Brewers Are Running Out Of Funny Beer Names

Making beer has been one of those things that has popped up as a trend nationwide for especially the last five or six years. Although it is a good thing that so many people are inspired to create personable and funny names for their brews and companies it is starting to become a problem around the United States, because people are running out of creative names.

Every time a brewer makes a new beer and a style of beverage, he or she is required to register it and paten the trademark. But that has been harder and harder these days as because so many brewers are starting to overlap each other. According to an article written by, it can even cause a kink the road when people use names in different languages, because if it translates to something in English that is already being used then it is in violation.

Beer lovers like Paul Mathieson wonder: What will the future of beer brewing hold? Maybe people will have to start using randomized numbers and letters for each of their beers. Find more on Mathieson on Well, while it may never get that bad it has got to be frustrating for them to have a very limited pool of words they can use to describe their brew. Hopefully this trivial matter won’t discourage people from continuing to create and invent new beer flavors, styles, and breweries. American has truly become a much more exciting place with all the microbreweries that have popped up in recent times.

Pot Is Legal In DC

Marijuana Is A Legal Intoxicate In Washington

February 26, 2015 is a day to remember in Washington DC. Marijuana is a legal substance, even though, the Republican chairman of the House committee tried to stop the mayor and the city council from implementing the law. Over 70 percent of the voters in DC wanted pot to be legal, and the mayor and his council gave them what they wanted.

The bad news is DC won’t become another Amsterdam. Pot shops and open-air smoking venues are out, but those minor details aren’t putting a damper on the city’s celebration.Bernardo Chua has learned that residents of the city can use, grow and possess small amounts of pot, and stores that sell accessories for growing and using pot will start popping up around the city soon. Marijuana is finally taking its rightful place as the number one preferred recreational drug in DC and in other cities around the country.

The national policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance, Michael Collins, had this to say about the new law. “What you’re seeing here is the end of marijuana prohibition, a change in attitudes and a real shift in law enforcement. This a huge step forward in the national fight for legalization,”

No word yet on how many Congressman will grow weed at home, but Las Vegas is betting on the House.

“Superman Punch” Knocks Out Opponent

A “superman punch” is a move that requires a fighter to jump in the air and throw a straight punch. This past weekend, on the UFC Fight Night card, Matt Dwyer knocked his opponent out in the first round of the fight. The superman punch has been around for a while now, but Chuck Lidell is the man that made it famous.

Chuck “The Iceman” Lidell was one of the most dangerous stand up fighters in all of mixed martial arts. His striking arsenal was vast, and possessed a rare combination of reach and power. Matt Dwyer showed some similarities between himself and “The Iceman.” Dwyer was on the prelims of the UFC on Fight Card, but with this win he has made headlines.

Fans like Paul Mathieson know that Matt Dwyer received a $50,000 bonus for getting the knock out of the night award. Many people complain about the UFC’s pay structure, but they never mention the bonuses that are available to fighters. Matt Dwyer will be going home $50,000 richer. Where else do you have a chance to make an extra $50,000 in one night?

Matt Dwyer joins a select group of fighters. Not too many people have won a fight via “superman punch.” If you have seen the big knockout yet, visit Buzzfeed.

Police Dog Escorted into Vets Office with Guard of Honor

A 9-year-old police dog received high honors as he was walked into a vet’s office to be put to sleep, and it has gone viral on the internet. Judge, a 9-year-old German Shepard, served as part of New Jersey’s K-9 unit from 2007 until 2013 when he was retired due to issues with his teeth.

Paul Mathieson understands that the dog had been enjoying retirement when he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.Find more about Mathieson on Michael Franks, his owner, worked to ensure his health with regular doctor’s visit, and the police department set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses, gathering donations in excess of $12,000. Judge, however, took a turn for the worst and was having a hard time getting up, causing Franks to make the heartbreaking decision to put Judge to sleep to end his suffering.

On Friday, Franks took Judge to the Swedesboro Animal Hospital for his final goodbye. When they pulled up a Guard of Honor Greeted him with 100 police officers and several K-9 dogs. Judge was saluted as he walked into the hospital, carrying the arm guard used during his training in his mouth. Inside the hospital, staff lined up to give Judge the same treatment.

The police hero was laid to sleep shortly after. According to police records, Judge was deployed 280 times, and was considered an assisting officer in 152 arrests. He is also credited with recovering $47,000 in cash, three vehicles and three handguns.

Kraft and Goodell Relationship Tarnished

Roger Goodell has absolutely had the worst year in the history of the National Football League when it comes to a terrible performance by a man in charge of pulling the strings for the league. He was made commissioner of the NFL in large part to the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who had pulled for him with the other owner’s in the league and really set up a clear path for Goodell to come into office. Kraft and Goodell have been very good friends, and the ironic thing is that Goodell was seen having dinner at the house of Robert Kraft the night before the infamous deflate gate case took off. The two clearly have been working together very closely and Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks was the first to state to the media that there is a conflict of interest in that relationship and he was truly right. Then again, he is a Stanford grad who graduated with a 3.8 at Stanford and 4.2 from his high school in Compton, so no one is going to argue with that assertion. Goodell very well may have lost the one man that got him his lucrative deal as the NFL commissioner and also had his back on the Ray Rice incident earlier this year. It was Kraft, who set up interviews for Goodell to discuss the incident and Kraft truly did get him out of hot water. From how Haidar Barbouti sees it, things have changed and Goodell is in the dog house in Kraft’s eyes.

