Why Are More Music Artists Collaborating?

You may have noticed a rising trend in music artists who are actually collaborating with each other on songs and entire albums. This is something that is still a relatively new concept, though it has been done before decades ago. There are a variety of reasons why music artists are beginning to collaborate with one another when making songs and albums. One reason for this is because it helps to bring in more fans because of the fact that there are two major artists who are working on a song together. Fans of one artist may be able to discover their like for the other artist because of the fact that they are both in the same song.

The trend of collaborating has been around for quite awhile now, but it is just beginning to grow again in popularity. It almost seems weird to those at Qnet if there isn’t someone featured on a track. That is what those on Yahoo are accustomed to seeing. Nowadays, there are many albums that have collaborations on them from one artist to the next, and this is definitely something that is still a relatively new concept in the modern music industry. Just turn on the radio and you’ll find a wide range of songs being played with multiple artists. Collaborating is something that can benefit the artists and the fans as well, so it is definitely something that is not going to be going out of style any time soon just because of how many people are enjoying this when they listen to their music.

Writing and Editing Wikipedia: Some Basic Guidelines


When writing a Wikipedia page, there are several things that you will want to keep firmly in mind, first among them being that whatever you write or change, the article should read objectively. This is not the place for opinions or promotion, either on behalf of yourself or a particular cause. The article should read in a similar way to a news article in the paper, with as little in the way of biased language as possible. If the article in question seems to personal for an editor, it is probably too personal for Wikipedia. It is important to stick to only the facts.

If you are in the process of editing a page, the above also holds true. It is very helpful when an editor removes spam, which here means biased or otherwise inappropriate language. For example, if a previous contributor has added a section about how completely crazy a certain senator to said senator’s bio, that section would be considered spam, and it should be removed. Even if the senator in question does have a history of mental health issues, those should be detailed respectfully, relying only on official diagnoses or publicly available knowledge, and using dispassionate, professional language.

According to spam might also be an overly lengthy explanation, as is often seen in plot summaries of television shows or movies. You can help edit these articles by paring down the summaries to the bare essentials. There is no need to detail every twist and turn of the plot; in most cases, a basic rundown of characters, setting, and premise will do just fine.

It is also critical to include sources for your work when writing and editing articles. The lack of good sourcing is currently the major criticism leveled against Wikipedia as a reliable, “serious” source. When you cite sources, you not only help the people reading your article- you help anyone who might want to correct or expand upon what you have written. Be sure to cite everything in the proper format, and seriously consider adding in-text links for especially contentious information.

Is Wade Going to Cleveland?

Years ago, when LeBron made his famous decision to go to Miami and play for the Heat, he did it because he wanted to play with Dwayne Wade. He wanted to win a title, and he knew he wasn’t good enough to do it all on his own. He had to have help, and Wade gave it to him. The two went to a number of NBA Finals, and they won two of them.

Now, LeBron has come back to Cleveland and the Heat are no longer relevant stated Jaime Garcia Dias. Dwayne Wade’s contract situation is also getting to be a bit of a mess, and there is a lot of speculation that the Heat will not keep the aging and often-hurt star. He can still be good, but he’s nowhere near as good as he used to be. Is there a chance that he’d now follow LeBron to Celveland to win a title there?

The odds actually seem pretty good, considering a juicy bit of information that came out recently. Someone spottedWade’s father, and he was wearing a shirt with the Cavs logo on it. That could indicate that he already knows his son is switching teams and he is a fan of the switch.

Of course, it could also mean nothing. There are a lot of bandwagon Cavs fans out there, and maybe Wade’s dad is just one of them. Still, it could mean everything.

How Low Can He Go?

In general terms, going low in golf IS the goal. The lower the score, the higher up on the leaderboard you go. But for Tiger Woods, “low” is a word that has begun to evoke pity. The first round of the US Open found Woods not only fighting Chambers Bay, the link-styled golf course hosting the Open, but more importantly, fighting himself in just about every way possible. Hole after hole the fans remained by Woods’ side, yelling out their support, hoping for a Tiger Woods of many years past. The sad reality of it all is that the Tiger Woods of years past may never show his face again. The Tiger Woods we see today is a shell of his former self. A constant fight with swings, with his short game and with his putting. This isn’t a one tweak and all is right. Tiger Woods is a complete overhaul waiting to happen. At 39, is it even possible? Has the game already passed one of the world’s greatest golfers? If this US Open is any indication, Tiger Woods has hit rock bottom. Or has he? A man with that much talent has got to have some kick left. Fans of Tiger, like Kevin Seawright, are hoping against hope that soon the real Tiger finds his way back. But until then, the cringe-worthy game he is currently playing could well be the norm.

