James Dondero Helps the Dallas Zoo to Bring Hippos to Its Nets

James Dondero, the President of Highland Capital Management, helped the Dallas Zoo bring hippos to its nets – a long cherishing demand for the hippo lovers of the city. It took almost a year’s intense construction and another four years planning for making a post in the Zoo that costs around $14 million. The Amazing Simmons Hippo Post is a naturalistic waterhole habitat gives clear views of the giant creatures. Interestingly, it also has giant underwater viewing windows for the visitors to see through the water. James Dondero contributed more than $1,000, 000 for building a lodge of size 4.485-square-foot in the post that is helpful for private events and extensive educational displays.


Dondero is a well-known philanthropist and has contributed millions to various community development programs. Recently, his Highland Capital collaborated with Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation’s Former President, Linda Owen to provide strategic advice to channel the philanthropic activities and projects of the firm as it plans to expand the community support services. Under the direction of Dondero, Highland Capital contributes at least $3 million to various charitable organizations annually. He also made sure that the firm is contributing to many institutions including the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Centre of Brain Health, and American Heart Association. Apart from donating money, the Executives of Highland offers guidance and strategies to many non-profit groups with their expertise and leadership experience.


Mike Rawlings, the current Dallas Mayor, has intense regards to Dondero and his philanthropic efforts. He admits that Highland Capital employees are ready to give their time and resources to great causes like environmental conservation. The contributions of Dondero and other contributors of Dallas Zoo helped the efficient construction of Hippo Post that uses 140,000 gallons of water. The newly added hippos to the recently built habitat are expected to attract more people in the coming years. It should be noted that the strategically located zoo was attracting more than 1,000,000 visitors annually. Interestingly, the Hippo Post is safe, green, and naturalistic, and that creates a completely natural habitat for the hippos giving full free movement throughout the post.

The Global Name for Sexy is Honey Birdette

The top lingerie label Honey Birdette was borne in Australia. This online and retail boutique has expanded into the United States with its sexy, flirty high-end products. Honey Birdette is a popular global lingerie brand that has stores in Australia, the United Kingdom, and with plans to expand its U.S. presence having opened a store in Beverly Hills, California.

Honey Birdette is the 2005 brain-child of two innovative business women. Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza are graduates from the University of Brisbane. They met working together in the medical field, were Ms. Monaghan worked in crisis management for an insurance agency and Ms. Barboza worked in cancer research.

The idea of Honey Birdette was fueled by Ms. Monaghan’s mother who operated lingerie shops while she was growing up. Looking for a friend’s hen’s night gift in Australia and not being very successful, the luxury brand Honey Birdette idea was formed.

The Honey Birdette brand fulfills a fashion lingerie gap between commercial retailers and erotica retailers. The brand is backed by the private global investment company BBRC. Prices for the premium label start around £35 ($45 U.S. dollars) for briefs and £60 ($77 U.S. dollars) for bras.

The Honey Birdette collection features beautiful bras, thongs, suspenders, briefs, and many other fine accessories. The quality material used in many of these luxurious products can include Swiss crystal tulle, metallic foil lace, Italian jacquards, French floral embroidery, gold hardware, patented leatherette accents, cut-out details and Swarovski jewels.

After experiencing a 374% increase in online sales over the last 12 months, the brand has made the decision to expand into new markets. The brand has revealed it is has 10 more openings lined up in the U.K., including Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Leeds, and plans to open 40 more U.K. stores by the end of 2018.

There are 55 Honey Birdette stores in its home market of Australia, and the brand is targeting other European locations. Honey Birdette’s success enabled the brand to recently buyout Agent Provocateur, a former U.K. luxury lingerie brand.

Omar Yunes Puts Mexico on International Market

Omar Yunes , the Sushi Itto Franchisee, won the BFW (Best Franchisee of the World), for his brand’s contribution, held on Dec. 5, 2015. At 21 years old, Yunes became the Japanese Food Chain representative. He’s the owner of 13 franchise units based in Veracruz, Mexico City, as well as Puebla. That represents roughly 10 percent of the units the brand is having.

