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Eric Lefkofsky’s Early Life and Career Journey

Eric Lefkofsky is an accomplished American entrepreneur and current CEO of Tempus. He was born to a structural engineer father, Bill, and a school teacher mother, Sandy. His brother, Steven, is an attorney who practices in Michigan while his sister, Jodi, is a former school teacher. He was born and grew up in Southfield, Michigan and went to Southfield Lathrup High School in 1987. Later on, he joined the University of Michigan and graduated with highest honors in 1991. Upon graduating, he continued at the University of Michigan Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor in 1993.

Eric Lefkofsky began his career at the University of Michigan where he could sell carpet. Upon graduating in 1993, Eric Lefkofsky teamed up with his college friend, Brand Keywell, to start Brandon Apparel, an apparel business in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1999, he went on to create Starbelly, an early internet company that would specialize in promotional products. Over time, his early internet company experienced exponential growth and was sold to Halo Industries in 2000. Upon the merger, Eric Lefkofsky was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Halo Industries. In less than a year, Halo Industries went bankrupt due to multiple lawsuits from shareholders. However, all the lawsuits were resolved by 2004.


Driven by the passion for giving back to society, Eric Lefkofsky teamed up with his wife, Elizabeth, to form Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust to support educational, scientific, and charitable organizations and causes around the world. Through Lefkofsky Foundation, Eric focuses on empowering children and has currently funded over 50 charitable organizations.

Community Interests

As a believer in investing back to society, Eric Lefkofsky serves on the Boards of Directors of The Art Institute of Chicago and Children’s Memorial Hospital. He is also a Trustee of a Chicago-based performing arts institution, the Museum of Science and Industry, and Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Shortly after quitting InnerWorkings, Eric started a teaching career at Chicago. He would teach Applied Technology at DePaul University School of Business. Currently, he is an adjunct Professor at the Chicago University School of Business where he teaches entrepreneurship and technology-based courses.

Tony Petrello Protects The Future Generations By Investing In The Health Sector

Whenever the words ‘oil and natural gas’ are mentioned, it is peculiar that the name Tony Petrello wouldn’t miss out. Tony is at the helm of one of the most lucrative multi-billion business venture that is involved in drilling oil and natural gas across the globe. He is the managing director of Nabors Industries, having been a deputy chairman from 2003 to 2012, before being appointed to the post of chairman, president, and managing director after that.

Before joining Nabors, he was working with a law firm known as Baker and McKenzie, and he was involved in dealing with international humanitarian laws, revenue returns, and corporate law. He also has a managerial position at Stewart & Stevenson, which is another law firm. The above ventures along with others such as being the board partner of Texas Children Centre have made Tony a very wealthy guy. For instance, his compensation in 2016 is valued to be $ 15,372,429.

He is a graduate of Yale University, and he graduated with a J.D from the institution. Later, he acquired an M.S in Mathematics from Harvard University. The lengthy period of studies imparted him with extensive knowledge that enables him to maneuver the corporate environment with relative ease. He has continually kept up with technological advancements to measure up with the daily challenges at work. Tony Petrello was born in 1955, and since childhood, he showed signs of being an avid risk taker. Today he is conquering the world because he never feared to try out new things, and he became comfortable in the situations that other people would otherwise give up.

Tony and Cynthia Petrello understand the importance of supporting the community. Challenges have come their way, and they have stood firmly by each other all along. For instance, CarenaPetrello, who is currently eight years old, suffers from periventricular Leukomalacia that has made her end up with cerebral palsy. The condition has affected her life since she was born, and she continues to rely on support from her parents and doctors in order to go through her daily life.

However, thanks to the investment made by her father and the research that is being undertaken by scientists, she is becoming better each step of the way. Tony Petrello offered $6 million to assist scientist in the process of acquiring resources that are needed to ensure that children like CarenaPetrello can be able to live a healthy life as much as the challenges may be monumental.