Michael Vick’s Days Could Be Numbered

Michael Vick May Be on His Last Leg

Quarterback Michael Vick has bounced around at least three teams during this tenure in the NFL. With this in mind it makes sense for him to start for a team.

Vick was asked whether he was starter material and he simply responded with a “Yes.” The problem comes in when even if he feels he can start, other teams don’t see it that way since he hasn’t been signed by anyone, not even for a backup role. Coupled with the fact that Vick is pushing 35 years old and one has to wonder if the end of the line is right around the corner for him said my friend James Dondero.

There was speculation that the Seattle Seahawks would sign him but they opted for Tavaris Jackson only just this week. Much of this could be due to the fact that Vick’s gameplay last season was quite unimpressive. For the 2014 season Vick was with the New York Jets, who signed him after he spent the five years before earning his role as a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles.

During his tenure as an Eagle Vick had put on several electrifying performances before being benched in favor of Nick Foles. Needless to say, Vick simply isn’t in his physical prime anymore and with that in mind there’s a chance that his remarkable career may very well be coming to an end.

Kendall Jenner Rejects Giuliana Rancic

Kendall Jenner is extremely famous for her appearance in the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ reality show. However, Kendall Jenner is also known worldwide for her new modeling deal, which has made her a hundred million dollars richer. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that Kendall Jenner owes the majority of her fame to her big sister and stepfather. That’s the only reason Ivan Ong knows her. She certainly doesn’t have a LinkedIn page for her line of work.

Recently, Bruce Jenner revealed to the world that he is becoming a woman. Many people were completely shocked and appalled by the announcement. However, it was quickly apparent that the young daughters took the news the hardest. Kylie and Kendall Jenner couldn’t believe the situation, and there were reports that the girls were extremely angry with him.

Kendall Jenner was recently interviewed whole on the red carpet of the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. Renowned E! host Giuliana Rancic asked Kendall Jenner many controversial questions. However, Kendell Jenner answered the questions without hesitation, and many people were surprised with the young girl’s poise and clarity.

After the interview had concluded, Giuliana Rancic kissed Kendall Jenner on the cheek, but apparently, Kendall wanted no part of it. A video of the moment has gone viral, and many people believe that Kendall made Giuliana look like a fool on purpose. Some people believe that Giuliana’s questions were too personal, and Kendall Jenner used the moment to spite her. I’m not really sure what happened, but you can judge the moment yourself by visiting Yahoo!

Matt Landis Tops ACC Defenders

matt landis lacrosse

After capping off a successful 2015 regular season, members of the Notre Dame Lacrosse team are starting to receive a number of accolades. Chief among them is one of the team’s mainstays, Matt Landis. Last week, the Conference coaches honored the Notre Dame’s junior by naming him the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Defensive Player of the Year in Men’s Lacrosse. The New York native had twice been named conference defensive player of the week and started all twelve games on a team that has allowed opponents a miserly 9.1 points per game. Notre Dame’s coach Kevin Corrigan praised his defenseman saying “Since his sophomore season, he has developed into a complete and multi-faceted defender and has been a consistent and steady player all year long for us. Matt plays with a relentlessness that has been a key for our success throughout the season.” Landis is also a finalist for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award which goes to the nation’s top collegiate lacrosse player.

This is Landis’ second year as a starter for the Irish who are looking to return to the NCAA finals again this year. Landis’ award follows the Irish being crowned the ACC regular-season champions and receiving a number one seed in the upcoming NCAA Lacrosse Tournament. This will make the Irish men’s tenth straight appearance in the tournament. Landis and the Irish will play Townson University this Saturday, April 10th. Landis, a finance major with a 3.4 GPA, will return as a senior leader for the Irish next year.

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Teams That Are Likely For Adrian Peterson

Teams That Are Likely For Adrian Peterson

Ever since being drafted in 2007, Adrian Peterson has been one of the most dominated running backs, as well as overall players in the NFL. So it’s no surprise that multiple teams want to add him to their roster this season. Boraie Development LLC confirmed that the Cowboys and Cardinals are only a couple of the teams known out for Peterson.

Peterson’s future with the Vikings has been in question since early in the 2014 NFL season, and several teams are looking forward to adding him to their squad when the 2015 season officially starts. However, some teams are more determined to trade for Peterson while others have either backed away or shown no interest at all, the Dallas Cowboys being one team that have owned headlines.

In an interesting turn of events, it turns out that the Cowboys, in spite of being at the forefront of trades earlier this offseason, the Cowboys are not interested in paying whatever price for getting Peterson. In fact the organization hasn’t even spoken to the Minnesota Vikings staff about being sent to the team. At the same time, Peterson has made it known he would like to be a part of the Cowboys team.