Yunes was proud to be the only representative. He said the prize is for the 400 employees in the 13 units as well as the management of the brand that allowed them to be innovative. Representatives from 34 nations, including Mexico, Argentina, Italy, France, Brazil, Hungary, and Portugal attended the 2015 BFW edition. The edition evaluated the Franchisee and his network impact in attributes like:

• How much it has changed the network
• The model’s proposed improvements
• Technological contributions
• Implemented savings
• Employees motivation

According to the organizer of BFW Mexico, Diego Elizarrarrás, Yunes also became number one in the national qualifier. He was given the BFW award because he played a significant role in the in the relationship between-franchisee and franchising. Also, Yunes created better policies for information management as well as implementing control boards for helping to have a unit measurement that’s clearer.

The chief executive officer of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, said that they regarded those awards as a demonstration of joint effort in offering their customers an excellent service, hospitality that’s unique, and exceptional taste of quality. Elizarrarás believes that the award reflects a strong sector in the nation that has earned its rightful spot in the international level. The Mexican chapter jury included representatives of the Mexican Franchises Association, Universidad Anáhuac, and entrepreneurs.

Omar Yunes is an investor from Mexico; he represents Sushi Itto. He’s an excellent Franchisee, who has won several BFW competitions, which are held yearly. He has a passion in the business of food. He runs more than 13 franchises that have 400 employees. He has aggressively marketed his products and has significant food industry control. The Yune’s brand has developed a business network that’s strong because of his great leadership.

Highland Capital Management Helps Local Community

Dallas is one of the hottest areas in the country today. Many people are moving to the area in search of jobs and low taxes. Highland Capital Management is a financial planning firm that has served the local community for years. During this time, many people have been able to save for retirement and invest for the future.

Customer Service

One of the things that separates Highland Capital Management from other financial firms is their quality customer service. Highland Capital Management believes that all customers are important. Customers who have high levels of wealth are not treated better than those who are just starting out in their financial journey.

In addition, the company spends a lot of time teaching people the principles of personal finance. They want all of their customers to understand the investing strategies they are using.

Investing in the Community

Highland Capital Management invested a lot of money in the Dallas area over the years. The company wants to help people who are ready to take their life to a new level. Many schools in the area receive large donations from Highland Capital Management at certain times of the year. This is one of the biggest reasons that the company has a great reputation in the local community.

Growth Plans

Dallas is a growing city with a large customer base for Highland Capital Management to work with. In the coming years, the company is going to build another location to serve more customers. In addition, the company is investing in new technology to offer online financial planning options for customers. Some younger customers are willing to invest primarily online. A lot of older customers still prefer to come in and get financial advice in person.

Omar Yunes: Top Mexican Franchisee who Won BFW Award

Sushi Itto is a Mexican franchise owned by one of the most successful investors, Omar Yunes. He began operating this franchise during his youthful years, and today the brand’s growth has been very successful. Omar Yunes operates more than 10 franchises located in several areas including Veracruz Mexico City, and others. Mr. Yunes has used his entrepreneurial skills to market his brand and products, allowing him to have a say in the food industry. In 2015, the businessman scooped one of the most prestigious business-related awards, the Best Franchisee of the World. The occasion was held in Italy and had representatives from over 30 countries.

Omar Yunes’ franchise units have employed close to 400 people. One of the reasons why he scooped the BFW award was his ability to motivate his employees and also giving them better terms when it comes to salaries and allowances. This has enabled the employees to be more active in helping the brand realize its goals. In fact, Mr. Yunes acknowledged the efforts of his employees after winning the award, and said he was only representing them. Sushi Itto brand has developed a strong operating network under the excellent leadership of Omar Yunes.

For many years, Omar has focused on providing quality services to his clients and making Sushi Itto a top brand in the global food industry. His employees recognize Mr. Yunes for his motivational, innovative and excellent leadership skills. In addition, he has the ability to look for sustainable solutions to a range of market challenges within the industry, a secret for the rapid growth of his brand. Omar realizes that employees are valuable asset for the success of any brand.

Omar Yunes is a team leader who accepts ideas from his employees that may lead to successful growth and expansion of his brand. He supports and appreciates their effort because they are the reason why he won the BFW award. The reputation of Sushi Itto has continued grow, making it a force to reckon with both regionally and on the global markets. The brand can now compete comfortably with other top brands around the world.

