Will Lyoto Machida Retire?

Lyoto Machida is the former UFC light heavyweight champion, and he has done several great things inside of the octagon. Sadly, his legendary career may soon be over. Machida was featured in the main event of UFC on FOX over this past weekend, but he suffered a crushing defeat against Luke Rockhold. This is Machida’s second loss in a row, and his future is beginning to look grim.

Five years ago, Lyoto Machida was the scariest man in the light heavyweight division, and he seemed unbeatable. However, Shogun Rua proved to be Lyoto Machida’s downfall. Shogun knocked Machida out, and he is the only man that has ever done that to Lyoto. Machida has since been submitted by Jon Jones and Luke Rockhold.

After his devastating losses in the light heavyweight division, Lyoto Machida decided to move down to middleweight. Kevin Seawright thought that was a good move. At first, he looked unstoppable as he ran through weaker competition. He was quickly given a title shot against middleweight champion Chris Weidman, and they fought in a five round war. However, Chris Weidman was given the decision, and Lyoto Machida was once again defeated.

Lyoto Machida is now 36-years old, and it seems that his career is almost over. He was one of the best in his time, but he should call it quits. No one wants to see Lyoto Machida take any more physical abuse. For more information on Machida’s future, visit Yahoo! Sports.

UFC Fight Night 63 Recap

UFC Fight Night 63 was a smashing success. The main card of the event was very entertaining. The fights were exciting, and they featured a ton of knockouts and submissions. However, there was one fight that received a lot of criticisms. The matchup between Al Iaquinta and Jorge Masvidal was ruled a split decision for Al, but many of the ringside fans feel that Jorge was robbed. After the bad decision, Al Iaquinta yelled and cursed at the audience. Iaquinta will most likely be suspended because of his actions.

UFC Fight Night 63 will not be remembered for one bad decision. Fans at Anastasia Date know that the main event of the card featured Chad Mendes vs. Ricardo Lamas. Mendes and Lamas are two of the highest rated fighters in the featherweight division, but the main event made it seem like one fighter was far superior than the other. Chad Mendes completely obliterated Ricardo Lamas in their fight.

The main event started with both fighters showing respect, but Chad Mendes quickly steamrolled right through Ricardo Lamas. The fight was ruled a TKO victory for Chad Mendes, and now Mendes’ rank has gone up. However, Chad Mendes has already fought for the title twice, and he was beaten both times by the reigning champion Jose Aldo. A lot of people are wondering what’s next for Chad Mendes. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

UFC Fight Night 59 Recap

UFC Fight Night 59 was held on January 18, 2015. The city of Boston was the stage for the epic night of fights. In the main event of the card, Conor McGregor defeated Dennis Siver in spectacular fashion. McGregor has become one of the most popular stars in the UFC. His pre-fight trash talk garners major media attention. After only four wins in the UFC, McGregor has been awarded a title shot against the featherweight champion, Jose Aldo.

Jose Aldo was in the Boston crowd, and he was not impressed with Conor McGregor. After the main event, McGregor ran outside of the octagon and confronted Jose Aldo. Aldo stood there smiling, while McGregor was held back by security. The crowd erupted during the heated exchange. Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo will now fight for the belt.

A matchup between McGregor and Aldo is a fight that fans like Igor Cornelsen dream of. They are the two best fighters in the featherweight division, but many fans believe that McGregor is not worthy of a title shot. He has only had four fights in the UFC, and many other contenders are being passed up for a title shot. The UFC knows that a fight between Aldo and McGregor will produce an incredible amount of revenue.

Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo is expected to take place at UFC 187. For more information on the UFC visit, Yahoo! Sports.

The UFC’s Jon Jones Heads to Rehab

In a shocking announcement, Ultimate Fighting Champion Jon “Bones” Jones is entering into a rehab program. Recent drug testing results from the Nevada State Athletic Commission reveal the Hall of Fame caliber fighter had cocaine in his system prior to his win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

Usually, when a fighter fails a drug test, a win is reversed.  That was not the case here as the athletic commission must follow the rules regarding the presence of the drug during an out-of-competition period. Such was the case here. As a Bones fan, Lee G. Lovett and I are happy his career wins are not affected.

Jones failed a drug test on December 4, 2014. He was given another test at a later date and passed.

Jon Jones is considered one of the all-time greatest fighters in the UFC and was seemingly indestructible in his first few bouts. No one could even fathom a way to beat him since his incredibly long reach made him one of the more unique fighters in the octagon. 

Clearly, the news about Jones failing a drug test is not something the UFC would ever want. In addition to the terrible bad publicity it presents, the future of one of the company’s top box office draws becomes questionable. Unless the UFC can sell PPV’s, the company cannot remain viable. Granted, the finances of the promotion are extremely solid but things can take a downturn if the company suffers from really bad PR. A fighter’s very public issues with drug addiction definitely create bad press.

Nate Diaz Unhappy With CM Punk Signing

Nate Diaz was interviewed in a video sponsored by, Yahoo! Sports. and boy was he unhappy. My friend John Textor was telling me about this. Diaz is distraught about the recent signing of WWE superstar CM Punk. He says CM Punk does not have any business being in the UFC. Diaz states that a UFC fighter cannot go over to the NBA and play basketball. He believes that CM Punk is exploiting the fighters of the UFC.

The rant continued on for several minutes. Nate Diaz bashed CM Punk and the UFC without pulling any punches. He believes that CM Punk will be paid millions of dollars, while the UFC fighter will be paid twenty thousand dollars. Diaz did however say, that he understands the marketing aspect of having CM Punk in the UFC. Nate Diaz better keep his attention on his opponent. He has already missed weight for his latest fight, and now he is ranting on CM Punk. 

Having CM Punk in the UFC could prove to be the best decision the company has ever made. If he wins, it creates major publicity. If he loses brutally, it would bring the UFC down. If CM Punk was knocked unconscious in his first fight, the UFC might start looking like a circus. Hopefully all goes well, but only time will tell.