Teams That Are Likely For Adrian Peterson

Teams That Are Likely For Adrian Peterson

Ever since being drafted in 2007, Adrian Peterson has been one of the most dominated running backs, as well as overall players in the NFL. So it’s no surprise that multiple teams want to add him to their roster this season. Boraie Development LLC confirmed that the Cowboys and Cardinals are only a couple of the teams known out for Peterson.

Peterson’s future with the Vikings has been in question since early in the 2014 NFL season, and several teams are looking forward to adding him to their squad when the 2015 season officially starts. However, some teams are more determined to trade for Peterson while others have either backed away or shown no interest at all, the Dallas Cowboys being one team that have owned headlines.

In an interesting turn of events, it turns out that the Cowboys, in spite of being at the forefront of trades earlier this offseason, the Cowboys are not interested in paying whatever price for getting Peterson. In fact the organization hasn’t even spoken to the Minnesota Vikings staff about being sent to the team. At the same time, Peterson has made it known he would like to be a part of the Cowboys team.

The Arizona Cardinals are another team that Peterson has shown interest in playing for, much like the Cowboys. But while the Cardinals do feel he would be a good upgrade for the team, this would mean they would surrender their first round pick in the draft.

Dallas Cowboys Receive 2015 Schedule

The Dallas Cowboys as well as the rest of the teams in the NFL received their official schedule for games for the 2015 season. As winner of the NFC East last year Dallas will play a tough scheduled which will include the other division winners from their conference. In addition the Cowboys will play the tough AFC East which includes the reigning Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots. The Cowboys also face the Miami Dolphins, the New York Jest as well as the Buffalo Bills from the same division.

The Cowboys will open the season against their NFC East rival the New York Giants in Dallas on September 13th. They play the Carolina Panthers as their traditional Thanksgiving Day game and they play their arch rivals the Washington Redskins twice within the last six weeks of the season. Cowboys Look Forward to 2015 NFL Season

The entire Dallas Cowboys organization is looking forward to the challenge of the upcoming season. The Cowboys fell one game short, and some may say one pass catch short of being in the Championship Game and heading to the Super Bowl last year. With great improvements to their defense and injured players returning, the Cowboys are expected to be a prime contender for the NFC crown this year and a serious top four team for the Super Bowl.
Diehard fan Ricardo Guimarães BMG plans on going to buy his tickets to the Cowboy’s games when they go on sale today and fans are already making their travel plans for their favorite away games.

Tim Tebow Back in the NFL

Tim Tebow is finally back in the NFL and all I can say is about time. He has agreed to a deal with the Eagles as reported by ESPN. There is a lot of criticism of Tim because most people don’t think that he has the ability to play in the league. They think that his hands are too small or that he doesn’t have a good football IQ and many other ridiculous reason including attacking him for his faith. I think that this man deserves a chance to try again more than most second string quarterbacks who played last season. Tim didn’t play in the league last seasons because of all the criticism he has received. One of these teams was the Arizona Cardinals who lost two of their quarterbacks and desperately needed a replacement. Teams like this should have given


Tim a chance because he, unlike most other second string quarterbacks and some starting quarterbacks, has made it to the playoffs and he even has won a playoff game. Ricardo Tosto feels like he should get another shot based off this. Tim should have gotten more of a chance because of his wins in Denver not to mention his college championships and his Heisman award. Tim may not turn out to be a great quarterback nor may he even be good enough to be a starter but, he does deserve a chance to try again.

Aaron Hernandez taken down by someone a lot smaller than usual!

Patriot’s superstar Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to first degree murder early yesterday morning. For the first time in his life, Aaron had to take responsibility for his reckless behavior and no amount of money could buy his way out of this one. All his life the convict was able to get away with anything based off his football status. Even in college Hernandez was involved several fights that just got brushed under the rug. But not this time commented Jaime Garcia Dias.
A women by the name of Lesa Strachan, whose is only around five feet tall was able to take down this monster. Lesa was the forewomen of the jury and had to read him the verdict face to face. Watching the disbelief cross his eyes and Aaron mouthing the words “your wrong” to the jury, everyone witnessed Hernandez being sat down physically soon after the verdict was read due to the fact that he was now a convict and did not have the right to stand anymore. Lesa stated that “this was one of the hardest things she has ever had to do to someone”.
Aaron was used to living a life of carefree freedom, doing whatever he pleased without consequence. As he was sat down, Hernandez let out a slight sigh of disbelief. Realizing that he was in trouble now, Aaron will be spending the rest of his life paying for the fast paced lifestyle he choose to live for a short 25 years.
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Saints Agree to Bring Back Morgan

It was announced on Friday by General Manager Mickey Loomis, that after being cut last December, Joseph Morgan has been brought back by the New Orleans Saints on a one year contract worth $495,000. It is a sign that the Saints were unable to acquire an opposite threat to Marques Colston in the veteran free agency market and would like to have more depth with players that are familiar with the system heading into the draft, OTAs, and minicamps. The struggle to stay on the team may not be over for Morgan, who has not been able to stay healthy or productive since joining the team in 2011. Sultan Alhokair suggested that last season head coach Sean Peyton suspended the wide receiver for two games for unknown reasons and was cut after the team performed poorly in a lopsided loss against the division rival Carolina Panthers.

