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Only about twenty percent of American business is done online. This is surprising to many people because it is one of the most exponential growth experiencing sectors in business in the entire world. In my business experience, I find that still most small businesses fail even in this arena. However, because it is growing so rapidly, I also find that most of these businesses fail because they fail to prepare to succeed. Success is a very trying thing, and people will find that in order to be successful online in most cases, they will need multiple websites, and all of these sites will have to be search engine optimized and marketed. There are website companies out there that claim in their advertising that if you use their templates to produce your site then they will promote you in Google. This is an advertising ploy, there is no way to promote you in Google, and even the word promote is misleading in this case.


Google is a company, and they have policies that allow them to make profit. Because of this, they have things like algorithms that determine how things need to be done on websites in order to rank well. The policies change, some are only given to certain certified entities, these policies must be instituted across your whole website venture, and it does not matter how many sites you have up. This is the point in which people have not prepared for the success they will incur. It requires so much time to do all the things necessary for Google approval for even one website, so how would you do this for twenty or more? White Shark Media is the answer, they are one of the entities that Google has certified, and they do not get paid until they show results. Google it.


White Shark Hears Common Industry Complaints And Preemptively Adjusts For Better Customer Service

White Shark Media takes complaints very seriously, even when they aren’t complaints about their own service. Just by listening to small business owners, White Shark Media has evolved to provide cutting edge customer service that meets the demands of the modern day small business.

One of the most common complaints that business owners have is about the representative assigned to their AdWords campaign. The rep is a person who is responsible for day to day communication between the client and the AdWords management team. That representative is supposed to be available for questions or requests to the client. This is a very practical service that most AdWords companies provide. But there are pitfalls, and that’s where the common complaint is made.

Often times, businesses complain about how the rep is not available. This is a breakdown in communication that can derail an entire campaign. Without effective communication, ideas and innovation cannot be shared, complaints will not be heard and the effectiveness of the campaign can suffer. White Shark Media addresses this head on by assigning reps that are readily available. Also, the client is given the phone number of the rep’s supervisor who is also available for communication. This ensures that communication channels are always open.

But some complaints about the rep go even further. Businesses have also complained that the rep sometimes behaves in a way that is contrary to the interests of the business. Now, I cannot speculate as to what inspires this type of reckless behavior, but this is a very serious complaint. A representative that behaves in this fashion may not only subvert the efforts of the campaign, but could give the AdWords team a bad reputation, ultimately putting the entire company at risk.

At White Shark Media, they assign a senior SEM Consultant to each and every campaign. These senior officers overlook the entire process, from sign up to optimization. This kind of oversight ensures that each and every person representation the campaign is acting in good faith and providing the best possible service.

Now, that senior official is not the primary rep for the client, but is available for questions through the rep. This ensures the best possible communication for the client while allowing the senior consultant to focus on the campaign itself. And the client also gets the rep to translate what the senior consultant says, just in case the senior official uses technical words or phrases. Now the client is always in the loop and gets the best possible customer service.

By taking these steps, White Shark Media has preemptively eliminated the possibility of a breakdown of communication complaint. And they did this just by listening to people throughout the industry and adjusting.

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