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Omar Yunes – Proud Owner of 13 Sushi Itto Franchise Units in Mexico

Running a restaurant successfully needs a lot of patience and dedication. Many factors collectively work to make any food business successful as well as popular among the people. Starting from the quality of food served to the kind of treatment provided by the employees to the customers, and much more, there are many aspects of restaurant business that needs to be looked into carefully. Many of the experienced people in the business world have tried their hands in the food industry but failed miserably.
However, Omar Yunes of Mexico, who started the franchise unit of Sushi Itto brand in Mexico City at the age of 21, managed to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the food industry of the country. As of now, Omar Yunes owns and successfully runs 13 Sushi Itto restaurants in Mexico, and has plans to open a few more shortly. Omar Yunes realized as soon as Sushi Itto entered Mexico that it has just the kind of food that Mexican people were waiting for, and grabbed the opportunity without thinking twice. Even though he was just 21, he didn’t hesitate to take a plunge in the highly competitive and ruthless food industry, where at times, even a restaurant worth millions with the best chefs doesn’t last long.
Omar Yunes has won many awards in the food industry, and recently, he won the Best Franchisee of the World Competition. It is a highly respectable award in the food industry, where hundreds of participants work hard around the year to win the competition. In the 2015 edition of the award, which was held in Florence, Italy, Omar Yunes was named as the winner of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition, which humbled him tremendously. However, he didn’t forget to mention the determination and hard work of his 400 employees that work at his 13 Sushi Itto joints for the success he enjoys today. Omar Yunes dedicated the award to his employees and said that it wouldn’t have been possible without their efforts to win such a fiercely fought competition, where participants from over 34 countries participate.


Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Partner Up For Enhanced Patient Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America partner with Allscripts and NantHealth to bring a unique system to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America health organization. Allscripts Sunrise, an electronic health record, was paired up with eviti, a clinical decision program belonging to NantHealth. Together, these programs work seamlessly to bring a clinical pathway to both, physicians and patients that offers comprehensive, pathways for more streamlined care.

The Clinical Pathways (CP) program was designed to help take any guesswork out of a patient’s direction of care after diagnosis. CP houses a full list of every cancer and it’s corresponding stages. After a patient is diagnosed, the physician can sit down with the patient and discuss the treatment options listed in the patient’s personal CP. Having a listed group of treatment possibilities eliminates physician guesswork and allows the patient to be a more active participant in their treatment options.

CP was designed with the input of government organizations, oncology associations, and peer reviewed data to offer the latest in cancer treatments and care. Also, CP is consistently updated and maintained with the latest cancer and drug information by a team of oncologists, oncology nurses, and oncology experts.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, offers the latest in cancer care and treatment for adults. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has locations nationally in Tulsa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Chicago and have been consistently rated in the top tier of hospitals offering superior cancer treatment and aftercare.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers treatments that not only treat a patient’s cancer, but also their whole body, mind, and spirit. Cancer Treatment Centers of America sees a patient as a whole person and not just a diagnosis, which is why Cancer Treatment Centers of America also offers aftercare for patients who have just underwent cancer treatments. Cancer Treatment Centers of America specializes in: genomic testing, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and precision cancer treatment.

Highland Capital Management Company and Its Affiliate Firms

Highland Capital Management was co-founded by two elite minds in the year 1993. The elite minds are James Dondero and Mark Okada. It prime focus is to provide credit advice, loan responsibilities, and credit hedge reserves. Overtime, the firm has developed to become a renowned alternative credit manager worldwide. Highland Capital Management has affiliates scattered globally. A summation of all assets owned by the firm and is affiliates is approximately $15.4 billion.

The key to a successful business is having a large and trustworthy client base. Highland Capital Management deals in diverse number of projects and hence has a varied client base. Its client base include rich entrepreneurs of high net worth, corporation, foundations and public pensions. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. However, it also boasts already developed branches in other towns such as New York, Sao Polo and Seoul.

