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Earning Residual Income with Market America

Market America is a company that offers regular people an opportunity to earn residual income. The company offers various products from numerous industries. People can sign up to become product distributors through an online website. There are multiple examples of people who have earned millions of dollars through the company.

However, most people do not realize how hard it can be to make a ton of money. To reach the top, business owners must be willing to spend both time and money marketing their products and services. Market America tells new distributors that they have the opportunity to change their future. While this is true, some people never earn a dollar from their work.

Keys to Success

There are multiple ways to succeed with Market America. The company tells business owners to focus on selling products through the website. With so many products, there are numerous opportunities for people to make money. Numerous people are excited about the changes that the company is making to revamp the website.

When the company was started in 1992, few people thought that selling online could be a viable business strategy. However, many people make thousands of dollars in profits through the company.

Helping Others

Another essential aspect of working with Market America is recruiting other people to join. When a person brings another person to their team, they will receive a percentage of the new person’s sales. Some people have invited hundreds of people to join the company. Inviting others is one of the best ways for people to earn a high income.

Although working for a multi-level marketing company is not for everyone, there are ways to make money. Sellers must be aggressive and recruit others to succeed. Market America has a robust business model that some people can utilize to make money.

Adam Milstien on Linda Sarsour

Across the country there’s been a wave of anti-Semitism that has been on the rise surprisingly not on the alt-right as in the past, but now on the alt-left, asserts Jewish syndicate author of the online blog, Adam milstein. Adam milstein asserts that there have been an unlikely mix of the two groups which are predominantly spearheaded the wave new anti-Semitism in America. These two groups are surprisingly the women’s march group, and not surprisingly the Muslims. Adam milstein asserts that most Muslims blame Israelis for being overly powerful Zionist who control every aspect of life in the Middle East. When in fact, he asserts that that could not be further from the truth.

Adam milstein also asserts that there has been a growing parallel between president Trump and “Jihad extremists” according to the disillusioned women’s March leader Linda sarsour. Linda sarsour has led a “Jihad on Trump” speech, and Linda sarsour is the disillusioned leader of the feminist movement, according to Adam milstein, who supports Siraj Wajjah who was the famed co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings on New York City. She also supports the misogynist idea of “sharia law” in the Muslim World which essentially accepts the stoning of women and gays, and throwing of gays off of rooftops to their death.

On top of this, many colleges and even prominent ones at that have surprisingly growing their anti-semitic allowances and policies. Even what were once great universities such as Tufts University and New York University have now become hotbeds for anti-semitic views. For example, Tufts University has now issued a “disorientation guide” to students, which says that Israel is a white supremacist state when in fact it is not. New York University, in the Heart of the City, mentions Israel negatively 55 times in comparison to the only a handful of times in which extreme jihadist or even Donald Trump are mentioned.

End Citizens United Continues To Endorse Candidates For The 2018 Midterms

As the clock ticks down to the 2018 Midterms, End citizens United continues its move toward building a formidable stable of candidates from the left of U.S. politics determined to break the stranglehold of Republicans in Washington D.C. End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller was one of the first political figures to begin campaigning for the 2018 Midterms when she announced the names of the “Big Money 20” list of Republicans who had accepted the most funding from special interest groups and so-called “mega-donors.”

The 2018 Midterms have seen the popularity and importance of End Citizens United explode with more than 70 Democrats and independents who have backed the cause of reversing the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision; the rise in the number of candidates endorsed by End Citizens United is a major one after the group managed to attract just three Democrats to their cause in the buildup to the 2016 Presidential elections. This is not to say the traditional PAC which limits member donations to $5,000 has not been attracting members in near-record levels as over three million U.S. residents have joined the PAC providing an average donation of $14 per member.

Established in 2015 and headquartered in Washington D.C., End Citizens United entered the public consciousness during the 2016 Presidential elections in the U.S. when Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton rented the email list of the PAC as it had grown so quickly over a single year. Since the election of Republican President Donald J. Trump to The White House, the PAC has been integral in the special election victories of a number of Democrats in traditionally Republican seats in both the Senate and Congress.

