The structure of a firm depends on the people that are in charge of management. Most importantly, the structure can determine the possibilities of a firm’s success. In most established firms, the leadership has so much to do with the success. Well to do firms have this advantage over struggling firms. At Nabors Industries, success defines the company. Since it was founded, there have been many stories about how it is managed and how it has been possible for the firm to retain thousands of clients. One man that has led Nabors Industries to greatness is Tony Petrello. His works continue to speak volumes about his passion to lead.

Who Tony Petrello Is

To most people, Petrello is a household name that means a lot. He may not be your typical celebrity or motivational speaker that is always on the news covers for current affairs but his input in the world’s economy cannot be ignored. Tony Petrello is a role model whose character blends with professionalism. He fits into the normal corporate world. Petrello’s works define his importance as a career executive. Despite his efforts, Petrello is part of the state’s population that hardly graces articles or publicity.


In 2014, Petrello was reportedly earning $68.2 million from Nabors Industries. Well, the money can only be earned from the total input of the team. That explains his focus and commitment to implement workable strategies from the top to bottom. Petrello has inspired many because of the depth of success. This can only be achieved through hard work. It is right to conclude that Petrello is hard working. His moves speak for him. His honesty can be relied on. For him to have moved the client base to a huge number, Petrello has been doing well at what he understands.


Nabors is a multibillion dollar company. Although Petrello is in charge, he has been on a rough patch as a child. He grew up in humble neighborhoods. He did not enjoy the luxurious systems of education most Americans have. He had to put in more work to achieve basic education. Petrello overcame by passing highly in exams.


From when he was a young child, Petrello was a hard working child. He never took shortcuts. He invested in educative books that saw him through college. Petrello loved mathematics. He was a guru in calculus and he assisted his classmates by sharing knowledge. Presently, he is a chief executive officer at Nabors. He has expanded the territories of the firm to international markets.

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