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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one f the best Plastic Surgeons in America. According to the Heapers Magazine, Dr. Jennifer Walden is among the top 24 best beauty physicians in the United States. They argue that she has all it takes to make the best. According to the Magazine, Dr. Jennifer Walden trained with the best surgeon in medicine to make her an acknowledged physician through her established practice in Austin and Manhattan. While she was in New York carrying out her daily chores, she knew that home Austin was the only place in the world that understands her better, for this reason, she decided to go back and establish her practice in the area. She also has satellite offices in Manhattan.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has appeared in numerous media presentations and shows. She has also made her way into major magazines and television programs. She is a mother of two twin sons and four siblings. According to research, her siblings are highly-successful in their various fields. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s mom is the main inspiration in her life.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most successful, beautiful, and brilliant physicians in the world. Whenever she steps into her office, her primary goal is to put her patients at ease. She does so through extending a warm welcome coupled up with a jovial exchange. While she is never late attending to his multitude of patients, she has all it takes to offer the best services. Her tender eyes and mother’s voice puts each of her patients at ease. She emphasizes with each of her patients and gives them hope to increase their beauty at the end of the exercise. One central question we can ask ourselves is how she got to the success she has today. She is a hardworking individual who dedicates her practice to provide the best solutions for her patients.


Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas. While she was a child, her father inspired her to become one of the best doctors in the United States. She took that challenge and lived a life of achievement. For this reason, she has established a one-of-a-kind medical practice solving peoples’ problems.


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Texas Draws Dr. Jennifer Walden Home For Family Life

The life of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden has taken many different directions, but has now seen her bring her twin sons home to Austin, Texas to enjoy a close family life near her own parents. Dr. Jennifer Walden was brought up in a family where academic achievement was rewarded and led to Dr. Walden following her dentist father and surgical nurse mother into the medical industry; Jennifer Walden still maintains her mother is her role model and hero for the way she successfully juggled work and family.


Success seems to have consistently followed Dr. Walden after she made her way onto medical school courses after being placed on a waiting list; Walden did not rest on making her way through the initial stages of medical school, but instead made her way to an impressive surgical fellowship in New York. After completing her studies Dr. Walden quickly made her way to her own practice that she turned into an almost instant success; the achievements Jennifer has achieved include joining the board of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a published author on an academic and popular level, and a popular television personality.


Dr. Jennifer Walden appears to not wish to miss out on any experience in life, and decided she had the need to start a family that would eventually lead her back to the city of Austin, Texas after the birth of her twin sons. One benefit to her own pregnancy Dr. Walden believes she has been given is her ability to discuss the changes she has seen in her own body she can share with the women who make up around 91 percent of those who undergo the cosmetic surgery Dr. Walden specializes in.


One of the parts of her life Dr. Walden is comfortable discussing are the reasons she decided she should enter the field of plastic surgery that has in the past and often is still dominated by male surgeons. Dr. Walden explains she has always had an interest in gender studies and equality, which she brings to her practice through her need to help women who often feel a change of image will raise their confidence levels.