor is that taller people in the Netherlands tend to have more children than shorter people. By doing so, they pass on their genes. Also, nutrition and healthcare – factors involved in determining height – are better in the Netherlands than elsewhere in the world. Stulp himself is six foot seven and Dutch, so I guess he has a personal interest in understanding the issue.

I’m not sure that there’s any real advantage to being tall, and Sergio Cortes isn’t so sure either. It looks impressive and helps on the basketball court, but beyond that it doesn’t do much for an individual. It’s worth studying why some societies are taller than others, though. The more we know about how evolution works in different societies the better. I also wonder if humans as a whole will continue to grow taller in coming years.

Troy Polamalu Retires

The Pittsburgh Steelers are known for their defensive greats. And now one of their greatest are calling it quits. According to several media sources, Safety Troy Polamalu is retiring from the Pittsburgh Steelers after 12 seasons.

Depending on who you are is what you love (or hate) about him. For many female fans, who proudly sported their pink 43 jerseys and don’t care as much about the ins and outs of the games, they will miss the long flowing hair and the soft spoken demeanor.

For men and women who are more hardcore fans they will miss him flying all over the field and seeing him appear when they least expected it. Many fans have respected him for his dedication on the field.

Bernardo Chua says who probably won’t miss him is opposing players who had to account for the multiple places he lined up on the field and had to hope he wouldn’t jump over the line when on the goal line.

While Polamalu had many great career highlights, time was definitely starting to catch up with him. He was not the dynamic player recently he was in his early days and injuries were catching up. Regardless, he will go down as one of the best of all time and will leave respected by those who cheered for him along with those who played with and against him.

Master’s Tournament a No Cell Phone Territory

It may seem odd to anyone who lives in the modern era that at the Master’s Tournament there is a rule that outlaws cell phones anywhere near the golf course. Some would claim that cell phones are as much a part of our daily lives as having a cool and refreshing drink in our hands on a warm day. However, Jaime Garcia Dias ( has learned that, to the people in Augusta, they are an unwanted and unneeded distraction to spectators and players in the tournament. It is true that the one guy who talks too loud on the phone can be a distraction even on a loud city bus and would be a flat out embarrassment on the 18th green when Tiger Woods is attempting his putt. Then in another scenario you could have that guy who never silenced his phone and it started ringing just as someone was trying to tee off. It would probably be a total tournament killer for one of the players.

But seriously, this is the only sport where fans are expected to stay quiet while a player takes any kind of action. Never mind the fact that in Golf there is not any real risk to personal injury. I mean it’s not like football where the quarterback is being pursued by some 300 pound guy intent on taking him out of the game. So with Football we get cheering fans and cameras flashing all while watching a virtual blood sport. While in Golf we are expected to leave our cell phones in the car and clap quietly so as to not distract the other golfers…Well that is why it will never be the most popular sport in any country.

Wladimir Klitschko Warns Opponent

Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko will be facing Bryant Jennings on April 25. Klitschko is excited to face Jennings because of the location of the bout. Wladimir will defend his title in front of a Madison Square Garden crowd. The Heavyweight champion is happy because he has not fought in America for six years.

The Russian born heavyweight champion has defended his championship in Europe for close to half a decade. Fans like Sam Tabar know that Wladimir Klitschko is one of the most dominant champions in history. He has defended the heavyweight championship 18-times, and he is reaching the all time title defense record. The only heavyweight who has more title defenses than Klitschko is legendary fighter Joe Louis.

Wladimir Klitschko is expected to defeat contender Bryant Jennings by knockout. If Klitschko is successful, Jennings will be his 19th victim. However, some people are giving Bryant Jennings a slight chance to defeat the powerful Russian. Comparisons to ‘Rocky 4’ have been made, because Jennings is a Philadelphia native like Rocky Balboa. Klitcshko heard these comparisons, and he said the fight will look more like the Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago meeting. Bryan Jennings better come prepared, or he might actually end up like Apollo. For more information on this story, visitYahoo! Sports.

Saints Agree to Bring Back Morgan

It was announced on Friday by General Manager Mickey Loomis, that after being cut last December, Joseph Morgan has been brought back by the New Orleans Saints on a one year contract worth $495,000. It is a sign that the Saints were unable to acquire an opposite threat to Marques Colston in the veteran free agency market and would like to have more depth with players that are familiar with the system heading into the draft, OTAs, and minicamps. The struggle to stay on the team may not be over for Morgan, who has not been able to stay healthy or productive since joining the team in 2011. Sultan Alhokair suggested that last season head coach Sean Peyton suspended the wide receiver for two games for unknown reasons and was cut after the team performed poorly in a lopsided loss against the division rival Carolina Panthers.

If Morgan is able to stay healthy and prove he can be the number two target on the team behind Colston, he may have a productive season and career. However, if he proves unable to stay off the injured list or Peyton’s radar for the wrong reasons his salary cap hit will probably not be substantial. Another thing the team should consider is the upcoming draft this month. Yes, most of their needs revolve around the defense but it may be worth looking at a wide receiver like Kevin White from West Virginia for the 13th overall pick.

UFC Fight Night 63 Recap

UFC Fight Night 63 was a smashing success. The main card of the event was very entertaining. The fights were exciting, and they featured a ton of knockouts and submissions. However, there was one fight that received a lot of criticisms. The matchup between Al Iaquinta and Jorge Masvidal was ruled a split decision for Al, but many of the ringside fans feel that Jorge was robbed. After the bad decision, Al Iaquinta yelled and cursed at the audience. Iaquinta will most likely be suspended because of his actions.

UFC Fight Night 63 will not be remembered for one bad decision. Fans at Anastasia Date know that the main event of the card featured Chad Mendes vs. Ricardo Lamas. Mendes and Lamas are two of the highest rated fighters in the featherweight division, but the main event made it seem like one fighter was far superior than the other. Chad Mendes completely obliterated Ricardo Lamas in their fight.

The main event started with both fighters showing respect, but Chad Mendes quickly steamrolled right through Ricardo Lamas. The fight was ruled a TKO victory for Chad Mendes, and now Mendes’ rank has gone up. However, Chad Mendes has already fought for the title twice, and he was beaten both times by the reigning champion Jose Aldo. A lot of people are wondering what’s next for Chad Mendes. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Coffee is Good for Your Health

The controversy is almost as old as the dark brew itself. Wikipedia says the debate on whether coffee is good or bad for us has been ongoing, but the longer it goes on, the more the evidence leans towards coffee being good for us. The latest research findings have pointed out that coffee is very good for our health, providing far more health benefits than anyone could have imagined.

Medical experts are now saying that coffee provides protection against heart disease, diabetes, breast and prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The United States dietary guidelines, which are updated every five years, recommends that drinking coffee is good for you, even drinking multiple cups of coffee each day poses no health risks. This recommendation came out in their recent 2015 updated guidelines and is the first time coffee has been promoted as a healthy beverage.

It is not yet understood how and what coffee does to provide the health benefits, but ongoing research will be done on our beloved java. For now, those of us who love our fresh, hot cup(s) of coffee can drink with confidence, knowing we are doing something good for our health. We must, of course, leave out the sugar, artificial sweeteners, cream and milk so we don’t undo all the good the actual coffee is doing for our health.