Good News and Big Moves for Andy Wirth

Residents and the skiing community in the Lake Tahoe area share the memories of a tense but ultimately good past. The tension comes from the difference between proposed futures for the area. The conflict circles around supporters of incorporation and Squaw Valley LLC. The point man for the incorporation is Fred Ilfield, and at the wheel for Squaw Valley is CEO Andy Wirth. Naturally, both sides believe their proposed idea is better for business and residents in the community. For the side of incorporation the position rests on the notion of accountability. For Wirth and Squaw Valley, it is more about growth and service.

It turns out the Squaw Valley CEO has more will than the competition. Because even though both sides have substantial amounts of cash invested in their proposal, those wanting incorporation throw in the towel. Ilfield has thoughts as to why Wirth opposes incorporation. To these expressed concerns, Wirth remains firm that incorporation itself costs the community in the long run. With the tug-a-war between the sides over, a plan for growth that includes Squaw Valley and her sister resort Alpine Meadows gets the green light. This plan comes in the form of a gondola.

The plan to join and grow the resorts together comes after Wirth’s appointment to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This appointment comes from the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority. Wirth is not alone in his appointment. There are two other members to the board appointed by the county. Wirth serves as the Chairman. This good news follows a few years after a particularly annoying drought. It also brings together two great organizations without the need for all the rigors of transporting between the two resorts. The change for the area is big, but in the long run definitely beneficial to the ski goers.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

Andy Wirth – Fights For The Clean Power Plan

The environment is finally becoming an important topic for politicians, and the way to change how big industries affect the environment is through law and policies that create rules that need to be followed in order to prevent further pollution. One such plan is the Clean Power Plan whose purpose is to move us away from the dependence on dirty coal power toward clean and renewable power sources.

As a major supporter and contributor to environmental and community service organizations, including the Humane Society of Tahoe Truckee, The Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Community House, High Fives and others, Andy Wirth spoke about his views on the Clean Power plan in a recent op-ed for the Reno Gazette-Journal. He states how it is important to act now and not wait until some distant point in the future. Furthermore, he holds the view that the subject of clean energy is apolitical, and that it is on us to change how we treat our surroundings. Despite the fact that the region has access to some of the best solar and geothermal energy in the nation, coal is still being used to make electricity at the Valmy coal plant.

Andy Wirth is well-known for his work at mountain resort and hotel industry. He is currently the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the parent company of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts in Olympic Valley, CA. But most notably, he is known for all the work he has done for the community and his fight for clean energy sources. This actually led him to be a recipient of multiple community service and professional awards.

In 2012, Wirth was awarded the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award from the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. In 2009, he was granted a spot on the HSMAI’S Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing list. Later in 2014, he was named Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA and received the Community Five Award.

This is how it begins: region by region, state by state. The process of change is long and hard, and people like Andy Wirth are very important to the cause. In fact, we need more people like him: people who are successful at what they do but also fight for their community and try to improve the world we live in.

Bowles Has Excellent Cast in Jets Organization

When Todd Bowles was named the New York Jets Head Coach, it had to be like a dream come true for the hometown kid. Although he has always exceeded expectations as coach and a player, by playing eight years as an undrafted free agent with the Redskins and in his early career as a coach. It is fair to say the Jets were done with all the hype and unrealized expectations that accompanied their former leader. However, with Bowles now at the helm he has the personnel that are necessary to make a significant run at the New England Patriots or any other team in the AFC.

Yes, Geno Smith is their starting quarterback…and yes he has failed to meet expectations so far, but that was under a different coach and with a different set of supporting cast said James Dondero. Now he has Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall to throw the ball to. He has one of the best offensive lines protecting him and providing run blocking for Chris Ivory. With that kind of offense, all Smith has to do is not screw it up! But if he does, then luckily the Jets have some really good players on defense too. With names like Bowen, Cromartie, Reevis, and Harris, they have experienced and quality guys at every level. Granted, preseason football is still another month away but if past performance is still the best indicator or future performance the Todd Bowles is going to be very happy.

Terrelle Pryor Tossed from Cincinnati, Cut from the Team.

Terrelle Pryor is an interesting talent and it is a shame that we are rapidly realizing how he won’t get a chance to show off his abilities. Pryor burst onto the scene after getting picked up by Oakland in the Supplemental Draft. After about half of a season Pryor managed to make his way into the starting line up. From there the young man showed athletic prowess despite struggling with his arm. He racked up one of the longest runs from scrimmage for a QB and routinely showed game breaking ability on the ground. Since then he has been dropped from Oakland and now he has beendropped from the Bengals.

