Often use Wikipedia page creation to research on tones of information available in the internet and always wondered how one can come up with such accurate information. However, some few months ago I noticed that an edit tab existed in the Wikipedia pages and I was eager to add my expertise on a certain known article, which was quite exciting and easy and discovered that all this information In the online encyclopedia is contributed by the community, therefore today you can be able to edit an article that you are well familiar with by following this simple instructions.

Create an Account
Create a Wikipedia account by registering your email account, when editing an article without an account the site will record your IP address and it will be displayed publicly, by creating an account you are able to upload images and start new pages.

Proceed to do the editing
Click the edit this page tab and ensure you are logged in, this will bring you to a new page with a text box containing formatting markups. Contribute to articles that you are familiar with by changing a spelling error or adding an information, however when adding new information it is important to provide reliable sources that verify your work otherwise it may be deleted, this sources can be found by typing on the search tab ‘WP:CITE.’ It is relevant to briefly explain your changes in the edit summary box. When reviewing your changes use the show preview tab where you can also compare your work with the original by choosing the show changes tab once you are contended with your work hit the save page tab. This changes are viewed by everyone and using the watch tab you can track on changes made on it.

Get Your Wiki
This is a site that can create or edit an article for you similar to what is written in the Wikipedia and enable the page to be posted in Wikipedia which will be under you, it also provides Wikipedia monitoring because anyone can be able to edit your page therefore spoiling your reputation. With their monitoring services they therefore ensure that every edit is accurate and the information is always up to date. Lastly they offer translation services so that you as an individual or a company can be able to show case your ideas and work to any member of the community.