NuoDB: Developing SQL To Perform Better For Clients

NuoDB is a company that is based in Massachusetts which is mainly involved with offering customers some of the best SQL database technology to a vast array of clients. The company first entered the business of technology in 2008 and since then has grown extensively to become a prominent name in the IT industry. The company’s technology is currently being used by an extensive range of clients coming to them from all over the country. NuoDB pays a considerable amount of attention to developing the technology that they use and continuously updates it using the newest developments in the sector. The technology is the principal product of the company, which is why they try their best to stay at the top of the competition to always offer nothing short of the very best to the clients who come to them.

Most of the technological solutions that NuoDB provides its clients with is for cloud applications. The technology that they offer functions through a database management system that is designed for those who use applications of this type for their businesses. The company uses a form of SQL database known as NewSQL, which is an upgrade to the traditional technology that is currently being used all over.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the NFL: Importance of Prostate Screenings.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 and is solely dedicated to finding the cure for any type of cancer. The company has five hospitals across the United States. They are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Chicago Illinois.
The main goal of Cancer Treatment Centers of America is to give patients the best care when they need it most. Doctors provide an individualized plan best suit each patient that comes in no matter what type of cancer they may have. Now the company, along with the NFL Alumni Association and LabCorp have teamed up to get the word out about prostate cancer.

Beginning September the first and running through October fifteenth men who are forty years and older who meet certain requirements can sign up to take a free LabCorp prostate screening. The effort is being pushed by former coaches Herm Edwards, Bill Cowher, and Dick Vermeil. THese coaches are doing public service announcements to spread the word about men getting a prostate cancer screening early.
The statistics of prostate cancer speak for themselves. One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at one point in their lives. If the disease is caught early enough the survival rate increases dramatically. Odds can increase up to seventy percent success rate. This is why awareness of the disease and the program is so important. The more men that get screened for prostate cancer the more likely it will be for Cancer Treatment Centers of America and other organizations like it to find a cure for this disease.
If the first two thousand screenings are already filled than men can get a screening at a discount rate of twenty-five dollars. It should be worth that much in order to save a man’s life.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches Oncology Treatment Platform

Cancer treatments that truly work prove difficult to find. Doctors often prescribe options they believe will treat symptoms, but many fail to work as efficiently as described. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to offer a new oncology treatment platform that will help make finding a reliable treatment more efficient.

Comprehensive Collection of Data
NantHealth already has a comprehensive collection of data pulled from oncologists around the U.S. The ever-evolving information changes frequently based on the most up-to-date research, so doctors always get real-time data with supported claims. The Allscripts system shows clinical workflows. Together, these two data systems combine to create a large compilation of information that can be used to find reliable treatment options for patients. Based on evidence and patient records, multiple treatment choices get offered that the patient and their doctor can select. The cost of each one even gets described so people can pick the best one for their needs and wallet.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Experts on cancer diagnoses and treatments work at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Their goal is to treat every patient as a unique individual with a unique cancer experience. Symptoms for the same type can vary from person to person, making each case different and important to focus on to solve.

A team of doctors work with each patient to find a well-suited plan to treat symptoms and problems brought on by the specific cancer that person has. They all work together, along with the patient, to find a suitable option that will work. This new program helps to ensure that happens. With accreditations from renowned healthcare organizations and patient-centered care, people can rest assured they’re in good hands when working with the experts at any Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Mighty Fortress Church Welcomes Everyone and Helps You Get Close to God

Minnesota has many beautiful churches. For example, it has the Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in Minneapolis. It was built around one hundred years ago, and its design, including its steeples and spires are based on a well known church in England. At one point, it was the second tallest building in Minneapolis.

Another beautiful church is the Church of St. Mary’s in New Trier. It was built in 1909. It is also on the National Register of Historic Places. Another is St. Andrews Church in St. Paul. It is no longer active as a church, but it now houses an art academy. Another is Assumption Chapel in Cold Spring. It is also known as the Grasshopper Chapel. It was built in 1951 when the previous chapel that was there was destroyed in a hurricane. The reason it is called the Grasshopper Chapel is because it was built in an effort to stop a plague of grasshoppers through a day of prayer. After the day of prayer, and when the grasshopper plague stopped later that year, the chapel was built as a token of appreciation.

Mighty Fortress International is another church you should know about. If you are looking for an authentic place where you can learn more about authentic Christianity and Christ, then you should choose Mighty Fortress International. You can build relationships with like minded people, and you can attend Bible study sessions that contain messages that are perfect for the modern age. Some people do not like attending church because it is too formal. At Mighty Fortress International, they make sure that your church experience is an enjoyable time. That is why they encourage you to be yourself.

During the worship, they focus on God and how he has helped them. It is a time to strengthen your connection with God and to become more spiritual. It is done once a week, and it helps bring down God’s blessings. You can certainly come as you are now, because Mighty Fortress International welcomes everyone. It is headed by Bishop T. Williams. He has over thirty years of experience in serving communities.