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Omar Yunes

A Mexican franchise owner, Omar Yunes represents Suishi Itto, and won the Best Franchisee In The World Award. He began owning Suishi Itto, a Japanese food chain, at 21. He now owns 13 franchises based in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz, which represents almost 10% of the units the brand has. He shares the prize with his 400 employees. He has a solid business network, and has developed a working strategy as well as structure with a board that implements them. He is responsible for all of his employees having a job and he enjoys the challenge, which makes things complicated because the company is growing and he is proud of it.

The final choice for best franchisee in the world will be held December 5 in Florence, Italy. Mexico is represented in this contest by Omar Yunes. As a candidate, Omar Yunes shows leadership by reflecting the fact that he is making being a franchise owner a professional feat. The food service business sector in Mexico means that franchises are not regional anymore inside the Mexican franchise system. The second place winner was Iván Tamer, a pawn shop owner.

This year’s world-wide winner Omar Yunes lives in Mexico City where he sponsors Pumas de la UNAM, a team he supports. Omar Yunes is known in the restaurant world as someone who sets high standards, as much as he does for his sports teams. He gives his employees credit for his success as well as the brand of his franchise. Mexico is known for his franchise’s success, which brings them world-wide recognition. He competed against 24 countries including Argentina, Brazil, France, Hungary, Italy, and Portugal. The award is only given to those who demonstrate adhering to the values of the franchise, as well as the main mission of the franchisor.

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NuoDB: Developing SQL To Perform Better For Clients

NuoDB is a company that is based in Massachusetts which is mainly involved with offering customers some of the best SQL database technology to a vast array of clients. The company first entered the business of technology in 2008 and since then has grown extensively to become a prominent name in the IT industry. The company’s technology is currently being used by an extensive range of clients coming to them from all over the country. NuoDB pays a considerable amount of attention to developing the technology that they use and continuously updates it using the newest developments in the sector. The technology is the principal product of the company, which is why they try their best to stay at the top of the competition to always offer nothing short of the very best to the clients who come to them.

Most of the technological solutions that NuoDB provides its clients with is for cloud applications. The technology that they offer functions through a database management system that is designed for those who use applications of this type for their businesses. The company uses a form of SQL database known as NewSQL, which is an upgrade to the traditional technology that is currently being used all over.

Important Online Security Lessons We Can Learn from Game of Thrones

Take Care of Your Firewalls

As the seventh season wraps up, there are many similarities between preparations to fortify The Wall and the work of cyber security experts. The Night’s Watch has a duty to defend the Seven Kingdoms from all unknowns. This is quite similar to what cybersecurity experts do. They have to ensure their Firewalls are working well at all times to keep data safe from malicious attacks. Here are some lessons we can learn from the Night’s Watch:

Be Wary of Zombie Accounts

In the first season, one of the bodies of the Night’s Watchmen recovered from a haunted forest turns out to be a wight. It only dies when Jon Snow puts it to rest. The lesson is that when an employee leaves a company, you need to revoke all access rights they had.

Take Threats Seriously

One of the major problems the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch faces is convincing the great families of Westeros to give them more resources. Most of the southerners do not believe that the white walkers even exist. In the world of cybersecurity, this is also important, all threat need to be taken seriously before they turn into an unstoppable force.

Everyone Has a Role to Play

In the first season of GoT, we see that the Night’s Watch is ill-equipped and lacking in manpower. Only a handful of untrained boys with scarce food and weapons are posted to three of the wall’s castles. When Jon Snow becomes King of the North, he marshals all existing resources to fortify the wall. He even manages to convince the Northern Lords to participate. They understand that everyone needs to play a role to keep them safe. In the world of cybersecurity, it is also important that everyone plays their role and understand that it is important to the safety of the data.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a provider of single sign-on solutions. With their services, employees will only need one account and password to gain access to important applications such as Office 365. No matter where they are, employees can be assured of a safe and secure login using the identity management solutions supplied by OneLogin.