End Citizens United was a major player in the election victory of Democrat Doug Jones over Republican favorite Roy Moore in Alabama making him the first Democrat Senator from the state since 1994. The endorsement of End Citizens United is now seen as having a positive impact on the campaigns of politicians who are challenging for a seat in Congress and incumbents alike. Taking on the cause of election finance reform has been an important part in the rise of End Citizens United across the last four years and has now attracted the attention of major liberal figures in the U.S. including Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and New York Senator and 2020 Presidential hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand.

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Jeff Schneider | Dedicated Dad & Athlete

According to the US Census, out of the 325.7 million citizens currently residing across the nation, there are approximately 70.1 million people who are also fathers. Indeed, fatherhood is an exclusive aspect of life. It should be cherished, revered, and planned for so that the child is able to grow up in a nurturing environment. It’s universally understood that to be a CEO is demanding and so is being a guardian. Balancing the two roles can be even more demanding, but Jeff manages to do an outstanding job.

Not everyone is able to experience fatherhood, but those that do often describe it along the lines of, “…the best thing that ever happened to me.” Sigmund Freud, renowned psychologist, philosopher, and author, asserts that, “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” Jeff couldn’t agree more as fatherhood has shown Jeff firsthand just how much every child needs a role model, and Jeff is happy to be there for other kids.

Clarence Budington Kelland, famed American author of the mid-20th century was quoted saying, “My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” How wonderful it is to be able to lead by example. Leading by example is no easy feat, but it can be done by a seasoned and self-disciplined leader like Jeff Schneider. Whether he’s volunteering his time at a local charitable organization or running a marathon, health seminar, or another community event, Jeffry leads by example. Ultimately, he strives to strengthen communities everywhere.

Jim Valvano, also known as James Thomas Anthony Valvano and Jimmy V, was a college basketball player, coach, and broadcaster in the US during the last half of the 20th Century. He’s quoted on Twitter, “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” This is certainly touching, and it speaks to something greater: children who have involved role models have a greater sense of self-esteem, and how could they not? Although caring about one’s children often comes easily to a parent, today, it isn’t common to find an individual who does as much as Jeffry Schneider for other people’s children. Jeff knows kids who have role models have a greater sense of self-esteem which is why he makes an effort to be active not only in his kids’ lives, but other kids’ lives too. He believes and highlights that any individual has the power to help a child and that these small choices in the present can support a greater future. Even with all the responsibilities of leading a company and leading a family, Jeffry Schneider still finds time to put others before himself.

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Jeff Schneider | UMass Grad

Jeffry Schneider, a father of 3 and business leader of a private company, has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts, currently lives near Austin, Texas, and does charitable work for organizations such as the Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, LifeWorks, Austin Pets Alive!, and the Gazelle Foundation. Jeffry strongly believes in giving back to the community and the world. Jeff’s an eccentric humanitarian. Further, Jeffry Schneider is committed first and foremost to helping those who help the less fortunate. He sponsors specific individuals who have risen to the challenge to help others in their community and around the world.
The Bureau of Labor and Statistics cites that, “The volunteer rate declined by 0.4 percentage point to 24.9 percent for the year ending in September 2015.” Most people in the United States complete a majority of their community service in life for a high school or college requirement. After accomplishing a specific number of hours, people cease to volunteer and go back to living their lives as they did before, this is where Jeffry stands out in the crowd. He didn’t stop volunteering after it stopped being required of him. He integrated it into his routine and diligently continues to make time for it without it being a requirement of others. He volunteers his time at all kinds of charities around Austin and around the country.
Throughout the last 10 or so years, Jeffry Schneider has spent time focusing on giving back to others that are less fortunate while utilizing his leadership skills to leave his mark on society. As a graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Jeffry Schneider was taught the significance of leadership as well as community service. The university, founded in 1863, has a longtime mission dedicated to those values, and the UMass Community Action Service through Leadership and Service (UMass CALLS) is an essential part of the curriculum that Jeffry completed while attending. As previously touched on, even after graduating from UMass, Jeff continued to give back to his community and lead others. Today he routinely gives back to society through volunteering his time and resources. He hopes to set an example for his kids and leave a legacy that encourages others to do the same with their resources.


