Michael Terpins is the leading rally driver in the Bull Sertoes Rally Team aged 40 years in Brazil. He participated in the 25th edition with Maykel Justo being his navigator at Sertoes Rally. He was among the first five fastest drivers in the race. He won two out of the three stages in racing.

The third round was greatly affected by mechanical problems that had developed after the previous match; however, Michael eventually did his best in the 306km stretch. Terpins holds record 9 in the Sertoes Rally. The gearbox of the car he was using had broken down and, therefore, Michael Terpins together with Maykel had to slow down in order to be safe and again to complete the match.

Michael Terpins is one rally driver who is dedicated and strong in his field of passion. He always has faith and did not get worried about the engine breaking down. In fact, after he won, he went beyond to say that the only concern he had was to finish the match so as not to be disqualified. He believed that all was going to end well.

Michael Terpins and his brother had great love for racing. Therefore, they were competing in a total of four sessions in T-Rex, which was developed by MEM Motorsport. They also participated in cross-country rally in Brazil Championship and Sertoes Rally In the last four years. Michael Terpins will be completing his 10th participation with Sertoes Rally.

In 2002, Michael Terpins was part of the motorcycle category but later decided to join the cars category together with his brother. He was by then a sailor in cars category. Maykel Justo has indeed helped Terpins by providing him with the best protection in sailing. This has made Michael Terpins proud, and, therefore, the two have contributed much to their titles in the racing career. In the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship, Michael has held the highest position, which is the prototypes T1 leader. He is the current T1 leader prototype. His passion for racing has taken him far places that he would not have imagined.