Cancer Treatment Centers of America Forms New Alliance in the War on Cancer

On December 23, 1971, President Nixon declared war on cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America Nanhealth and Allscript are waging that war with the creation of Clinical Pathways.

A cancer diagnosis is devastating enough with out the added stress of having to wait and see if your health insurance approves payment for treatment. Through a program called “Eviti” Clinical Pathways eliminates that worry.

Once a course of treatment is chosen Eviti Connect enables the oncologist to get immediate pre-authorization. The program provides easier processing of claims
and reduces denials of payment and the need for appeals.

Clinical Pathways clinical interfacing system gives physicians access to the input of hundreds of oncologist along with a collection of the latest data on cancer treatment. This platform enables doctors to devise a patient specific treatment regimen based on a patient’s general health and the stage of their cancer.

A course of treatment is formed from evidence based clinical approaches. This approach to cancer care includes supportive therapies that enable the patient deal with side effects improving their quality of life during treatment. Emotionally. patients are at ease knowing they are receiving the right treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded by Richard J. Stephenson after he lost his mother to cancer in 1988. Today, CTCA has five hospitals throughout the United States that treat only adults with cancer. Some of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s accreditations include Full Standard Compliance from the Joint Commission and National Accreditation for Breast Center. CTCA consistently receives high patient satisfaction scores.

A team approach is taken to the treatment of patients. Genomic testing makes it possible to design a treatment tailor made to each patient. An oncologist at CTCA uses traditional treatments: surgery radiation and immunotherapy. Every treatment program includes a large dose of humanity.

Agora Financial in Baltimore MD

Agora Financial is a private firm that offers economic advice through online publications, e-books, international conferences and films. Founded in 1979, the company has grown to become a world-class organization.

It offers its clients with free and paid market commentaries. The company provides newsletters to investors that enable them to make informed decisions regarding the most profitable investments.

Agora Financial has flourished in providing economic advice in the oil, media and energy sectors. The firm holds annual symposiums and conferences to discuss emerging trends and market gaps. It provides a help platform where investors can ask questions via emails and phone calls.

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James Dondero

NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. is a vibrant company who have recently appointed James Dondero as its Chariman of the Board. NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. made the announcement on May 12, 2015. With its shares listed on the NY Stock Exchange, NexPoint Residential Trust is publically traded REIT. The shares are listed under the symbol NXRT. NXRT’s central business concentration is on purchasing, owning and managing properties. There is a relationship between NXRT and NexPoint Real Estate Advisors. Highland Capital Management is a leading global company.

James Dondero is a dynamic investment manager. He is Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management. Because of him, Highland’s strategic investment and operations are successful ensuring that investment initiatives produce profits. James Dondero puts his 30 years’ experience in the credit markets to use in creating positive investments. His extensive experience includes his current positions of Board of Directs, of MGM studios, American Banknote Corporation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical. When Mr. Dondero Served as Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, he worked on developing the business from a concept and vision to a business that did $2 billion in investments from 1989 to 1993.

He was educated at University of Virginia and is a Gamma Sigma graduate with a major in Accounting and Finance. Currently, Mr. Dondero is both a certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. His investment and management skills include management experience such as investment grade corporates, emerging markets, derivatives, leveraged bank loans, mortgage-backed securities, preferred stocks and common stocks. His successful investments include American Express where he managed $1 billion in fixed income funds.

Currently, Dr. Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, P.P. Chairman of NexBank, which is an affiliated bank with a majority of the bank owned by Mr. Dondero. NXRT is an externally advised and publically traded Real Estate Investment. The Company manages multifamily properties and is situated in the Southeast and Texas. The company invests in class A and B assets, which are multifamily properties. The properties tend to have a value-add component, which means that an investor can invest large amounts of capital in order to improve life styles of hardworking individuals. The value-add creates lovelier home for working individuals as well as maximizing returns for shareholders.

Racquetball isn’t as Easy as It Looks, Just ask Sawyer Howitt

     The path to becoming a professional racquetball player like Sawyer Howitt is a rocky road. You must have an enduring mindset and dedication that is akin to obsession. You must be willing to sacrifice time and energy in order to improve your skills and go from amateur to pro. Those without the necessary dedication and discipline will no doubt fail in achieving their goal of becoming pro.

before you start on your journey towards racquetball it is recommended that you have made sure this is what you what to do. Hesitation and lack of motivation will make it that much easier to give up when times get rough. You have to find a legitimate reason as to why you wish to accomplish this gain, whether it be for financial gain or self fulfillment. Either way a dependable reason is needed.

Your resolve and discipline have to be up to par as well. You must be ready to workout and strenuously to attain prime physical shape. Getting in great shape takes weeks and even months depending on the individual and you must be prepared to hunker down and make it through. Stamina is very important in a fast paced sport such as this.

It may be cliche, but practice really does make perfect. You must practice at anything to become great. Natural talent and athleticism will only take you so far. There’s no amount of studying the sport that will give you the results steady practice will.