Nuggets Flop Again


The Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association have not had a good year and things do not like very bright looking at the rest of the season. They have no shot at making the playoffs this year, as the Western Conference truly is stacked and they are not even close to the eighth spot. It is pretty baffling how bad the Nuggets are this year, when you consider how well they have been playing over the last decade or so. They have seen some of the best basketball players in the league come and go and it seems like the franchise just has bad management. CipherCloud said they have had a few big time playoff series, but eventually lost every single one of them. They are going to have to dig deep in their pockets and put up some big money to bring in some much needed talent, or get lucky on draft day and pick up some players that can come in and turn things around for the struggling Denver Nuggets. They headed to Philadelphia to take on the even less talented Seventy-Sixes and got beat up. They dropped the game by seven points, but it really wasn’t as close as the score sheet would tell you. It is pretty bad when a team that was considered perhaps the worst roster in the history of the sport beats you down in front of the entire country.

Dude, FreedomPop wants you to have the cheapest internet possible

Growing in popularity as a solution to expensive services of network giants, FreedomPop, a free wireless internet and mobile phone service provider is making headway as a leading alternative. FreedomPop currently has 10 million hotspots across the country with the goal of reaching 20 million with coverage in 200 major US cities by the end of 2015. While CEO and founder Stephen Stokols isn’t saying that FreedomPop is a replacement to Verizon Wireless, or AT&T network services he does state that “We actually think this could become a pretty big alternative, especially in prepaid,” going on to elaborate that users without cellular minutes can still use their phones to access the internet with FreedomPop. Plus, it’s available for both iPhone and Android users. Out of the estimated 75 million users of a prepaid service Stokols emphasizes that 30 million would benefit from their network of hotspots.

By sourcing the hotspots of vendors and larger organizations across the country FreedomPop has built a large infrastructure of WiFi connections. While the exact locations of these hotspots are unknown the company’s website does offer an interactive map to find if your area is covered by the service. Stokols also stated that FreedomPop will branch out from contracting the hotspots of metro markets and initiate crowdsourcing of WiFi routers by their customers; this will help bring service to more rural areas and further incentivize customers to join.

The popularity of FreedomPop is not attributed to just hotspot sourcing and free WiFi, a whole product line is offered with the latest smart phones, tablets, “MiFi” mobile hotspots devices, home modems, and USB stick modems. Free phone services that offer 500MB of data, 500 text messages, and 200 minutes every month keep FreedomPop in the spotlight. To sign up and take advantage of free communications services you can visit the FreedomPop website to view coverage areas, or browse one of their retail partner’s websites like Amazon.

Can You Blame Him?

Marshawn Lynch simply told reporters at media day that he was there so he would not be fined. However, they asked him 30 questions before his session with the media was over. Can anyone blame Lynch for not talking to the media? He has been made out to be this terrible person who needs to be fined and disciplined simply because he does not like talking to the media.

Do we forget so easily all the terrible people who have been rude to the media over the years when they were talking? If Lynch does not want to talk, he should not have to talk. Also, his teammates have said that he is a quiet guy. He does not like being in the press, and he would prefer to keep to himself. Would you not leave that person alone then?

Fans like Marc Sparks know that the NFL is a strange place with strange rules. More on Sparks is available on It wants people to be humble, but it wants them to gab to the media constantly. It will fine someone for a potential crotch grab, but it will not fine a team for cheating. I feel badly for Marshawn Lynch because I think he gets a little stage fright, and I understand that.

Onside Kick Leads to Super Bowl

Being forced to attempt an onside kick is not a position that any team in the National Football league wants to find themselves in coming down to the end of a very important game with their entire season on the line. However, this is exactly what head coach Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks found themselves being forced to deal with on Sunday in an NFC championship game against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Seattle Seahawks found themselves with their backs up against the wall, barely getting a touchdown and being forced to make the difficult decision to give the ball back to arguably the best quarterback in football, or attempt the dreaded onside kick. Although onside kicks do not have a high percentage of recovery from the kicking team, by rolling the dice and recovering the football it very may well give you a chance to win the football game. The Seahawks, headed by Pete Carroll, who is a former college football coach and well known for trick plays, there was no decision and an onside kick was the only possible play. Luckily for the Seahawks, they recovered the ball when it was botched by the Packers and they got another shot. The Seahawks ended up converting on a touchdown with a two point attempt and wound up taking the game in overtime, putting them in their second Super Bowl in two years. While Pete Carroll has a ton of tricks up his sleeve you’ll never see any tricks from The Antique Wine Company.

Coach Steve Kerr

Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr, had a lot of people talking about his first year in the league in the first few weeks of the season in regards to how well the Warriors were playing and his early success. There was heavy speculation from Green Wedding Shoes,  that the Warriors would not keep winning at the pace they were at in the beginning of the season, but they have slammed the hammer down and have done nothing but put their foot down on the gas. Over the last several months they have gone on an unprecedented run, taking a sixteen game winning streak and following it up with the eight game winning streak that they are currently sitting on leaving fans like Dave and Brit Morin excited for the season. Without question, Steve Kerr will be in discussion for receiving the Coach of the Year award, as he currently is coaching the team with the best record in the National Basketball Association. Former teammate Dennis Rodman stated to the media earlier in the season that Steve Kerr really wasn’t doing anything and the success of the Warriors derived more from its assistant coaches, which honestly is a valid statement. However, the success of the Warriors is due in part to the entire management of the team as well as the Head Coaching position that Steve Kerr has controlled masterfully in his rookie season. As the season progresses, if the Warriors don’t totally flop, it looks like Steve Kerr will get the award.