George Soros Gives $18 Billion To The Open Society

George Soros is one of the world’s wealthiest individuals with billions of dollars in assets. His private capital genius has helped him build up the Open Society Foundation, a nonprofit focused on building a globalized world, over the course of years. There simply aren’t many people who can say they’ve managed to do the same thing in their lifetime. His commitment to the Open Society Foundation has resulted in widespread political change across the world. Recently, he decided to donate $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation. With this donation he plans on building it into something much greater than it is today.

His recent contribution to the Open Society Foundation comes at an extremely important time. Trump and other right wing politicians have ushered in a new era of nativism isolationism, but Soros believes he knows how to stop them before things go too far. He’s planning to do this by funding the resistance to this new right. He understands his fight is going to be an uphill battle, but he wants to do everything he can to make sure the right doesn’t destroy the progress the left has made on so many issues going on right now.

It’d be foolish to say that the Open Society Foundation doesn’t have extremely ambitious goals, but it’s not like it has managed to fulfill them in the past. Soros has a long history of making things happen when he wants them to with his work in his home country of Hungary exemplifying this. He managed to take his country out of its shambles and bring it into the free market with democracy. Nobody else understands the principles behind successful political movements better than he does. His quest to build more open societies is almost certain to succeed the way it’s going.

The Open Society Foundation has the lofty goal of making a world where everyone has the ability to choose their position in life. Generally, most countries have rigid social structures meant to keep people from determining exactly who they want to be. In order to achieve this there is a serious need to start fighting for globalization. When people around the world are connected to each other, they’re able to share ideas and values. They can think of ways to help advance themselves and create a world where we all do business with each other and give each other support.

George Soros has been a figure in politics for quite some time. He’s helped out Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and more recently Hilary Clinton when they decided to run. Now, he wants to use the Open Society Foundation to bring about an age of global connections diversity. It isn’t going to be easy, but he understands the challenge before him. The need for this hasn’t been stronger. Nativists across the world are doing everything to close their borders and separate people. Something needs to unite people and stop the isolationism Trump and his cohorts have managed to cultivate. and Follow him Twitter.com

Could George Soros Really Control the World of Liberalism?

People have always thought that one person could rule the world. While they might not like the idea of a global dictator, this idea is not all that far-fetched. We know that throughout all of history certain men made serious attempts to rule the world. The list of would be world rulers included King Darius of Persia, Alexander the Great of the Macedonians and even Adolph Hitler from Germany. George Soros has now been included within this group and what George Soros knows.

George Soros is not a political figure or a mighty general he is a liberal supporter and a man who believes in open societies. His extreme wealth and his dedication to the liberal cause makes many conservatives to believe that he controls the world of liberalism. Conservative conspiracy theorists claimed that George Soros was the man behind the world’s liberal movement.

The truth is that Soros is an extremely rich person. According to Forbes, this liberal supporter is literally worth 25 billion dollars. This makes George Soros one of the world’s top richest people. He is ranked as number 30 on this list. Soros also has a burning desire to ensure that democracy, freedom and open societies are a part of all nations. Soros makes it a point to get involved within the fight for open societies on a global scale and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros is an international figure because of his money and his background. Soros was originally bornin Budapest, Hungary. He was born in 1930 and was teenager when Hitler and the Nazis took control of his nation. When the Nazi party was in control of his nation, he experienced some really horrific things. He saw his fellow countrymen being removed from their homes and more information click here.

He also saw the abuse that the Nazi’s pushed upon people throughout his land. Soros is a Jewish person and his people especially suffered under the hand of the Nazis. While Soros managed to get through the ordeal without losing his family or his life, this event forever changed his perspective of the world. Soros now realized that no person could even gain power like Hitler again. The cost was too great to allow another tyrant to rule the world and Follow him Twitter.com.

Soros never wanted to rule the world because he simply does not believe in it. His philosophical view is about open societies. An open society allows its citizens certain freedoms such as voting for its leaders, the right to worship as they believed and the ability to compete economically within free markets. Simply put, Soros does not want the world to be ruled by one person. So, this fact alone would rule out any notion that he is some puppet master pulling the strings of liberalism throughout the world. You can find out more about Soros and his intentions on the Foreign Policy website.

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Charles Koch’s Dilemma: What If Trump Gets The Nomination?

What happens when you routinely make generous donations to Republican candidates, but you’re not fond of one of the candidates who has a good chance of winning the Republication nomination for President of the United States? We will have to look at Charles Koch to see what he does if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, especially if Trump faces Hilary Clinton in the general election. Koch Industries was under regulatory scrutiny during Bill Clinton’s administration; therefore it’s doubtful that Charles Koch would ever support another Clinton for president. The multibillionaire philanthropist from Wichita, Kansas does advocates liberal causes as well, including criminal justice reform and putting an end to over-incarceration, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what he will do.

Charles Koch earned his fortune by expanding the oil refining and chemical company he inherited from his father, turning it into the nation’s second largest privately company. Chairman of Koch Industries since 1967, Charles says he success is due to his philosophy of market-based management, which he explains in his books “The Science of Success” and “Good Profit”. There’s no denying that Charles Koch’s philosophy works; when he because chairman in 1967, the company was worth $50 million. Today Koch Industries is valued at $100 million.

Charles Koch, through his foundation, is encouraging others to succeed in business. Youth Entrepreneurs is a yearlong program available in schools throughout Kansas, which stresses to students that a college education and business ownership are achievable goals. With two degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Koch is a great example of what a person with a good education can achieve in life.

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