If you’re really serious about becoming a pro like Sawyer Howitt after reading this I wish you the best of luck and hope you succeed.

Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is the current project manager at his family’s company, the Meriwether Group. He has achieved much as a young entrepreneur although he is still a high school student.

Howitt is also a professional athlete. He is a Racquetball player recognized by the U.S. Racquetball Association.

For more, please check https://members.nationalgeographic.com/569099178653/.

How Omar Yunes Has Boosted Sushi Itto’s Global Expansion

Mexican hotelier Omar Yunes has established himself as one of the country’s most astute investors. Mr. Yunes’ name is synonymous with the success that global Japanese restaurant franchise, Sushi Itto has had in Mexico. Recently, he was recognized as the best franchisee at a prestigious gala held in Florence, Italy. Omar’s recognition is attributed to the fact that he has been Sushi Itto’s most prominent franchisee. He has made an immense contribution to the brand’s global expansion efforts.

Omar became the chain’s franchisee at the age of 21. Despite his tentative age, his aggressiveness saw him expand quickly. At the moment, he operates 13 Sushi Itto outlets in Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla. This accounts for more than ten percent of the brand’s units. During the award ceremony, Omar stressed that he only represents the Sushi Itto brand and that the prize owed to more than 400 employees who have upheld high standards of customer satisfaction.

Global Representation

The glamorous gala had a global outlook. It was attended by reps from more than 30 countries including Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, and Portugal. Sushi Itto Mexico was awarded due to its impact on the franchise in general, staff motivation, and improvements made to the original business model. The award attests to Omar’s dedication to provide his clients with unmatchable service and outstanding hospitality.

Mr. Omar in Brief

Mr. Yunes has had an indelible impact in the global corporate scene. He is renowned for his profitable investments in Mexico and beyond. He mainly invests in the property market and in the hospitality industry. Omar began his corporate journey at a young age. Nonetheless, he defied all odds to rise to the pinnacle of the corporate world.

Unlike other corporate executives who sit back and delegate duties to junior employees, Omar has a hands-on approach when it comes to business matters. He directly oversees the business operations of his firms. He is also renowned for his easygoing nature, something that has enabled him to forge business network across the corporate domain. Diversification has also enabled him to gain prominence. Mr. Yunes also has a significant stake in the lucrative New York property market.

Bruce Bent II’s Visions Have Helped Create More Opportunities for Financial Professionals

As an entrepreneur and a business professional, Bruce Bent II is qualified to do both of the jobs that he holds. He is the CEO of his company but he also works as a visionary who is able to come up with new ideas for the financial industry. He does what he can to help people make sure that there are more opportunities and that they can get exactly what they need out of the financial industry. He has worked hard to come up with cash protection ideas and things that will help people to make sure that they are getting exactly what they need out of their finances. He has also been able to successfully steer a business in the right direction despite the fact that there is a poor economic outlook going on in the area that the business is in.

For Bruce Bent II, making sure that things are going to be helpful is only part of the job that he has. He has to not only make sure that he comes up with ideas but he has to do everything possible to bring those ideas to life. There are many new options that he has had but he is not able to make them all come together on his own. For example, his entrepreneur spirit may lead him to come up with ideas for something that will be really helpful but he recognizes that it will take a team of people to ensure that everything comes together nicely.

As Bruce Bent II has grown in the financial industry, he has had to make adjustments according to the different things that are going on. For example, his company, the Double Rock Corporation, performs much differently today than it did 10 years ago. This is because Bruce Bent II has done what he can to make sure that his company changes with the different things that are going on in the economy. He wants to keep up with all of the trends and all of the different options that people have while they are handling their finances and their assets.

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Honey Birdette Offers Stunning New York Lingerie Line

Honey Birdette is a super sensual boutique that started in Australia. It is, in fact, Australia’s first sensuality boutique. In a recent post on the website Manofmany.com there are many photos of the honey’s wearing the newest offerings from Honey Birdette and they are simply lovely.

In the post by the Man of Many Tastes the author is sure to remind the reader that although this is a site geared towards men, they most assuredly don’t mind taking a break from the regular stuff to report on this new high end line of women’s lingerie. Then they proceed to lay out this season’s new looks as presented by Honey Birdette.

Honey Birdette started in 2006 in Australia. Two friends were simply tired of not being able to shop for high end lingerie in Australia as a whole and decided to do something about it. So, with a clink of champagne flutes an idea was born and Australia suddenly had it’s very own sensuality boutique.

The shops themselves can now be found on two continents and the items themselves can be found in bedrooms across the globe. Alongside the carefully crafted and designed lingerie they also offer things such as leather accessories, perfume, handcuffs, collars, harnesses, and massage candles.

The boutiques themselves can be found in Australia and England. Inside the stores is a fun and flirty atmosphere designed for the comfort of the shopper in mind. The staff are well trained and quirky. They are there not only to educate but to empower and help shoppers have the best possible experience. In keeping with their auspicious beginnings, shoppers are welcome to partake in champaign while shopping.

