Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions to investigation, corrections, public safety, and monitoring agencies revealed recently that they had added a senior sales executive. The new executive is expected to build a high-tech, software-based group to complement Securus Technologies’ expanded portfolio of more than 800 products for corrections and law enforcement industries.

John Bell joined the company as the senior vice president of sales. According to Rick Smith, the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, the company has invested $600 million in the purchase and development of hundreds of safety, efficiency, and security-related products in the last three years. To this end, Securus Technologies needed to enlist the services of an experienced sales expert who has vast experience related to changing and growing sales teams so that they can market their expanded product portfolio effectively.

Richard Smith said that John Bell has vast experience in changing organizational culture into incredible performance and growth. Moreover, he is known for developing remarkable sales leaders. In his successful career, which spans three decades, Bell has rendered his services for leading companies, including IBM, an authority in high-tech, integrity, people development, and leading sales processes. The executive has also worked for Verizon, IBM, NTT, AT&T, Verio, and Time Warner Cable.

Bell is a graduate of Holy Cross. He is also an alumnus of Wharton School of Business and the Kellogg School of Management. Bell will be responsible for a 100-person sales team of Securus where 60 employees will be on the street while the others will work as sales associates. Additionally, Josh Conklin, a sales vice president at the company, will report directly to him.

Bell and Conklin will collaborate to advance the good work, which Josh had started. They will also build on the company’s strong foundation to accomplish several objectives, including presenting a complete bundled product set to additional customers. They will also be tasked with the duty of building a sophisticated training program for sales associates among many other key goals.

Rick Smith is the chairman and chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, a premier provider of technologies that are used to protect the society. The company has continued to receive positive emails from their consumers. They relate to hope and making confinement a safer and better option. The company has been reviewing the emails and using consumer feedback to enhance their products and services. Rick Smith claims that the company has been making strong investments. Product and service development proposals are released every week to help law enforcement and corrections organizations to solve crime and avert more problems in the society. Rick was pleased with the thousands of letters and emails that highlight customer appreciation of their innovative products and services.