Stream Energy Cares About its Community

Stream Energy never fails to jump in and help out when they can. They have used money that they have acquired from its successful business sales to invest in helping others. Corporate philanthropy is a big part of their philosophy, and they recently launched their “Stream Cares” foundation to reach out to those in need. When Hurricane Harvey struck in Texas, they used their resources to help those who had lost everything, including their hope.

Stream Energy is just one of many examples of corporate companies with a heart and America overall is very generous and giving. In 2016 alone, nearly $19 billion was donated to charities in America as well as in other countries. However, according to WalletHub, Texas is one of the least generous states so this is a good way to get the ball rolling.

Stream Energy has partnered with Hope Supply Company, and together they have covered the entrance fee and meal costs for over 1,000 homeless children in Dallas with the annual Splash for Hope. Hope Supply Co. provides essentials such as diapers, clothing, school supplies, and more to homeless children in the Dallas area.

Stream Energy is all about helping others, and they also support the veterans and their families in the Dallas-area. With Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream Energy provides financial and moral support to the veterans and hosts a December meal fit for a king at a high-end Texas restaurant. They also co-host the American Girl Doll Experience for ten lucky daughters of military members.

Stream Energy loves their community and is doing all that it can to lift Dallas up through passion, generosity, and by helping the disadvantaged and less fortunate. Philanthropy and leadership play a very big role in the business of the company, and they’re aware of the problems that plagues the Dallas area such as homelessness. Instead of turning a blind eye, the company has decided to make a difference in the lives of those who need the most help. Homelessness has increased by 24% in Dallas, and Stream associates are always looking for ways to help.

Ara Chackerian Philanthropist and Champion for Awareness

Ara Chackerian has a vision, a care delivery model which enables both patient and physician to connect remotely and expand access to care while monitoring individual patients algorithms to determine personalized treatment options. Prior to his current endeavors as co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, he served as Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics and Executive Chairman of PipelineRX. In addition to his position as co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, he serves as Executive Vice President at PSS/World Medical, a medical products distribution company.


As a writer, Ara Chackerian writes articles related to the healthcare industry and examines future trends in the industry. In a recent article published through Medium, he mentions an interesting program piloted by the Chinese government which is allocating military members from the Peoples Liberation Army and China’s armed police force to a new agricultural detail project focused on slowing pollution growth. According to Zhang Jianlong, head of China’s State Forestry Administration, “China has planted 338,000 square miles of new forests in the past five years and plans to increase that pace in the upcoming five years.” A champion for awareness, Ara Chackerian also sheds light on suicide emphasizing the need for greater public awareness concerning mental illness.


Ara Chackerian believes future trends in healthcare and technology are coming that will aid doctors with EMR’s in providing more manageable treatment options to their patients. Being a philanthropist, Chackerian dedicates financial resources to health care startup companies thinking outside the box and utilizing available their available resources in this fashion. Modern technology continues to enhance healthcare companies with new options for providing cost-effective, environmentally sound treatment to patients in the privacy of their own homes.


Chackerian graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in marketing. He has served in an Executive capacity for companies like BMC Diagnostics and PipelineRX. His philanthropic efforts in business are primarily focused on health care companies who are creating new trends in revolutionizing current data entry and treatment options. You can visit their Twitter page.



Q&A with Ara Chackerian of Limonapa Teak



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Adam Milstien on Linda Sarsour

Across the country there’s been a wave of anti-Semitism that has been on the rise surprisingly not on the alt-right as in the past, but now on the alt-left, asserts Jewish syndicate author of the online blog, Adam milstein. Adam milstein asserts that there have been an unlikely mix of the two groups which are predominantly spearheaded the wave new anti-Semitism in America. These two groups are surprisingly the women’s march group, and not surprisingly the Muslims. Adam milstein asserts that most Muslims blame Israelis for being overly powerful Zionist who control every aspect of life in the Middle East. When in fact, he asserts that that could not be further from the truth.