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Newswatch TV – Origins and Success Stories

Newswatch was launched in 1990. They’re one of the most successful news magazines on television. Since their founding, they’ve reached over seven hundred million viewers. Their experienced team of broadcasters just celebrated their 1000th episode. Newswatch TV airs twice per month on AMC and weekly on the ION Network. Hosted by Andrew Tropiano, Newswatch TV reports on celebrities, electronics, products, finance, travel, and many other important issues. Over the years, they’ve worked with many different companies and organizations.


Contour Design recently partnered with Newswatch TV to help promote their new Ultimate Workstation. Their goal was to expose consumers and increase sales. Bret Hudson is the Marketing Manager at Contour Design. He explained that the sales of their Ultimate Workstation Series had increased exponentially. The ergonomically designed keyboard and mouse setup were created with American professionals in mind. They wanted to make their work environment healthier and smarter. Bret believes that the amazing response they received from the Newswatch campaign was the initiator of their sales increase. He explained how clear their video content was. He attributed the year of work Newswatch did for them to the company’s growing success and thanked them for all they’ve done.


Newswatch TV has been helping companies both large and small promote their wonderful products. As a result, many of these companies have seen an increase in sales, contributions, and exposure. They work with Fortune 500 Companies, but they also work with smaller independent companies. Newswatch also supports public service announcements and non-profit awareness campaigns. Their main office is in Washington DC. However, they also have offices in Denver, Fairfax, and New York City. Other hosts of the show include Susan Bridges and Michelle Ison. They recently began focusing more on the Technology market. They’ve worked with companies like Sony, Audi, and Siemens to promote their products. They also began reviewing new apps on the market for IOS, Android, and Windows devices. The show has featured many famous celebrities such as Alison Sweeney, Chris Pratt, Tom Skerrett, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others!


Since 1990, Newswatch has been independently produced. They have channels on YouTube, Vimeo, and their Newswatch Blog. They also have a strong presence in social media. Newswatch is active on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. They were awarded both a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award in 2017 for their show. That same year, Newswatch also won a Videographer Award for excellence in programming. Through the years, they’ve helped several companies on their path to success and continue doing so today.



A Brief Look at Perry Mandera, CEO of Custom Companies, Inc

Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO of Custom Companies, Inc. He has a long and diverse background in the field of transportation and logistics dating back to 1976 ( This gives Perry Mandera over forty years of experience in this field and makes him especially adept and knowing and delivering to the needs of his customers in Illinois and around the country. During his time in the Marines, Perry Mandera got his first exposure to the transportation field when he was placed in charge of transporting troops and supplies. Even though this may have influenced his chosen career path he most fondly remembers the bonds that he formed with his fellow Marines.

Even after serving Perry Mandera continued to serve others. In 1984, he ran for and was elected as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago. When elected he was the youngest Republican Ward Committeeman to ever hold this position. He continues to serve even now doing his best to help those less fortunate than him. Perry Mandera places special interest in helping children through financial donations as well as assisting with transportation services and clothing. He also makes special assistance to people in need that are nominated by his employees. Perry Mandera pays special attention to assisting these people during the stressful times of the holidays.

Perry Mandera is as devoted to business as he is to his charitable work. His renown is so great that he was named one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” by the Illinois Transportation Association in 2000. Parry Mandera is always pushing for better and more robust solutions to transportation needs. His company employees several in-house programmers dedicated to developing more customized software to uniquely meet the needs of all his customers. This allows Custom Companies, Inc to always operate at full capacity to make sure they are most optimally achieving every goal set before them.



Founded in 2006 as GreenSky Trade Credit LLC by David Zalik, GreenSky Financial LLC is a private equity firm based in the Southern state of Atlanta. It changed its name in December 2015 and offers quick and paperless financial services, credit and consumer lending to businesses through its online platform. It helps enterprises provide credit to their customers by acting as a program administrator and third-party service provider for federally and state insured chartered banks that offer consumer loans. Besides providing revolving credit products and installment loans it also provides credit programs for elective medical providers, home improvement merchants, and furniture retailers.

Through its merchant, retailer and provider networks all over the US, it serves both consumers and large, medium and small-scale businesses. David Zalik’s GreenSky offers business card service as well as same day funding for submitted invoices, online transaction management, credit services and invoice verification.