If Morgan is able to stay healthy and prove he can be the number two target on the team behind Colston, he may have a productive season and career. However, if he proves unable to stay off the injured list or Peyton’s radar for the wrong reasons his salary cap hit will probably not be substantial. Another thing the team should consider is the upcoming draft this month. Yes, most of their needs revolve around the defense but it may be worth looking at a wide receiver like Kevin White from West Virginia for the 13th overall pick.

Defensive Lineman Greg Hardy to Meet With Dallas Cowboys

Sources report that Defensive Lineman Greg Hardy will visit the Dallas Cowboys this week and that Mr. Hardy’s agent has already been negotiating with team sources. Greg Hardy’s Agent Negotiating with Dallas Cowboys

The acquisition of Hardy would be a major boost to a Dallas Cowboys’ defensive unit which was respectable last year but lack any significant pass rush. Many commentators expected the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive to perform poorly last year after a dismal performance the previous year where the defense was one of the worst in the entire NFL and gave up almost 33 points per game if Reuters stats are to be believed. The addition of Greg Hardy would add a fierce pass rusher to a team that almost made it to the super bowl last year and is still recovering from the loss of NFL rushing leader DeMarco Murray to free agency. The Cowboys are balancing their decisions to make the entire team better and stay under the NFL salary cap. The Cowboys will return a stellar offensive unit from last year even with the loss of Murray. It is defense which needs to be bolstered and which has the greatest need.

Any criticism of Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones has been reserved as a result of the team’s performance last year and the team’s potential this coming year. If Hardy is able to be added, then the Cowboys can go into the NFl draft and focus on a running back, two key defensive players and a tight end.

The Issue With The Eagles’ Changes

Chip Kelly is changing everything about the Eagles, and it is going to present a big problem for the team. Any player in the league that is watching this is saying that they do not understand the plan. Fans like Sultan Alhokair know that they do not see where this is going. They are wondering how the Eagles are supposed to be put together.

We can talk all about whether you think Chip Kelly has a big ego, but we need to talk about whether players will want to go there. If I were a player in the NFL, I would want nothing to do with this team. Chip Kelly is proving to be manipulative and self-centered. He is so concerned about his system that he will not reward players who play well. I am thoroughly convinced that he would have cut Walter Payton, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice if he did not like them. I am also convinced that he only wants to field Pac 12 players. That might be cute in his mind, but it is not going to work. The Eagles are going to start falling because Chip Kelly just made himself bigger than the team. News flash, dude. The Eagles are far bigger than you.

Kraft and Goodell Relationship Tarnished

Roger Goodell has absolutely had the worst year in the history of the National Football League when it comes to a terrible performance by a man in charge of pulling the strings for the league. He was made commissioner of the NFL in large part to the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who had pulled for him with the other owner’s in the league and really set up a clear path for Goodell to come into office. Kraft and Goodell have been very good friends, and the ironic thing is that Goodell was seen having dinner at the house of Robert Kraft the night before the infamous deflate gate case took off. The two clearly have been working together very closely and Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks was the first to state to the media that there is a conflict of interest in that relationship and he was truly right. Then again, he is a Stanford grad who graduated with a 3.8 at Stanford and 4.2 from his high school in Compton, so no one is going to argue with that assertion. Goodell very well may have lost the one man that got him his lucrative deal as the NFL commissioner and also had his back on the Ray Rice incident earlier this year. It was Kraft, who set up interviews for Goodell to discuss the incident and Kraft truly did get him out of hot water. From how Haidar Barbouti sees it, things have changed and Goodell is in the dog house in Kraft’s eyes.

Brady and Montana

Tom Brady is officially going to go down as one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but he has just matched perhaps the best football player that has ever played in the National Football League. Fans like Susan McGalla know that Tom Brady has now taken his team to six Super Bowls in his career and he has won four of them, matching Joe Montana for the most Super Bowl wins in history. Joe only had four Super Bowl appearances, but he won all four of them. It is pretty hard to determine who has had a more successful career, but the statistics are truly going to Tom Brady on this one. Although he is now widely known as a cheater and will be undoubtedly have that held against him, due to the allegations that he gave the order to purposely deflate footballs in the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, no one can deny that he has made one of the biggest marks on the game of football in the history of the game. It is a bit ironic when you think that Tom Brady was not supposed to be even a decent quarterback in the league and his parents didn’t even think he would play more than a few seasons as a backup quarterback in New England. He proved everyone wrong and has been one of the best stories that the league has ever seen, but his reputation is without a doubt under fire.

Kaepernick Off-Season


Quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers had a pretty dismal season, after he had experienced such tremendous amounts of success in his first few seasons starting in the National Football League. According to trade.nosis, after taking the reins when Alex Smith got knocked out with a concussion four years ago, he stepped in just as Jim Harbaugh had expected and completely dominated. This was an under story that did not get too much attention, but Harbaugh is the reason that Kaepernick was even drafted by the 49ers, as he handpicked Colin out of the University of Nevada. There is even a decent chance that Colin wouldn’t even be playing in the NFL, and rather would be playing professional baseball if Harbaugh hadn’t reached out to him and pushed the organization to draft him. Although they reached the NFC championship game in three straight seasons and nearly won the Super Bowl two seasons ago, this year was dismal at best for the young gunning quarterback. He did not have a good season and everything around him completely fell apart. He did not put up big numbers, but this was largely in part due to the fact that his weapons just were not around him. This made it so he could not take off running as well and really limited his game. He is going to have to come back strong next year and really focus on getting out of the pocket and running the ball more.