Any Sylvester Stallone filmography will tell you that he is an American icon and also one of the greatest actors of all time. With a career spanning almost over half a century, Stallone has starred in several roles. He is most known for his performances in the “Rocky” series, the “Rambo” series, and in Demolition Man. First, is the “Rocky” series. In the series, Stallone played a tenacious boxer who could fight for what felt like forever. In the series, Rocky spends countless days and nights training against his competitors.

He is a family man, a mentor and a thoroughbred boxer. He was the people’s champ who was adored by the crowds that came to see him fight. Through his most intense fights, the crowd can be seen given him encouragement by chanting “Rocky.”  One of the best fighting movies of all time, and inspired a generation of boxers and MMA champions.  Also, he his a loving husband who has the unconditional support of his wife. In the series, Rocky had a trainer who wasted no time in putting him through back breaking training. Next, is the “Rambo” series.

The Rambo films are driven by combat. In the films you see several soldier, helicopters, blood, gore and combat. In the “Rambo” series, Stallone is a brute with countless survival tactics. Also, Stallone is an expert in Guerrilla warfare. He navigates the jungle better than most wild animals. Next, is Demolition Man. In Demolition Man, Stallone plays a LAPD Sargent in the future. In the films he attempts to restore order, in spite of the chaos left by his arch nemesis played by Wesley Snipes.