The men’s shoe industry has improved significantly over the years. Many shoe companies have improved the look and the quality of their men’s shoes to appeal to more men. There are many varieties of men’s italian shoes out there that appeal to many types of men. There are casual shoes in the form of sneakers and comfy loafers and there are high-end shoes that are usually worn for special occasions and for business purposes. Men’s shoes have come a long way with many high-end designers dedicating departments solely to these shoes. There are also brands that are only for men’s shoes. These brands usually design and craft luxury men’s shoes. We will take a look at the top trending men’s shoes and a particular brand that caters to the luxurious man.

There are many trending men’s shoes on the market today. One of the trending men’s shoes is the oxford shoe. The oxford shoe is very popular among men because its a simple design that can easily dress up an outfit. Oxfords look great with a grey, navy or black suit. The most popular oxfords are the ones made in high-quality leather. The high-quality leather oxfords are usually made by hand and crafted in Italy. Another great men’s shoe is called the plimsoll. The plimsoll is a unique shoe because it looks like sneaker but its simply a casual suede laced shoe with a rubber sole. The plimsoll is perfect for men that want to wear something casual but still look polished.

The boot is still popular among men. Many of the high-quality men’s boot are made with leather and suede. The men’s boot is simple and functional, perfect for a man looking to enhance his look without going overboard.

Paul Evans New York is a luxury men’s shoe brand that caters to men that desire high-quality shoes. Paul Evans New York feature oxfords, loafers, wholecuts, monk straps and boots. All of Paul Evans shoes are made in with high-quality leather and are crafted in Italy. Many of the shoes are made with a leather upper and leather sole.