Adam milstein also asserts that there has been a growing parallel between president Trump and “Jihad extremists” according to the disillusioned women’s March leader Linda sarsour. Linda sarsour has led a “Jihad on Trump” speech, and Linda sarsour is the disillusioned leader of the feminist movement, according to Adam milstein, who supports Siraj Wajjah who was the famed co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings on New York City. She also supports the misogynist idea of “sharia law” in the Muslim World which essentially accepts the stoning of women and gays, and throwing of gays off of rooftops to their death.

On top of this, many colleges and even prominent ones at that have surprisingly growing their anti-semitic allowances and policies. Even what were once great universities such as Tufts University and New York University have now become hotbeds for anti-semitic views. For example, Tufts University has now issued a “disorientation guide” to students, which says that Israel is a white supremacist state when in fact it is not. New York University, in the Heart of the City, mentions Israel negatively 55 times in comparison to the only a handful of times in which extreme jihadist or even Donald Trump are mentioned.

The Working Spirit of Betsy DeVos

From what you hear about Betsy DeVos in the newspapers or on television, you can clearly see an agenda opposed to the Secretary of Education.

I took the initiative to further conduct research on Mrs. DeVos and what I discovered was a woman who’s committed her lifelong career to propel the excellence of young minds.

Secretary DeVos’s career in education has spanned for nearly 30 years. Her source of inspiration comes from her mother, who was an educator, and the number of educators that continually push for school-choice. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

For a large portion of her educational career, DeVos mentored disadvantaged children in the Public-School System to which she credits being the root to all her successes. Her main fight has been to push states to allow freedom of choice for parents and to try and break the common core initiative.

DeVos first began working towards her goals of implementing school choice by creating a foundation which offered scholarships to poor families. Though marginally successful, DeVos knew that she could apply these methods in a larger frame of mind.

DeVos was a member of American Education Reform Council and Children First America, charities that aimed to expand school choice via voucher programs and tax credits.

DeVos is the husband of Dick DeVos whose father founded Amway. Both Betsy and Dick have been central figures in the Michigan state-legislature helping to pass the State’s first charter school bill. They also unsuccessfully tried to allow tax credit scholarships or vouchers in the State.

Dick DeVos also ran unsuccessfully as the Governor of Michigan on the Republican ticket. The spouses have been Staunch Republicans supporters and have been influential in the state of Michigan for years.

They also formed a Political Action Committee called the American Federation for Children (AFC). At the height of DeVos’s influence she has seen many great advancements in states such as Florida, Louisiana. and Indiana whose policies have implemented tax-credit scholarships for parents to have school choice.

Throughout President Trump’s campaign he had been openly critical of Common Core and threw support around the idea of school choice to which Betsy DeVos soon became the ideal candidate. She secured the position as the 11th Secretary of Education in the United States by a narrow margin in the Senate. Read more articles at MLive about Betsy.

For most of DeVos’s detractors, it is easy to evade one’s rich story when they are inclined to focus solely on one’s policies. The idea behind Betsy DeVos’s mission could not have been framed overnight.

I am personally more inclined to trust a public servant who has a deep ambition in carrying out their vision, whether I agree with them or not than someone that speaks only to appease the masses.

George Soros not a real boogeyman like many claim he is

There are some who believe George Soros is someone who causes people to be afraid. George Soros is one of a few top financial gurus in the democratic party that organizes movements across the country so they can make a case for a change in government policies. George Soros has been active in the financial and philanthropy worlds.

George Soros is estimated to be worth $25 billion and has given millions of dollars to groups that attempted to prevent President George W. Bush’s to win reelection. George Soros was vocal about the Iraq War and thus set up several PACs to prevent Bush to be able to continue the Iraq war. Soros has been fighting to bring democratic reform in America and nations across the world. Soros has kept that fight going by donating millions of dollars to organizations that share his concerns and causes.