The Arizona Cardinals are another team that Peterson has shown interest in playing for, much like the Cowboys. But while the Cardinals do feel he would be a good upgrade for the team, this would mean they would surrender their first round pick in the draft.

Why Lacrosse Is An Ancient Sport That’s Timeless

matt landis pads

They say that everything old is new again. Take the sport of lacrosse, for example. A premier sporting event on the North American continent for hundreds of years, the game has been rising through the ranks of inter-collegiate sports for years, and is an increasing presence on high school campuses as well.

matt landis yellow tee

Before it was a summer camp staple, lacrosse was a game played by Native Americans

Lacrosse got its start in Canada, played by native groups possibly starting in the 1600’s. It is considered to be the oldest team sport played in North America. While the modern day sport takes equipment and some rules from its 17th century ancestor, there are differences as well. One would be in the size of the game. The number of players could range from several hundred to a thousand in the original version of the game. Another was the duration of the game. Ones with fewer players might last only a few hours. But larger games with many players could be epic events, with continuous play going on for days. The game only stopped for the day when the sun went down, and resumed the next morning with its rising. The dimensions of the lacrosse field were fairly fluid. Depending on the needs of that particular game, opposing goals could be placed several hundred feet apart, or there could be as much as six miles separating them. These older games certainly had rules to govern play. But they might not be the same rules from game to game, and it was not uncommon for them to be determined not long before that particular game was played. One “firm and fast” one that appeared to be common to all of these games was that once the ball was in play, it could not be touched with hands. Although many native tribes had a woman’s version of this game (and some men vs. women games were played), for the larger, inter-tribal events, only male players were permitted. Aggression among players in moving the ball towards the desired goal was encouraged. The game served as a (usually) non-lethal way for “frenemy” tribes to work out aggressions, and to train young warriors.

Canadian tribes eventually added non-netted sticks to their lacrosse equipment, but used no other equipment. The game moved beyond the boundaries of Canada into what is now the United States in the 1700’s, where it was adopted by some tribes living there. French colonists in Canada also adopted the game, developing a formal (and permanent) set of rules, and making the game less violent. The sport increased in popularity as time went on, with formal clubs forming, and the game eventually became Canada’s national sport. It caught on more slowly in the United States. An eastern college and prep school fixture since the mid twentieth century, the game has exploded on the high school and college level within the last decade.

matt landis pads

Matt Landis plays for Notre Dame.

One of the game’s stars is Notre Dame player Matt Landis. A defensive man, the junior was recently named Defensive Player Of The Week by the Atlantic Coast Conference for his part in Notre Dame’s victory over Virginia University.

matt landis lacrosse

Matt Landis has been playing since high school.

A Pelham, NY native, Landis was a lacrosse team star during all four years at the town’s high school, and was heavily recruited by a number of major colleges to play for them upon graduation. He was named as one of Inside Lacrosse magazine’s top collegiate players in 2012, and is a fine representative of the popularity of this game that endures to this day.

My Dog Loves A Hardy Helping Of Beneful

I have a great dog, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. When I come home from work, my dog greets me at the door, and he’ll even have the paper in his mouth when I come in. I treat my dog as well as he treats me, and this is why we get along so easily. I take my dog to the vet for regular visits, and I make sure that he’s healthy in every way. I will be honest, I do spoil my pet from time to time, and I will give him a steak, or some other juicy foods.

My vet said there is nothing wrong with a steak once in a while, and the truth is, I can only afford to do it once in a while. When you have a good pet like the one I have, you make sure to show your love for him. I tend to feed my pet store brand food, and I recently came across a great brand of food that my pet loves. I went grocery shopping one day, and after going down the pet aisle, I came across a food brand named Beneful. I don’t know what compelled me to buy it.

It could be the fact that the labeling on the front just stood out to me, but I thought my dog might like it. I decided to buy the dry dog food, and I brought it home, and put it in the closet. Only when my dog had finished the store brand food, did I finally open the Beneful. I noticed a difference in the way my dog ate, right away. Whenever I would go to the closet to get the Beneful, my pet would barely allow me to open up the door, because he was so anxious.

It’s obvious that my pet loved the food, so I decided that I would go back, and buy some wet versions of the food as well. My dog ate every bit of it, and I can’t tell if he likes the wet or the dry dog food better. He never gave such a great reaction with the store brand food, so I’ve decided to stick with the Beneful from now on. My dog loves the food, it’s affordable, and even my veterinarian recommends it. I would never go back to using the store brand, I’ll only feed my dog Beneful.