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for GreenSky, 43-year-old David Zalik were born in Israel with his family moving to the USA when he was four years old and settling in Alabama. His father became a Mathematics professor at Auburn, and he attended the same school his father was teaching but later dropped out to concentrate on building his computer assembly company, MicroTech. In 1996 then aged 22 years he sold the 20-employee company for a tune a few million dollars and moved to Atlanta. Zalik later founded Outweb Inc., a consultancy for businesses trying to create their websites, in 1999 after a few years of investing in the real estate sector. He helped start the Rockbridge Commercial Bank in 2006 which initially attracted capital from a clique of local investors including billionaire Bernie Marcus, co-founder Home Depot. In three years’ time, it failed making him lose up to $500,000 and lawsuits from the FDIC.

It is after all this that he founded GreenSky, which he named after hearing Willie Nelson’s rendition of Blue Skies. Robert Sheft, an investor, and founder of RMA Home Services, later joined him their big pitch being less hassle in offering their customers financing as compared to stalwarts like Wells Fargo and GE.

David Zalik has also served on the board of directors of The Marcus Community Centre, The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and Hands on Atlanta. He has been a recipient of the 2000 Abe Schwartz Young Leadership award, 2003 catalyst Entrepreneur of the Year Award and 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Stream Energy benefaction in the United States

Stream Energy is a private company based in Dallas, Texas which was founded by two successful business partners that is Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshikji. Stream Energy company was started with the primary objective of providing energy such as electric energy and gas in Texas some few years ago. The company has been able to grow rapidly over the few years since it was launched. It expanded from providing its services in Texas to a significant number of states in the United States. It has some branches with its headquarters located in North Dallas. Some of the states where the company has its branches are Washington DC, Georgia, Illinois, and Maryland among others.

Stream Energy went ahead to extend its services to the community by doing some charity work. In the United States, a lot of citizens lost their lives, homes, other properties due to the heavy hurricane rains that resulted in massive flooding. The company decided to use its profits that it earned from the successful business of selling energy to fund the recovery of the United Citizens and other companies that experienced massive losses during the flooding.

Stream Energy Company also went ahead and launched a charity program called the Stream cares to give back to the community through Texas among other places in the country. This is not something that they have started doing recently, but it has been one of their routines in the company. This is one of the reason s that the company has been able to experience significant growth and development over the years. When a company gives back to the community, there are a lot of advantages that it brings not only to the community or their customers but also to its self.

One of the advantages the company brings to itself is the creation of a good name in the community, and this helps to attract more customers thus increasing their revenues. Through the company’s good name, it is easier for it to obtain help such as financial assistance from other financial organizations such As banks in case it gets some financial difficulties or if it wants to start some new projects. Stream Energy should act as an example to other companies since giving back to the community should be one of the essential business ethics in any organization.

Plastic Surgery Is Getting Safer Than Ever In The United States With The Work Of Dr. Mark Mofid

Plastic surgery has been growing for many decades now, despite the few skeptics out there that try to give it a bad name. The fact is, plastic surgery has never been better, with safer methods for procedures and safer body implants, more people are getting surgeries than ever before. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the top surgeons in the industry these days, who has personally developed some of the industries best methods and implants. Board-certified, Mark Mofid has a plastic surgery practice in California, where he performs nearly all forms of plastic surgery for his clients in the surrounded areas of San Diego and La Jolla. Currently, Mark’s area of expertise is gluteal augmentations, for which he has even developed his own natural appearance implants.

Mark Mofid has been perfecting his skills for more than a decade when it comes to performing surgery. This includes normal surgery as well, which Mark Mofid regularly spends time doing at hospitals throughout San Diego. Mark is one of the best things that happened to the plastic surgery industry not just because of his talents, but because he genuinely wants to make the industry better and safer for everyone, regardless of his own successes. Mark has spent a great deal of time over the years specifically trying to improve the methods in use today. The implants he developed specifically for glute augmentations has allowed him to gain worldwide recognition for the most natural looking results in plastic surgery.

This low-profile implant was specifically designed by Mark to look as natural as possible without breaking his own limitations. Many surgeons these days are starting to follow suit and set limitations for their plastic surgeries, which protects the patients as well as the doctors. Mark continues his research daily, and regularly publishes his ideas and work relating to plastic surgery online for anyone to read up on. One of Mark’s goals for the future is to build up plastic surgery to the point where it can be used safely to help improve and even save peoples lives.