QNET Pledges to Donate HomePure Water Filtration Units to Children Learning Facilities

QBuzz, a QNET online magazine delivered news that the direct selling company pledged to donate HomePure water filtration units to learning facilities for children. QNET is committed to supporting the RHYTHM Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing communities, educating, and inspiring others to help in its efforts to improve lives. RHYTHM was founded by the QI Group, parent company of QNET and has locations in seven countries, including Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. In March 2016, QNET announced a campaign for consumers to take part in the RHYTHM Foundation project. The campaign is for the Positive Thoughts Project that requires consumers to submit a minimum of 1,000 positive comments.

QNET agreed with RHYTHM Foundation to donate a HomePure Red water filtration unit for every 1,000 positive thought comments through submission on the QBuzz Facebook Post. When the total amount of positive comments reaches 500 by the first two weeks, a Taarana learning school for children will receive a HomePure water filtering system. The campaign lasts for a duration of four weeks, in which, by the last two weeks the positive comments must reach a total of 1,000. After the next submission of 500 comments, QNET will donate a HomePure Red unit to Rashid Centre, a centre for the disabled in UAE.

Vijay Eswaran founded QNET in 1998 in Hong Kong as an Asian direct selling company. He serves as the Chairman of Board and has expanded the company to other countries, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and Egypt. QNET uses independent representatives to market their lines of products for health, wellness, personal care, beauty care, jewelry, watches, and technology.

QNET independent representatives promote health & wellness products, such as the HomePure water filtration systems. The HomePure Red system is economical and donated to the Positive Thoughts Project. QNET HomePure products for water filtration comprises of the 7-Stage System, Eaze System, Alkaline Stick, Alkaline Jug with filter cartridge, and Prefilter. HomePure water filtration products are manufactured in Korea and designed in Germany. The units don’t require the use of electricity and are designed to eliminate energy expenses.

RHYTHM Foundation and QNET initiative to promote health and wellness in Malaysia, Taarana, and the UAE will benefit hundreds of children and disable people. QNET has contributed financially and voluntarily to the foundation. The Positive Thoughts Project is another initiative to get others involved in the organization’s mission to empower and develop communities.