Nate Diaz was interviewed in a video sponsored by, Yahoo! Sports. and boy was he unhappy. My friend John Textor was telling me about this. Diaz is distraught about the recent signing of WWE superstar CM Punk. He says CM Punk does not have any business being in the UFC. Diaz states that a UFC fighter cannot go over to the NBA and play basketball. He believes that CM Punk is exploiting the fighters of the UFC.

The rant continued on for several minutes. Nate Diaz bashed CM Punk and the UFC without pulling any punches. He believes that CM Punk will be paid millions of dollars, while the UFC fighter will be paid twenty thousand dollars. Diaz did however say, that he understands the marketing aspect of having CM Punk in the UFC. Nate Diaz better keep his attention on his opponent. He has already missed weight for his latest fight, and now he is ranting on CM Punk. 

Having CM Punk in the UFC could prove to be the best decision the company has ever made. If he wins, it creates major publicity. If he loses brutally, it would bring the UFC down. If CM Punk was knocked unconscious in his first fight, the UFC might start looking like a circus. Hopefully all goes well, but only time will tell.