Highland Capital Management is also committed to the societies where their employees work, the needy societies and the societies around there firm locations. This is usually made possible through donations made to non-profit organizations and community organizations, setting up local award programs and competitions, voluntary services in institutions within the community and inviting some elite community members to be involved in their advisory boards.

Over the last decade, Highland Capital Management and its partner organizations have channeled up to $15 million to charities and non-profit organizations. Recently, Highland Small Cap Equity Fund a unit of Highland Capital Management made a shock rebound to the market. It generated up to 32 percent return to its investors. The credit goes to their board their management team who made a wise selection on the energy-stock. The massive 32 percent increase is triple the returns made the previous year.

An affiliate company of Highland Capital Management in Korea recently announced $147 million in full capital commitments from the closure of a healthcare private equity. Most investors who are part of the project of Highland Capital Management are there not only for the purpose of returns but also to open up avenues that could prove helpful in their strategic objectives in Korea. In Asia, Highland is looking to make their debut private equity fund by partnering with Stonebridge Capital.

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Highland Capital Management: An Experienced Investment Advisor

Highland Capital Management is a SEC registered investment Company. The Company has raised approximately $ 13.4 billion in partnership with their affiliated companies. Highland Capital Management is the largest global credit managers.


The Company has been specializing in credit strategies, long only funds, and special private equity. They have diversified their client base like pension, endowments, and funds for funds.


Highland Capital Management was established in 1990. James Dondero and Mark Okada launched the Company as a joint venture with the Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The two Companies merged to offer fixed income markets.


In 1993, the Company evolved into a Protective Asset Management Company. The Protective Life Insurance Corporation owns 60% of the Company shares while the two partners; James and Mark hold 40%.


Mark and James acquired the 60% of shares from the Insurance Company in 1997and they renamed the Company to Ranger Asset Management. Ranger Asset Management operated as an independent Company registered by SEC. The management changed the name to Highland Capital Management. In 2000, the Company established it first Bank loan fund and later established the alternative investment 40 Act. Highland acquired floating funds from the Columbia Asset Management.


Highland management is based in Texas but has other offices in Sao Paulo, New York City Seoul, and Singapore.


Highland Capital Management follows different strategies that include: High yield credit, Long and short equity, Real estate, Structured products, Health care, Distressed and special situations, and emerging markets.


Highland Capital Management investment approach is to provide returns by the application of the investing principles. The Company’s philosophy will be based on three principles:


Experience: the management of the Company has years of experience in investing


Discipline: the team focuses on transparency and accountability. They use the checks and balances to help them reduce the risks.


Bold: the Company focuses on developing solutions for the present problems instead of products. The team also advocates for the investors and strive to remain independent.


James Dondero is the president of the Highland Company. He co-founded Highland Capital Management together with Mark Okada. Mike is the Chief Investment Officer.

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Luxury Lingerie Retailer Honey Birdette Reveals Plans To Expand Across The U.S. And U.K.

The luxury lingerie industry has been growing at a fast rate over recent years with U.K. based stores Agent Provocateur and Ann Summers among the industry leaders across the planet. Honey Birdette is a relatively new entrant in the industry and has grown at a fast rate across both the U.S. and U.K. from its base in Australia where the company has developed across two fronts of both Online and physical stores.

The Honey Birdette brand has recently opened its first stores in the U.K. and unveiled plans to expand across the U.K. with plans for an initial ten stores based in some of the top locations in the nation; a new plan has been put into place as the brand is looking for an even greater level of growth with 27 more stores now planned for opening in the U.K. to take the total from a single store at the start of 2016 to 40 stores opened by the close of 2018.

Success in the U.K. has been matched by sales in the vast U.S. market where the focus for Honey Birdette has been based on its impressive Online sales platform. Sales have increased across the U.S. by 374 percent for Online sales as the company has continued to develop its brand in the country with a new Website dedicated solely to the North American market.

Honey Birdette stands as one of the leading luxury sensuality stores with a focus on the development of new products and on the experience of each customer to make a trip to a Hony Birdette store an experience living long in the memory.

Under the leadership of Brett Blundy, the Australian retail magnate the Honey Birdette brand has grown to become one of the best on the planet and a challenge to the already established brands within the adult products market.