We are living in a world where technology plays a very vital role when matters related to defining the lives we live in different angles are concerned. Many of us have most definitely heard about Artificial Intelligence. In the recent couple of years, it has gone through very many ups and downs to get to the position it is in today. Investors and founders in the niche have gained and lost billions of dollars in the journey and with time, they have managed to break new grounds cycle after cycle.

AI is in very many online platforms that we use today. For the last 5-10 years, the technology has steadily and slowly found its way into eCommerce and daily online shopping. Similar to very many other applications, it has quietly and easily become one of the most highly used technologies of today’s era. This has been very highly contributed to the influx of online stores that have mushroomed with a very big majority of them competing to get the customers attention from different parts of the globe.

According to Deccan Herald, the visual search technology has been very useful in shopping matters and it plays a very imperative role in helping customers decide which products to pick and which ones to leave. It has however, had a very big impact on online shopping for fashion products where it has been allowing shoppers to take photos and search from a database to find an exact match for the photographed item.

One of the most respected companies with the most reliable and powerful artificial intelligence solutions is Slyce. Since the company was started, it has been in the business of producing its clients with the most reliable visual search technology solutions that have played a very crucial role in shaping the future of internet use and eCommerce by setting brand new standards for customer engagement purposes.

The company has several solutions that are custom made for online retailers to use with their customers. It has a technology that is able to handle up to three-dimensional images and at the same time, provide retailers with an image scanning solution that is completely integrated with their inventory.

Different with other similar products in the market, the company’s technology has the ability to scan barcodes, coupons and QR codes. Its Universal Scanner is a perfect and straight forward solution for online retailers because it offers the best image matching capabilities in the market currently.