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Because of his support of certain causes the left has targeted him through various political attack campaigns and the constant share of conspiracy theories. While Soros continues to be attacked, he points out that he is not the only billionaire who has funded a political party. Republican hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer has contributed millions of dollars to super PAC “Make America Number One” and offered public-opinion research. Read more on

George Soros is best known for creating the Open Society Foundations, where he serves as founder and chairman. While George Soros has become very wealthy, he has given more than $12 billion dollars to various people and programs that fight for freedom of expression and hold governments accountable. His giving has supported groups in Europe that have been ignored for years including drug users, sex workers and the LGBT people.

Soros’ Open Society Foundations connects foundations, partners and projects across the globe and in more than 100 countries. The foundation’s ideology is based on the book ‘Open Society and its Enemies’ which Soros first read at the London School of Economics. The book argued that societies can thrive when they support democratic governance, freedom of expression and respect individual rights. Read his profile at Business Insider.

George Soros’ first act of philanthropy was in 1979, where he gave scholarships to black South Africans who were living under apartheid, and after the Berlin Wall fell, he built the Central European University, which it prides itself on being a place that helps stir critical thinking. Soros also did philanthropy work with numerous former Soviet Union states.

Adam Milstein: Strengthening Communities

Adam Milstein has worked exceptionally well, creating a reputation unlike annyother. The commercial real estate mogul has spent his career crafting a diverse and trailblazing path.

Born in Israel, Adam has since grown to become a note-worthy name in both the real estate and investment industry.

After earning his degree from USC, Adam directed his focus into investments in commercial property. Struggling to find a job capable of offering a reasonable salary, Adam decided to work independently as a broker, eventually becoming an investor in the same field.

Currently serving as the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He manages and oversees financing, deposition and property management for the company. Hager Pacific Properties is an American based firm, specializing in private investment and commercial real estate.

Utilizing his off time, Adam dedicates a wide range of his energy towards philanthropic endeavors and operates an impressive amount of organizations. He is co-founder an active chairman of the Israeli-American Council. The organization operates a host of programs aimed at strengthening the American Jewish community and the bond between Israeli-American people and relationships.

Along with the Israeli-American Council, Adam sits on the Board for a variety of other organizations including StandWithUs, Hasabara Fellowship, Jewish Funders Network, AISH L.A, and the Israel On Campus Organization.

As an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein acknowledges the amount of time spent on every endeavor. He believes real estate is an industry which takes time before seeing a profit. With an excessive amount of love for his chosen career, Adam combines all of his life experience into an array of projects.

Whether strengthening relations or building impressive commercial property, Adam is dedicated whole heartedly. His organizations helps educate the youth in positive ways. Some organizations even provide free books and scholastic work for over 15,000 Jewish famalies collectively in America.


Keith Mann: Grateful For The Police

When it comes to the police, it is not hyperbole to say they have perhaps the hardest job in the world. They have to deal with some of the roughest and toughest criminals out there and they never know what the person is going to do or how they are going to react. They have to be on their toes at all times and they can never let their guard down. As they say, it is a tough job, but someone has to do it. They have saved countless lives while also putting their lives on the line in the process as well. It is a two-way street.


Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners is well aware of this as he has an uncle that is a detective. It is that personal connection that makes Keith Mann feel close to the police and have an understanding about them and what they go through with the job. It is something that maybe people sometimes take for granted, but that is not Keith Mann. He is very grateful for them and he does not know what he would do without them. He knows they are keeping him and his family safe. They do this and they don’t ask for anything in return. It is their job, it is what they signed up for, and they are ready to take it on, full throttle.


They have done all of this while facing some negative press from a few members of the media. They have tried to make the police out to be bad people when we all know that is not the case. There is always one or two bad people that have to ruin it for everyone. That is not the entire police force, however. Those are isolated incidents. Keith Mann understands this and this is why he treated the NYPD 54th precinct to lunch on two separate occasions.


It was his way of saying, “Hey, I know all the good you guys have done and will do in the future. I know the truth, and I don’t believe what other people are saying about you.”