Pryor came into training camp with the intention of taking the #2 spot behind starting QB Andy Dalton. However this clearly was never meant to be as young AJ McCarron quickly distanced himself from Pryor, claiming the #2 spot with a quickness. Add on to the fact that Pryor got in trouble for uploading videos of himself at practice on Twitter, and things weren’t looking good. Finally backup Josh Johnson passed Pryor on the chart, pushing him to 4th, and the Bengals decided to move on.

Now Pryor, who has been in Seattle, Oakland, and Cincinnati, will try to attach himself to another team with the hope of getting an opportunity stated Brian Torchin. Pryor’s struggles just show off how tough it is to succeed in this league even with a ton of talent.

Defenseman Matt Landis Leads the Way for Notre Dame

matt landis pads

Via Inside Lacrosse

Did you watch the NCAA Lacrosse Quarter Finals and nearly hold your breath the entire time? It was a stirring game, for sure, and it was exciting because of one player in particular – defenseman Matt Landis. Without Landis, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish couldn’t have pulled off their heart-crushing 14-10 win over The University of Albany’s Great Danes. The Fighting Irish ended the hopes of the Great Danes advancing for now two years in a row, and that couldn’t have happened without the strength and strategy of this team.

Inside Lacrosse reports that Matt Landis had a lot up against him. He was challenging a star player, Kyle Thompson. But what Landis did for his team is that he didn’t back down. He played an extremely physical game that really put Thompson to the test. Landis made it quite challenging for Thompson to get through and his reward for his effort was to be the first defenseman of the year name the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

matt landis yellow tee

Matt Landis won the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

In part, that’s because Landis knew what to expect from Thompson. Landis is known to study his opponents, and he knew he couldn’t go up against Thompson without being as prepared as possible. Landis really stepped up for the Fighting Irish by playing a strong, physical defense that even the Great Danes noted was a challenge to them throughout the game. 

matt landis headshot

Matt Landis makes us all want to watch more college lacrosse – and we’ll be doing it quite soon as the Fighting Irish advance to the Final Four game. There are other Notre Dame players to look out for too – including Segio Perkovic, who made four goals during the NCAA Lacrosse Quarter Finals and Connor Doyle (Gilman) who had three goals. Look out for the powerhouse that is Landis and his teammates to help his team go after their first NCAA Championship title.

Matt Landis Tops ACC Defenders

matt landis lacrosse

After capping off a successful 2015 regular season, members of the Notre Dame Lacrosse team are starting to receive a number of accolades. Chief among them is one of the team’s mainstays, Matt Landis. Last week, the Conference coaches honored the Notre Dame’s junior by naming him the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Defensive Player of the Year in Men’s Lacrosse. The New York native had twice been named conference defensive player of the week and started all twelve games on a team that has allowed opponents a miserly 9.1 points per game. Notre Dame’s coach Kevin Corrigan praised his defenseman saying “Since his sophomore season, he has developed into a complete and multi-faceted defender and has been a consistent and steady player all year long for us. Matt plays with a relentlessness that has been a key for our success throughout the season.” Landis is also a finalist for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award which goes to the nation’s top collegiate lacrosse player.

This is Landis’ second year as a starter for the Irish who are looking to return to the NCAA finals again this year. Landis’ award follows the Irish being crowned the ACC regular-season champions and receiving a number one seed in the upcoming NCAA Lacrosse Tournament. This will make the Irish men’s tenth straight appearance in the tournament. Landis and the Irish will play Townson University this Saturday, April 10th. Landis, a finance major with a 3.4 GPA, will return as a senior leader for the Irish next year.

This article originally appeared on the PR NEWSWIRE

The Cavaliers Must Press on Without Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers dispersed of the Boston Celtics in four games, yet it came with a price. Kevin Love is likely out for the remainder of the season due to a dislocated shoulder, torn labrum, and bone bruise. Initially, it was thought that Love would be available for the conference finals if the Cavaliers defeated their next opponent in the semi-finals. However, General Manager David Griffin noted that it seems unlikely that Love will be able to overcome the injury incurred when he and Celtics center Kelly Olynyk got tied up in the second quarter in Sunday’s clinching game–kevin-love–highly-unlikely–to-return-during-playoffs-172346441.html.

Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso ( know that this puts the Cavaliers in a precarious spot headed into a likely match up with the Chicago Bulls. All signs point to LeBron James moving to the power forward slot to replace Love. This will have pluses and minuses with James creating mismatches for the likes of Pau Gasol as he will have to leave the paint to defend James. Yet, the added punishment to James’ body will not bode well for future matchups Shawn Marion immediately becomes a focal point in Love’s absence. In Marion, the Cavaliers will become better defensively since he is stronger and a smarter defender than Love. Yet, Love’s size will be missed which includes the 10 to 15 rebounds that he consistently pulled down. The week the Cavaliers gain with the Bulls and Bucks still going at will be beneficial as Coach David Blatt works at strategizing his line up without Kevin Love.

