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Mental Awareness In Charlemagne Tha God’s Perspective


Charlemagne Tha God has been a gifted interviewer and an even more gifted writer. He already has two books, “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” and “Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It”, and on the first one he mentions what he has to deal with in terms of his own personal struggle and/or his own mental illness.

The article that speaks on him also mentions he gives advice to people who need to see their personal struggle from another perspective. Charlamagne Tha God  says he uses “his fears to work for him to propel him in his career and life”, according to his article on mental awareness. He does not expect his methods to work for everyone, but at least to give people an idea of that they need to do, just to feel better and/or to get over their own mental illnesses. Find More Information Here.

He is also said to have live therapy sessions with Dr. Jessica Clemons. She is a psychiatrist and she has a show called Ask Dr. Jess. Charlemagne is someone who, in his interviews, knows how to get the truth out from his interviewees even if they get mad at him. In an attempt to get Charlemagne to use his skills to his maximum potential, he was offered a show on HBO called, “The Gray Area with Charlamagne Tha God.”

This is because he is a good fit for television, interviews, and being in front of the camera. He is gifted in getting people to talk especially about their struggles and their controversies. He does not pretend anyone to be like him, in my perspective. Charlamagne wants everyone to find their own perspective and method for success, and he uses his own to get people to do that.


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Charlamagne Tha God Presents Conversations and Controversy – The Mental Health Message


Kanye West is bringing his prolific artistry to Town Hall in New York City on October 17. Charlamagne Tha God and Kanye will come together to give “TimesTalk” On Anxiety And Success. The conversation will also highlight deep discussion addressing anxiety, therapy and PTSD and all things related to mental health.

Charlamagne is a passionate artist and is known for his extremely outspoken opinions and is no stranger to controversial topics. His recent comments and oppositional approach has created a lot of pain and anger, leaving many in search of an explanation.

With his iconic status and strong views, his platform is often used to passionately assert his personal beliefs. Due to Charlamagne Tha God’s iconic status, his opinions reach far beyond his fans. The superimposed antics of Kanye West have created an avenue for an open global dialogue that addresses mental health. As an artistic genius, he has established an enormous dedicated fanbase that is always listening. As a result, there is a microscope on Kanye and much of the world is interested in watching his every move.

With album cover art that reads “I hate being bipolar its awesome” Kanye is no stranger to the topic of mental health. West boasts that his condition is not a disability but a superpower and he has been very brave about discussing the topic that has been historically stigmatized. With Kanye sharing much of his struggles, we are seeing a positive shift in conversations about mental health. Celebrities are becoming more and more open about their mental state, encouraging openness in others as well. Go To This Page for additional information.

The free-thinking individual has sent many into outrage with divisive comments that he is ready to address. Kanye never fails to give audiences a range of emotions and this conversation will attempt to address the anger that he has caused. Charlamagne announced the event via Instagram, sharing ticket information as well.

Charlamagne Tha God whose real name is Lenard Larry Mc Kelvey is an American actor, radio presenter, social media influence, television personality, and producer. In radio, he is a cohost of the iHeartRadio program, which features hip-hop music and the breakfast club while in television he is featured in Viacom.


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The Song of Charlemagne Tha God

It is an understatement to say that Charlemagne Tha God is a very busy man. He hosts the nationally syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club. He is also a TV personality, a social media giant, an executive producer and his own production company, and co-host of the podcast show, Brilliant Idiots. In addition to all of this, he has had time to author the New York Times bestseller, Black Privilege. He is so famous that he is occasionally mentioned in new rap songs. Many times it is to criticize him since Charlemagne is notoriously critical of new rap songs. This is the case for Eminem’s new album, Kamikaze.


But Charlemagne is not Eminem only target. Throughout his career he has had many others. Eminem is known for actively trying to offend other individuals and groups in his songs, such as Trump and the LGBT community. As for the criticism of himself, Charlemagne was not offended. In fact, he enjoyed hearing his name mentioned in song. Actually, Charlegmagne Tha God had higher praise for the album than usual. He also approves of Eminem using his white privilege to call Trump out. While Eminem has done it before, Charlemagne felt the rapper’s Trump shots felt more organic than in past albums. See This Page for related information.


Although he publicly praised Kamikaze, it is no surprise tha Eminem insulted Charlemagne for always hated his song. He has long criticized his work. He particularly criticized Revival, the album that was immediately before Kamikaze, which he called “Trash.” But with Kamikaze, Charlemagne says that once again Eminem proves he is the greatest lyricist around today, possibly the greatest ever. Charlemagne considers it a high privilege to interview many great celebrities of music on his various shows. He hopes and intends to keep on doing so for many years to come.