The Life and Times of Cassio Audi.


Many people know Cassio Audio as a musician and a celebrated player of drums in the world famous Viper band. Cassio is also a graduate of business Administration at both undergraduate and masters levels from Sao Paulo University and Pontifical Catholic University. Audi started his career in music in 1985 as a drummer. He is one of the founding members of the Viper band together with four other young Brazilians.
The original members of the Viper Band were Yves Passarel, Pit Passarel, Andre Machado and the man Cassio Audio.They explored different genres of rock music which included thrash metal, power metal, and alternative rock music. Surprisingly, when they started out their music careers, they were just teenagers who ranged 13-14 years. Their youth did not hinder them from being one of the most famous rock bands in their region, and the world. They were a highly talented bunch. They were good in both vocals and the playing of different types of instruments.
Their music was mainly influenced by a new genre of British heavy metal called iron maiden. Their first album was called the release of the soldiers of the rising sun.The album included such hits as Killera the princes from hell and signs of the night and nightmares. This spurred Cassio and his fellow band members to fame, and they gained both critic and adoration. The album is still very popular to date. Their second album was called Theatre of Fate and was released in 1989 all across Europe, USA, and Asia.The Viper Band topped the charts with their new album and even beat other well-known groups such as Van Halen and Nirvana.
The album was quite notable because it was a classical music mix and metal. Cassio was however not actively involved in its production. He, however, opened the stage for the recording of that album. Unfortunately, Cassio did not have a long career in music. He left the band in 1989 in pursuit of further studies at the University. Many feel that since he was such a good drummer, he would have risen to greater heights in the music business. Cassio’s contribution to the music industry cannot be taken for granted. Both fans and critics highly respect him to date.

Avaaz and Its Intervention in Some of the Most Concerning Issues

Avaaz is a global activist organization based in U.S. which counters some of the most concerning issues of the planet, humans, and other organisms. The organization founded in 2007, and it fights against climate change, corruption, human rights, poverty, animal rights, and conflicts. The activist network has more than 44 million volunteers or members in 194 countries, and this makes the group as the most powerful and largest online activist network, according to The Guardian. It influences people, and communities with its bold opinion and movements that can prevent many derailing issues affecting nature, humans, and animals.


The group facilitates a simpler and easier option for anyone to file a petition to start campaigning at various levels. Currently, its biggest focus is to address the Paris Climate Accord derailing plans by Donald Trump, and it has devised some strategies to counter the pullout of U.S. from the agreement. The group intends to work with various American Mayors and other local leaders to ensure their support for Paris Accord. It also plans to work with global corporations to use 100% clean energy and work with car manufacturers to go for electric cars. While ensuring the activism, Avaaz also ensures that the message of what it fights for and how important that are for the existence of humans and planet is clearly communicated to the masses.


The group has some significant success in the past through signing petitions, direct actions, funding media campaigns, organizing “offline” protests, emailing, lobbying governments, and more. It has pulled out significant success in the past including Paris Climate Accord, net neutrality in various countries, protecting the marine ecosystem around the world, curbing Monsanto and its model of chemical agriculture, restricting Rupert Murdoch and his political agenda, and more. Avaaz is on a mission of the masses fighting against the greedy individuals.

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Omar Yunes; Successful Entrepreneur and Franchisee

A Mexican entrepreneur won the Best Franchisee Award at the global competition in 2015. Omar Yunes is a franchisee of Sushi Itto. This is a Japanese restaurant. The competition was held in Italy. It featured contestants from several countries including Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, and Hungary. The franchisees who attended the competition had won the national qualifiers in their respective countries.

They were evaluated according to certain criteria including the contribution to the brand, their influence on the network, and the cost-savings that they had made in the past. Yunes was there to receive the award on behalf of all his employees. He started by saying that he was honored and proud to receive it. Yunes then congratulated all his employees and stated that the prize belonged to them. He also thanked the franchise and the brand for collaborating with him all through.

Diego Elizarraras is the organizer of BFW Mexico. He said that Omar won because he had redefined the relationship between the franchisee and the franchise. He was able to improve the flow of information and to set guidelines that were instrumental in the growth of each unit. Elizarraras was pleased that a Mexican had won the award. It signaled that the country was making good strides in that sector.

Omar said that the award spoke volumes about the efforts that the brand put in place to please customers and serve great food. Ivan Tamer is a franchisee of Prendamex. Ivan won second place in Mexico for the use of new tools to offer a new marketing system. Omar Yunes bought his first franchise when he was only 21 years old. He now has more than a dozen units.

Omar had an excellent year in 2010. He made many of his investments in that year. Yunes acquired five companies in Asturias. He registered Planta de Ideas SA. He bought four condominium complexes valued at 4 million dollars in New York. He also established Yandal SA. This is the parent company that operates the Sushi Itto restaurants that Omar owns. He bought a condo in the Polanco region of the country for 5 million pesos in 2007.