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NuoDB SQL Database Technology offers a Bigger Advantage with Cloud Computing

You can call it “NewSQL,” but it still retains some of the characteristics of traditional SQL database. Basically, the NuoDB SQL database technology is a transactional database management system (DBMS) – like a traditional SQL database —deployed and distributed to different processors in the cloud.  The NuoDB SQL Database technology is SQL complaint and has an architecture that is domiciled in the cloud. What this means is that the database moves faster whenever a new server is added to the database.

The NuoDB database achieves these amazing results by distributing the tasks among various processors to avoid data bottlenecks. NuoDB has an elastic database and combines this elasticity and persistent availability of the cloud technology with the transactional consistency and durability every database of record demands.

That NuoDB SQL database maintains a simple application logic; it makes your database smart. It helps in managing costs and keeps your infrastructure protected and in demand, which can help you stay ahead of the requirements of customers.

NuoDB is designed by NuoDB Inc., a database company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It started in 2008. The company has been recognized on the GartnerMagic Quadrant. Some of the corporations who use NuoDB include: Kodiak, Dassault Systèmes, UAE Exchange and Alfa Systems. These are major global enterprises, and the NuoDB is becoming an international standard as the SQL database to use commercially.

The success of Honey Birdette in the Lingerie Business

Recapping the article
Back in 2006, Eloise Monaghan came up with an idea of opening a lingerie business. The company has been in constant growth for the last few years, and currently, it has taken over the market because of the quality of products and services. The company started its operations in Brisbane, Australia. The beginning of the creation was not very easy, but the process of growth has been constant. Currently, Honey Birdette has 55 stores in the Australian market alone.
Expanding the services
Other than creating a good market in Australia, Honey Birdette has developed a way in which the services can be expanded to other parts of the world. Currently, there have been plans to increase the number of stores in the markets that are outside of Australia. By mid-2017, the company had already established about three stores in Britain. There are plans to increase the number of stores from three to ten before the end of the year.
The American Market
The statistics of the American market is fascinating. The company develops targets and expectations as the sales process begin. The targeted online sales in the American market were surpassed by the actual sales made. The United States registered 374% in sales. The increased demand has been a motivational factor in the plans for expansion.
The origin of the lingerie idea
While sharing a bottle of champagne with a friend at a bar, Eloise Monaghan did not like the lingerie that was worn by ladies. The desired appeal was not satisfied. Lingerie has a specific function of giving a sexual appeal. The revelation of the body was not to the expected standards. From this observation, Monaghan decided to start his venture where he could give his idea of the best lingerie. From the current sales made, the selection of his taste proves to be among the best in the current market.

MB2 Dental Solutions’ Efforts To Stay On Top

There’s a lot to expect from the dental industry with the rise of internet technology, social media platforms and various tech that inspire change for the field. One of the many companies that are ready to face the challenges of the future in dentistry is MB2 Dental Solutions. What does the company do right now to ensure that they remain the leader in dental technology? Here’s the article to show the activities the dental company does to increase their visibility.

1. Doctor Owners’ Rewards

Last May 23, 2017, MB2 Dental Solutions made it to the news again by releasing a project about giving rewards to the dentists and practitioners under their network. Being a leader among dental support organizations in the country means that MB2 Dental Solutions has to always reach out to their people. At the Owner’s Retreat that the company organized, many dentists were able to connect with other dental workers in other states while enjoying fun leisure activities such as white-water rafting and hiking trips to Cabo San Lucas.

Over 40 dental practice managers and dentists went to the event with their spouses and spent four days in Cancun, Mexico to bond and establish rapport among the fellows.

2. Marketing Video Release

Another activity that MB2 Dental Solutions pushed to answer their marketing needs was the launch of the “We Are Dentistry” Video Series in their Youtube channel. The new video edited in a documentary style aims to record the daily life of the dentists and dental clinic owners in their struggles, passions, and personal experiences. It is also the goal of this video project to showcase the dedication of the employees that make the growth of MB2 Solutions possible.

The first video released was the feature of Dr. Mary Courtin, who was the doctor owner who spends the rest of her time as an abiding mom and dog breeder. An avid running athlete, Dr. Courtin also explains in the video how her philosophy to serve others with dentistry gives her life the ultimate meaning that it has.

With these activities, MB2 Dental Solutions continues to be a major network of dentists that offer the best support and quality assistance to any dentist who wishes to thrive in their career in the age of modern technology.

The principles of MB2 Dental anchors on helping dentists accomplish their goals and provide innovation to how dental management gets done today, where every large chunk of data travels across the globe at the blink of an eye.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America on a Mission to Make it Better

Three organizations together gathered data and created a new solution to use clinical workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NantHealth and Allscripts will now implement this solution. This system is custom created, and it will help patients receive better care. It will also allow specialists to share and use data from different cancer cases. A lot of oncological data was written on note cards and creating an online system was crucial for both involved sides.