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Meet Ricardo Tosto, the Best Business Lawyer in Brazil

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most prominent Brazil-based legal representatives with the highest levels of adoption in the industry. Ricardo Tosto is also regarded as the best attorney because he is committed to solving all the business and legal problems affecting his clients. Because of his achievements in the industry, few people have achieved the level of success Ricardo Tosto has achieved since he commenced his career. This is perhaps the explanation why he is massively adopted for better legal services. Few people can compare their levels of success in the legal industry. This is because Ricardo Tosto has never lost a litigation in a court of law. While this is true, Ricardo Tosto is a man you can trust with your case. Most of the multi-million corporations based in Brazil seek his expert case analysis for success in a court of law. This also depicts his rate of adoption in the industry.

Ricardo Tosto is a widely-educated legal representative when he graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with the highest honors in a Law degree, he was determined to become the best attorney in the country. His dreams are still as he was recognized as the best legal representation in the country by the Brazilian Attorneys Association. Ricardo Tosto gained this recognition because he has won a wide range of litigations for the past few decades in the industry. Ricardo Tosto is second to none when it comes to better business values. His specialties also amount to his levels of success.

When Ricardo Tosto completed his education at the Sao Paulo University, he attended the Sao Paulo School of Business before he was admitted to the bar, during that time, he had limited experience. However, his education set him apart in the business world. This is because he has always assimilated better business practices in a manner that depicts his true identities. Ricardo Tosto commenced his specialization in banking operations, litigation, commercial law and contracts, civil law, debt and credit restructuring, election and political law, and Business Criminal law. Ricardo Tosto has also worked as a Human Resource Manager at the Fundacao Private Company.

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Sheldon Lavin; the figure behind the success of OSI Industries

OSI Group is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of high-quality food products. The company was established close to hundred years ago as a small shop by a Chicago butcher. OSI group has now grown to become a giant manufacturer of food products where it supplies its products to most of the established fast food brands in the world.

The company was initially known as Otto&Sons but later rebranded to OSI in the early 1970s. By the time it was opening its doors to the public, OSI Industries had only a handful of employees. However, with the continued expansion to new markets, OSI Group increased its workforce to cater for the growing needs.

Currently, OSI Industries has a workforce of over 20,000 people working in their facilities in different parts of the globe. The man behind OSI Group’s ambitious expansions is non-other than Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon is a banker who initially joined OSI as a financial advisor to the company’s management team. He then went on to acquire the company and embarked on an ambitious expansion strategy which seems to bear fruits.

OSI Group has one of the highest employee retention rates compared to other privately owned companies in the country. Sheldon has maintained the culture of the company throughout the years where the company has remained family oriented. Every employee joining OSI Group is welcome to a family oriented business that makes them feel at home. Sheldon believes that this is one of the reasons why the employee retention rate is high in the company.

Sheldon was a banker before joining the food industry. He launched his career in the food sector in 1970 when he organized financing for Otto&Sons as it was formerly known. Sheldon became a partner when Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of Otto&Sons retired leaving Sheldon and his two sons to manage the company. For more info about us: click here.

Throughout the 1970s, Sheldon explored new markets in North America, Europe, India and Pacific Asia where the company established new processing units. The company continued to expand to South America and Taiwan in the 1980s.

More retirements in the OSI Group eventually resulted to Sheldon acquiring 100% control in the company and he resolved to make OSI Group the largest food manufacturer and supplier in the world. True to his word, OSI Group has more than 70 facilities in 17 different countries across the globe.

Sheldon notes that his vision is to continue expanding the company to other parts of the world and eventually lead the pack in food processing and supplies. He has received several accolades including the coveted Global Visionary Award.

Talkspace for New Generation

Talkspace has become the company that is making it possible for more people to get the help they need with their problems. Everyone is not going to be able to afford a therapist on a regular basis. The great thing about the Talkspace app is that it allows people to connect with a licensed therapist for as little as $32 a week. This is a great way for people to start getting help with things that they are going through.