Why Lacrosse Is An Ancient Sport That’s Timeless

matt landis pads

They say that everything old is new again. Take the sport of lacrosse, for example. A premier sporting event on the North American continent for hundreds of years, the game has been rising through the ranks of inter-collegiate sports for years, and is an increasing presence on high school campuses as well.

matt landis yellow tee

Before it was a summer camp staple, lacrosse was a game played by Native Americans

Lacrosse got its start in Canada, played by native groups possibly starting in the 1600’s. It is considered to be the oldest team sport played in North America. While the modern day sport takes equipment and some rules from its 17th century ancestor, there are differences as well. One would be in the size of the game. The number of players could range from several hundred to a thousand in the original version of the game. Another was the duration of the game. Ones with fewer players might last only a few hours. But larger games with many players could be epic events, with continuous play going on for days. The game only stopped for the day when the sun went down, and resumed the next morning with its rising. The dimensions of the lacrosse field were fairly fluid. Depending on the needs of that particular game, opposing goals could be placed several hundred feet apart, or there could be as much as six miles separating them. These older games certainly had rules to govern play. But they might not be the same rules from game to game, and it was not uncommon for them to be determined not long before that particular game was played. One “firm and fast” one that appeared to be common to all of these games was that once the ball was in play, it could not be touched with hands. Although many native tribes had a woman’s version of this game (and some men vs. women games were played), for the larger, inter-tribal events, only male players were permitted. Aggression among players in moving the ball towards the desired goal was encouraged. The game served as a (usually) non-lethal way for “frenemy” tribes to work out aggressions, and to train young warriors.

Canadian tribes eventually added non-netted sticks to their lacrosse equipment, but used no other equipment. The game moved beyond the boundaries of Canada into what is now the United States in the 1700’s, where it was adopted by some tribes living there. French colonists in Canada also adopted the game, developing a formal (and permanent) set of rules, and making the game less violent. The sport increased in popularity as time went on, with formal clubs forming, and the game eventually became Canada’s national sport. It caught on more slowly in the United States. An eastern college and prep school fixture since the mid twentieth century, the game has exploded on the high school and college level within the last decade.

matt landis pads

Matt Landis plays for Notre Dame.

One of the game’s stars is Notre Dame player Matt Landis. A defensive man, the junior was recently named Defensive Player Of The Week by the Atlantic Coast Conference for his part in Notre Dame’s victory over Virginia University.

matt landis lacrosse

Matt Landis has been playing since high school.

A Pelham, NY native, Landis was a lacrosse team star during all four years at the town’s high school, and was heavily recruited by a number of major colleges to play for them upon graduation. He was named as one of Inside Lacrosse magazine’s top collegiate players in 2012, and is a fine representative of the popularity of this game that endures to this day.

The Issue With The Eagles’ Changes

Chip Kelly is changing everything about the Eagles, and it is going to present a big problem for the team. Any player in the league that is watching this is saying that they do not understand the plan. Fans like Sultan Alhokair know that they do not see where this is going. They are wondering how the Eagles are supposed to be put together.

We can talk all about whether you think Chip Kelly has a big ego, but we need to talk about whether players will want to go there. If I were a player in the NFL, I would want nothing to do with this team. Chip Kelly is proving to be manipulative and self-centered. He is so concerned about his system that he will not reward players who play well. I am thoroughly convinced that he would have cut Walter Payton, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice if he did not like them. I am also convinced that he only wants to field Pac 12 players. That might be cute in his mind, but it is not going to work. The Eagles are going to start falling because Chip Kelly just made himself bigger than the team. News flash, dude. The Eagles are far bigger than you.

“Superman Punch” Knocks Out Opponent

A “superman punch” is a move that requires a fighter to jump in the air and throw a straight punch. This past weekend, on the UFC Fight Night card, Matt Dwyer knocked his opponent out in the first round of the fight. The superman punch has been around for a while now, but Chuck Lidell is the man that made it famous.

Chuck “The Iceman” Lidell was one of the most dangerous stand up fighters in all of mixed martial arts. His striking arsenal was vast, and possessed a rare combination of reach and power. Matt Dwyer showed some similarities between himself and “The Iceman.” Dwyer was on the prelims of the UFC on Fight Card, but with this win he has made headlines.

Fans like Paul Mathieson know that Matt Dwyer received a $50,000 bonus for getting the knock out of the night award. Many people complain about the UFC’s pay structure, but they never mention the bonuses that are available to fighters. Matt Dwyer will be going home $50,000 richer. Where else do you have a chance to make an extra $50,000 in one night?

Matt Dwyer joins a select group of fighters. Not too many people have won a fight via “superman punch.” If you have seen the big knockout yet, visit Buzzfeed.