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Charlamagne Tha God Tells It Like It Is


Charlamagne Tha God is an American radio presenter and television personality who tells it like it is and has no apologies to offer. Recently, he was on Eminem’s case after he released an album called Kamikaze which he felt involved considering that the artist quoted him in one of the lines. Either way, he defends Eminem at the same time as he states that people have freedom of speech while others are free to feel offended by specific issues. In that case, he means that one cannot please everyone and whoever appreciates or hates, that is their choice.


The fact that Charlamagne Tha God is a hater himself implies that he also defends his attitude towards some issues that he speaks about publicly and does not necessarily need to apologize. Additionally, Char is concerned about how artists attack each other through their music which could be representing a situation the audience go through globally. In that case, he wishes that their work could be meant to build each other and consider the audience’s views and emotions as well.


Charlamagne Tha God being a radio presenter and television personality gives him a platform to speak his mind on matters affecting the society such as racism, sexuality, and morality. In regards to morals, he speaks out of the experience as he was involved with drugs in his early years and later reformed. The fact that he is black means that Charlamagne advocates for the rights of his race considering that most are the times they get treated as a lesser people.


He has as well appeared in several television shows such as Guy Code, Girl Code, and Guy Court. To get his point across better in regards to racism, Charlamagne Tha God has as well published a book titled Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create it. The book was informative enough to have been ranked position six on the New York Times list of best-selling non-fiction books. In that case, his efforts have not been in vain as he achieved a lot with his attitude of not having to please everyone equally. His commitment to the society despite the criticism involved is one to be admired. See This Article for additional information.


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Charlamagne The God Doesn’t Lose His Cool Over Eminem’s Kamikaze Diss Lines


Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time. In 2018 he released his Kamikaze album. On two of the album’s tracks he put down Charlamagne the God. He did this in response to Charlamagne’s comments about Eminem who spoke out against Tyler the Creator’s open bisexuality. Charlamagne believes that Eminem should have attacked Tyler the Creator about his sexual practices. He also stated that members of the LGBTQ community would be offended by the comments that Eminem made in regard to the Creator. Apparently, Tyler the Creator has been hinting about his bi-sexual ways since 2015.

Charlamagne the God commented further about the incident stating that Eminem could say whatever he pleased. Free speech allows for him to make whatever comment he chooses to say. However, he also stated that people can be “freely” offended by his comments. He went on to say that Eminem’s comment is probably going to upset gay people across the globe, once they hear his music. View More Information Here.

Eminem also made a couple of anti-Trump messages. This is not something uncommon for rappers to do when it comes to speaking out against unpopular presidents. Charlamagne said that he stood behind Eminem’s diss track because the comments he made on the album are important. Remember that Eminem personally attacked Charlamagne the God on the track because he did not like the comments that were made on the last Revival album. Eminem believed that Charlamagne was putting him down. His comments were in response to the diss.

In his recent interview with Charlamagne stated that he liked Eminem’s Kamikaze album. He clearly revealed that Eminem’s Revival album was no good and that Kamikaze helped him to get back some credibility. While no one likes to be dissed on a rap track, Charlamagne the God is not fighting back. Instead, he is congratulating Slim Shady’s current success and moving on to other things.


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Charlamagne Tha God Becomes The Blunt No Holds Barred Host That Morning Radio Needs


Some people that listen to Charlamagne Tha God in the morning on The Breakfast Club morning show they are in awe in how Charlamagne is able to continuously express himself in such an open way. He never shies from talking about his own experiences, and this has made him a much better host. Entertainers are going to be much more open with him, because he is always willing to be open with someone else. In The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Charlemagne discussed how he Found Success in Black Privilege.


Charlamagne tha God’s doubts and beliefs have been voiced in his first book that made the New York Times bestseller list. He would go on to have great success with this and put his mind towards writing a second book. That has shown people that there is a level of consciousness that Charlamagne has when it comes to building a different type of platform for voicing your opinions on things like anxiety. Charlamagne has had anxiety for a while, and he wants to give his perspective on this in order to help others that may be dealing with this same type of issue.


Fans of Charlamagne Tha God are praising him for being open about his anxiety issues. They want to know more about his life, and he wants to be able to help others that are facing issues that they are scared to talk about. He is also someone that is very vocal, and this has given him the ability to counteract a lot of foolishness that happens in the entertainment industry.


There are a lot of people that are looking at what he voices his opinions on, whether it be Kanye West or Nicki Minaj rant. Charlemagne does not have any problem calling out those people that are making a fool of themselves in entertainment. He has been someone that is quick to give the “Donkey of the Day” to someone that he feels is not living up to their best potential. He has done this with celebrities, and he has done this with others that he has seen making a mockery of themselves in the news. He is always willing to provide his opinion on what he finds absurd. See This Article for more information.


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