A lot of people face issues on a daily basis, and they have no idea about what they can do to make things better. In many cases people want to talk out their issues and get some type of explanation about how they can resolve their issues. The problem is that most people do not want to be identified. They do not want to talk to friends and they do not want to have physical contact with a therapist because they are embarrassed about the problems that they deal with. In many cases the same stigma that is associated with going to therapy is also associated with several of the disorders that people find themselves dealing with.

One of the things that people deal with it on a regular basis that has a stigma attached to it is depression. Many people do not want to talk about depression. There are lots of these people that also may have issues with personality disorders like the borderline personality disorder that is also a stigma.

People that are looking for any type of way to erase these issues will need to consider professional help. A licensed therapist can be the best outlook for people that are interested in reconstructing a life that may have become unhinged as a result of life changing events.

Tony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries to Greatness through Unmatched Skills

The structure of a firm depends on the people that are in charge of management. Most importantly, the structure can determine the possibilities of a firm’s success. In most established firms, the leadership has so much to do with the success. Well to do firms have this advantage over struggling firms. At Nabors Industries, success defines the company. Since it was founded, there have been many stories about how it is managed and how it has been possible for the firm to retain thousands of clients. One man that has led Nabors Industries to greatness is Tony Petrello. His works continue to speak volumes about his passion to lead.

Who Tony Petrello Is

To most people, Petrello is a household name that means a lot. He may not be your typical celebrity or motivational speaker that is always on the news covers for current affairs but his input in the world’s economy cannot be ignored. Tony Petrello is a role model whose character blends with professionalism. He fits into the normal corporate world. Petrello’s works define his importance as a career executive. Despite his efforts, Petrello is part of the state’s population that hardly graces articles or publicity.


In 2014, Petrello was reportedly earning $68.2 million from Nabors Industries. Well, the money can only be earned from the total input of the team. That explains his focus and commitment to implement workable strategies from the top to bottom. Petrello has inspired many because of the depth of success. This can only be achieved through hard work. It is right to conclude that Petrello is hard working. His moves speak for him. His honesty can be relied on. For him to have moved the client base to a huge number, Petrello has been doing well at what he understands.


Nabors is a multibillion dollar company. Although Petrello is in charge, he has been on a rough patch as a child. He grew up in humble neighborhoods. He did not enjoy the luxurious systems of education most Americans have. He had to put in more work to achieve basic education. Petrello overcame by passing highly in exams.


From when he was a young child, Petrello was a hard working child. He never took shortcuts. He invested in educative books that saw him through college. Petrello loved mathematics. He was a guru in calculus and he assisted his classmates by sharing knowledge. Presently, he is a chief executive officer at Nabors. He has expanded the territories of the firm to international markets.

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ClassDojo: A New Resource For Classrooms

ClassDojo is a fun Android App that helps teachers create an incredible classroom culture. The classroom culture is the setting and interaction of what goes on in the room. The culture of a classroom means that this is both the teacher, and the students. This application also can be used by the parent/s of each student. This allows the parents to see in real time what is going on in the classroom at any given point of the school day. It also has a feature for the teacher to set “quiet” time. During “quiet time”, this means that the teacher is not available. There is no need for a parent to worry during “quiet time” however. This just means that it is the rest time or nap time for the student.

The ClassDojo App also helps teachers to easily communicate with parents. No more having to waste time going to the office and literally telling the school secretary to call the students’ parent/s. Now the teacher can handle this simply through the Class Dojo App. To get the parents involved with the ClassDojo application, the process is very easy. First, the teacher goes to the application’s website and sign up for a “free” account.

Once signed up, the teacher merely creates their account, add their students, and then send invitations to the parents for them to do the same. It’s so easy and modern. The teachers love it, the parents, love it and the students think it’s cool. Students think it’s cool, because it gives them a sense of love and security. It makes them feel that their parents are right there in the classroom with them. Parents love it because it takes away the worrying about their child. They feel empowered because through Class Dojo, they have a way to communicate not only with the teacher, but also with their child. And teachers think that ClassDojo is simply “awesome”.