Spain is one of the European countries that has tried to mitigate solutions between the current ruling party and the opposition party. Things are very tense between the two factions. The opposition party is hoping to remove President Nicolas Maduro from office through a recall referendum. Tensions in the country are high. Spain is trying to cool things down. Representatives from Spain are suggesting there should be more dialogue and compromise. The situation in Venezuela makes such an outcome very unlikely. The country’s economy is collapsing and so is its government infrastructure.
If the situation in Venezuela was not so exceptionally disastrous, a dialogue between the two parties might work out for the best, says expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez. As all throughout the world know, Venezuela is bordering on the verge of collapse. Dialogue is hardly going to be easy under this scenario.

Spain’s ex-President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been in contact with officials in Venezuela and has been reporting back to the current leaders in Spain. Whether or not he will be able to make progress remains to be seen added Manuel Gonzalez.

Zapatero’s recent trips to Venezuela included a rather shocking meeting. The ex-President met with Leopoldo Lopez, an imprisoned opposition leader. Zapatero may have done this to nudge the parties to work together by drawing international attention to the bitterness of the disputes between parties.

Zapatero is calling on the release of political prisoners and a national reconciliation. Honestly, those are tall orders given the current political landscape.