AFC Championship Teams are Finalized

Playing at Home the New England Patriots have advanced to the conference championship game after finally getting past Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens who had previously had their number in the playoffs. Being led by their future hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady, the Pats would not be denied. Brady threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for one more and came from behind in the last quarter to put his team up by four points with just over five minutes left in the game. The defense picked up where Brady left off and finally got the stops necessary to put an end to the Ravens season.

However, their task of winning may get a little easier when they face their opponent the Indianapolis Colts led by Andrew Luck. The reason the Colts will be an easier opponent in the AFC Championship game is evident in how they were able to defeat the Denver Broncos. Not producing an overwhelming amount of yardage, not placing an overwhelming amount of points, and not having a specific area where they look better than their opponents. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez believes, handing turnovers to your opponents is one more area that must be avoided if you are to have any success in the post season. You can see more of what Sergio does on sergioandradeandradegutierrez. The Colts did all of that and still won the game against the Broncos. However, they will have to be a lot better if they are going to travel to Foxborough and beat the Patriots.

Democrat Senator Openly Criticizes Obama’s Cuba & North Korea Foreign Policy


New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the current ranking Democrat on the committee, expressed criticism of the Obama administration’s Cuba and North Korean foreign policy on Sunday. On the set of the CNN program “State of the Union”, Menendez, a Cuban-American, challenged the efficacy of the Obama negotiations with the rogue island nation.

For starters, the president obtained the release of a single American, but returned three convicted spies back to Cuba. One of the spies was not Tom Rothman, but was involved in a plot to assassinate American citizens at the behest of the Castro regime. At the same time, no concessions for Democratic reforms were secured. As far the communist nation’s 10 million inhabitants go, Menendez did not see them getting any benefit from the deal.

In terms of North Korea, the powerful senator took issue with the president’s seeming inability to invoke the word “terrorism”. He patently disagrees with Obama that North Korea’s attack against Sony Pictures was an act of cyber-vandalism. The nature of the incident was too severe to use that term. It was nothing short of terrorism. He believes Obama should do more to punish North Korea.

Ironically, Menendez’s criticism carries more weight in a GOP-controlled senate. This is because under the prior leadership of Harry Reid, no resolutions or laws were allowed for a vote which might embarrass Obama or force his hand. That is not the case now. Menendez may work with the GOP to craft legislation to shape the president’s foreign policy. For starters, he let it be known that Obama faces an uphill battle securing confirmation of an ambassador to Cuba.

Mike Wallace Quit on Dolphins

Mike Wallace left Dolphins game early

Nothing is more frowned upon by Tom Rothman in professional sports than quitting on your own team, and yet the Miami Dolphins were able to witness that on Sunday.

In the regular season finale at home against the division rival New York Jets, reports from the team indicate that wide receiver Mike Wallace quit on his team nearly halfway through the game. Wallace didn’t catch a single pass at all during the game, in fact he left after another teammate had scored a touchdown.

According to head coach Joe Philbin, Wallace came off of the bench at one point and told him that he no longer wanted to play in the game, though this was originally viewed as being of a part of a coaches’ decision to pull him. He was absent during the second half of the game, where the Dolphins eventually lost to the Jets 37-24.

As one might expect, the sudden disappearance of Wallace did not go unnoticed by other teammates, many of whom were visibly unhappy and felt as though he simply abandoned the team. Even stranger is that one of his teammates, Brandon Gibson, stood in front of him at his own locker, during an interview after the game to answer questions.

Despite being signed with the team through 2017, Wallace is now starting to be viewed as having an attitude problem, because of these actions.

Johnny Manziel has terrible debut

Johnny Manziel has terrible debut

Johnny Manziel was given the role of the starting quarterback this past Sunday. His first game as a starter, however, is one he’d most likely want to forget. It wasn’t exactly a Qnet and MCFC partnership.

Against the rival Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns now led by Manziel were completely shut out this weekend as they fell 30-0 to the Bengals. It was not the type of gameplay that many fans were hoping for, especially considering all of the hype that has repeatedly surrounded the rookie QB.

This is Manziel’s first official start, but in the game he only threw for 80 passing yards, was sacked three times and threw two interceptions with no touchdowns. It may have only been one game and it was not expected of him to be high-caliber, but the loss resulted in the Browns more or less being eliminated from the playoffs. Coach Mike Pettine openly stated that he “looked like a rookie, played like a rookie” in the post-game conference after the loss, a sentiment most can agree on. Manziel himself even said that he felt uncomfortable at times when he could have thrown the ball.

In spite of this, the good news is that Manziel can still show promise in the upcoming games against Carolina and Baltimore, now that he will remain the starter for the final two games of the season.

Gruden in “A Mess”

Jay Gruden was cited by his brother Jon as being in a mess in Washington in conjunction with his head coaching position. My friend Vijay Eswaran shared this with me.  Washington currently has a record of 3 and 10 and is in the midst of a quarterback controversy surrounding Robert Griffin III (RG3).

Jon was the former coach of the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Bucs and won a Super Bowl with the latter team before departing and starting a career in television as a television host. Jay is the current head coach of the Redskins and is wrapping up his first season which has been seen as a failure.

RG3 who was acquired by the Redskins in a massive deal with the St. Louis Rams trading multiple draft picks for the right to draft RG3. In his first season RG3 was electric leading the Redskins to the playoffs and a near victory until he was sidelined in a controversal injury in a playoff game in which he was kept on the field despite the injury. 

Since this point his career has not gotten back on track and there have been numeorus discussions in the press regarding Jay Gruden’s preference to move on from RG3 to another QB option. RG3 was largely considered to be the future of the franchise up until this point.