Data Gathering and Use


Linking different forms of cancer to the most optimal treatment options was also important. It will help diagnosis to reach patients faster. Doctors no longer will need to play the guessing game because the data will continually be updated and improved. Researchers and developers were working on a new ecosystem to have the high standards of Cancer Treatment Centers of America for patient care.


Oncologists now will be able to create lists of possible treatment or therapy options for each type of cancer. This way they will not have to draw up a separate plan, perform the comparison between available medications in the market or spend hours with online ordering systems.


This system will also give a more comprehensive understanding of their treatment and offer more transparency around the cancer care sector. Patients will be able to see the data about their treatment, statistics and medication list among other important details.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Do Their Best


Cancer Treatment Centers of America with the main office in Boca Raton Florida is a sisterhood of five different hospitals providing care and support for cancer patients in the country.


Their specialists and researchers are patient oriented, and they use a combination of genomic testing and precision cancer treatment. The more popular treatment includes surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.


The dedicated staff are on site to help people manage the physical and mental side-effects of the disease and treatment. The five involved hospitals are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa providing care for international patients from all over the world.

James Dondero Helps the Dallas Zoo to Bring Hippos to Its Nets

James Dondero, the President of Highland Capital Management, helped the Dallas Zoo bring hippos to its nets – a long cherishing demand for the hippo lovers of the city. It took almost a year’s intense construction and another four years planning for making a post in the Zoo that costs around $14 million. The Amazing Simmons Hippo Post is a naturalistic waterhole habitat gives clear views of the giant creatures. Interestingly, it also has giant underwater viewing windows for the visitors to see through the water. James Dondero contributed more than $1,000, 000 for building a lodge of size 4.485-square-foot in the post that is helpful for private events and extensive educational displays.


Dondero is a well-known philanthropist and has contributed millions to various community development programs. Recently, his Highland Capital collaborated with Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation’s Former President, Linda Owen to provide strategic advice to channel the philanthropic activities and projects of the firm as it plans to expand the community support services. Under the direction of Dondero, Highland Capital contributes at least $3 million to various charitable organizations annually. He also made sure that the firm is contributing to many institutions including the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Centre of Brain Health, and American Heart Association. Apart from donating money, the Executives of Highland offers guidance and strategies to many non-profit groups with their expertise and leadership experience.


Mike Rawlings, the current Dallas Mayor, has intense regards to Dondero and his philanthropic efforts. He admits that Highland Capital employees are ready to give their time and resources to great causes like environmental conservation. The contributions of Dondero and other contributors of Dallas Zoo helped the efficient construction of Hippo Post that uses 140,000 gallons of water. The newly added hippos to the recently built habitat are expected to attract more people in the coming years. It should be noted that the strategically located zoo was attracting more than 1,000,000 visitors annually. Interestingly, the Hippo Post is safe, green, and naturalistic, and that creates a completely natural habitat for the hippos giving full free movement throughout the post.

The Global Name for Sexy is Honey Birdette

The top lingerie label Honey Birdette was borne in Australia. This online and retail boutique has expanded into the United States with its sexy, flirty high-end products. Honey Birdette is a popular global lingerie brand that has stores in Australia, the United Kingdom, and with plans to expand its U.S. presence having opened a store in Beverly Hills, California.

Honey Birdette is the 2005 brain-child of two innovative business women. Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza are graduates from the University of Brisbane. They met working together in the medical field, were Ms. Monaghan worked in crisis management for an insurance agency and Ms. Barboza worked in cancer research.

The idea of Honey Birdette was fueled by Ms. Monaghan’s mother who operated lingerie shops while she was growing up. Looking for a friend’s hen’s night gift in Australia and not being very successful, the luxury brand Honey Birdette idea was formed.

The Honey Birdette brand fulfills a fashion lingerie gap between commercial retailers and erotica retailers. The brand is backed by the private global investment company BBRC. Prices for the premium label start around £35 ($45 U.S. dollars) for briefs and £60 ($77 U.S. dollars) for bras.

The Honey Birdette collection features beautiful bras, thongs, suspenders, briefs, and many other fine accessories. The quality material used in many of these luxurious products can include Swiss crystal tulle, metallic foil lace, Italian jacquards, French floral embroidery, gold hardware, patented leatherette accents, cut-out details and Swarovski jewels.

After experiencing a 374% increase in online sales over the last 12 months, the brand has made the decision to expand into new markets. The brand has revealed it is has 10 more openings lined up in the U.K., including Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Leeds, and plans to open 40 more U.K. stores by the end of 2018.

There are 55 Honey Birdette stores in its home market of Australia, and the brand is targeting other European locations. Honey Birdette’s success enabled the brand to recently buyout Agent Provocateur, a former U.K. luxury lingerie brand.