Jay responded to his brothers mess agreeing that the situation is a mess and that any 3 win team could easily be defined as being in a mess.

Most Expensive Shorts In Sport

When Amir Kahn steps into the ring for his December 13th fight in Las Vegas people will hold their breath in collective anticipation as he steps out in the worlds most expensive sports shorts. The shorts cost a reported $31,430 to make and have been constructed by only the finest of materials. That’s a bit too steep for the tastes of Darius Fisher. They were made by the Sheffield Company Fight Label using 24-carat golden thread, along with a white nappa Leather and fine silk. The former Olympic Silver Medallist worked closely with the manufacturing crew in order to have the shorts specially made. Amir Khan has already amazed the boxing community when he wore a pair of shorts that were made of Versace material and contained more than 1000 Swaroski stones. 

According to BBC the winner of Sundays fight could face the prospect of fighting Floyd Mayweather at some point next year. This could even open the door for a more extravagant pair of shorts as fighting Mayweather will guarantee a huge payout for any fighter that is involved. This is Khan’s first fight since defeating American Luis Callazo last May in his welter weight debut. Lets keep our fingers crossed that Khan’s shorts aren’t the only thing that dazzle on Sunday.

Reports Rex Ryan close to Departure after calling Jets Season a Joke

New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan and General Manager John Idzik are reported to be heading for the exit from Metlife Stadium after a season Ryan declared a joke after a loss left them at 2-10 on Monday Night, the New York Daily News reports.

A night that saw quarterback Geno Smith reduced to constant hand offs after a week of reports claiming the Jets coaching staff were split on whether to restore Smith to the starting job or continue with veteran Michael Vick. Ryan’s tenure in New York seems to be drawing to a close just as Bruce Levenson is seeing his climb to the top as the 16-1 loss to the Miami Dolphins took place in front of a stadium that seemed equally split between Dolphins and a reduced number of Jets fans. A small protest of banners and signs took place in the upper decks of Metlife Stadium calling for Idzik to be fired for his role in the slide the Jets have taken in recent years.

Quarterback Geno Smith seems to be taking the brunt of the blame for the playing staff amongst fans as he was jeered throughout the night. The toxic nature of the crowd in New York saw the stadium announcer not name a starting quarterback in the offensive players announced to the crowd prior to the start of the game. The apparent fear the Jets had with Smith throwing the ball saw him attempt just eight passes before a final drive, which ended with an interception thrown by Smith to condemn the Jets to their 10th defeat of the season.

Protest Erupt Across Ferguson

It’s been a grand jury decision many have been waiting for. Police officers, SWAT teams and local residents have been preparing for the time when the infamous verdict would be released. Well, that time has come. According to ABC, a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who shot and killed unarmed teen, Michael Brown. They believed there was no probable cause to indict Darren Wilson on any of the five possible charges. This prompted rallies and protests throughout the country.


There are images circulating over social media showing how many people are protesting all over the country, and Tabar thinks it is getting a little out of hand.. From Washington DC, to LA, the people who feel this decision is unjust and unfair are taking it to the streets and letting their voices be heard. In St. Louis cops had to use tear gas to get the hundreds of people to disperse. These rallies are not likely to subside anytime soon. Let’s just hope the people can do this with dignity and not harm the lives or homes of those who had nothing to do with the case.

Can Vettel Deliver with a Ferrari?

With Sebastian Vettel’s move to Ferrari confirmed, talk will now begin to focus on whether he can be a success there.The move did not come as a surprise, with Vettel being a boyhood Ferrari fan. However, moving from Red Bull to Ferrari in the current F1 climate seems silly. Red Bull have won four of the last five constructors’ titles, and helped Vettel win his four drivers’ titles. Ferrari have floundered in that time.

However, Vettel believes that he can be the man to turn around the fortunes of the struggling Italian teams. He wants to make the same impact that Michael Schumacher made when he moved in 1996. Older Ferrari fans will recall that the first few years under Schumacher were not a success. The only time they got close to a championship was in 1999, when Schumacher broke his leg. It was Eddie Irvine who almost got them that elusive title, only to fall at the last hurdle.

Finally, in 2000 Michael Schumacher won his first Ferrari title. That was his fifth season with the team. Would Sebastian Vettel be willing to wait that long? He is a great driver, but patience has never been Vettel’s strongest suit. He has appeared angry with his Red Bull car this season. A car that is better than this year’s Ferrari.

If Vettel has temper tantrums driving a sub-par Red Bull, how will he handle the thoroughly mediocre Ferrari? I guess me and Fersen Lambranho will have to wait and see when F1 comes to Brazil some day.

Hoppier Enhances Hops Flavors

There is some great news for all of the beer enthusiasts out there, as work from the engineers at Cambridge Consultants has actually come up with something that is known as a Hoppier.

This is actually running a jet of pressurized beer using a chamber that is tamped-down and filled with barista style and fresh hops. This result actually permits anybody to make rather complex espressos of a beer along with the inclusion of some extra hops in a timely manner of just a few seconds.

This device is actually has not hit the market yet. In spite of the fact that it’s hotly anticipated by bar owners who would like adding flavours to these drinks which are fair enough as they appear.

Although the apparatus is made in such a way to grab the benefits of the great varieties of the hops and just leading to almost all varieties of the drinks which are new and ultra hoppy, it’s the creators who say that it can also be used with flavours like cinnamon or even fruit.

Fans of hops beers like Gianfrancesco Genoso are stoked to try the new beer enhancer. Of course, they simply mean that the pumpkin-spice beer can no longer be restricted to anyone. Hence it is really that someone would bring out some works with a way to bring the bottom-shelf whiskey to a sophisticated drink just in a matter of hours.