Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest and their Coming Comedy Show on ABC

Live with Kelly and Ryan talk show hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are about to make their own comedy show titled “Work Wife”. This program is about working spouses who have few boundaries with their co-workers and how these relationships impacts the office. This show is scheduled for a pilot and it is something that Seacrest and Ripa have been contemplating since earlier in 2018.

Seacrest has always been in front of the camera as a host. That is his specialty. He has his own radio programs and he also hosts top rated shows such as American Idol. He also does the Dick Clark Rocking New Years Eve party in New York on an annual basis. Seacrest knows how to produce programs since he created Keeping up with Kardashians. He produces this show. His production company is taking a leading role with producing this show.

Kelly and Ryan might not seem like comedy actors but apparently, they have what it takes to pull this off. ABC has green lighted the project for a pilot. Seacrest and Ripa are both looking forward to the start of this show. No official word has been given as of yet for the pilot’s start date or when the show is scheduled to begin.

Ryan Seacrest is a big name in the media industry. Besides his hosting duties he also appears at various functions related to this industry. He has worked with big name talent in the past and is familiar with the world of acting. Once again, Seacrest is not known for comedic talents, but that doesn’t mean that he does not have a sense of humor. On his show Kelly and Ryan Live he does have some witty things to say and he often makes humorous comments with co-host Kelly.

Of course, there will be writers on the program who will create the material for the actors. Seacrest and Ripa will also have to follow the producers and directors lead. Veteran writers have been assigned to the show. This should give the cast some good material to draw from when acting out the show. If Work Wife is a successful show, Seacrest and Ripa will definitely have another hit TV program to their credit.

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Papa Johns CEO Listens to His Team Members

Steve Ritchie, the CEO of the nationwide Papa Johns chain of pizza restaurants, recently went on a tour of many of the company’s outlets to listen to employees and get their perspectives on work and the direction the company is heading firsthand. The tour was consistent with the Papa Johns corporate philosophy that success comes from putting the job satisfaction of its employees as a top priority.

Visiting stores from Atlanta to Los Angeles, he listened to the concerns and comments of multiple employees and absorbed their thoughts on the topics of customer interaction, charitable giving, community involvement and many more.

One theme that came out his listening was that many employees consider Papa Johns to be an extension of their family, and he was heartened to learn that the job is much more than a paycheck to many team members. In an article from USA Today, he said that he clearly understands that Papa Johns is more than just a collection of restaurants making and delivering pizzas; the people in the stores are representative of their communities and are important as such.

While Steve Ritchie acknowledged that some of the conversations were difficult, he wanted to get his information firsthand and form his opinions based on what employees on the front lines of the operation were saying, and he came to the conclusion that, overall, the Papa Johns team is upbeat and ready to make a new start. He points out that Papa Johns is an operation that is much larger than a single person and that the importance of teamwork is paramount going forward.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns believes strongly in the importance of getting accurate feedback – even when it’s not necessarily what he wants to hear – and this tour shows how he is willing to do whatever it takes to get an accurate picture of the company he leads. Overall, this tour should serve Steve Ritchie well as he guides Papa Johns forward.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Shares His Varied Investment Portfolio

The DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani made an appearance at the 2018 Davos event and found himself thrust into the global spotlight for his comments about creating a sustainable industrial sector. The entrepreneur is a supporter of many of the programs created by the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates, including the One Million Arab Coders project designed to create a technologically advanced economy for the Middle East.

DAMAC may be the best-known company owned by Hussain Sajwani, but the DAMAC owner has built an impressive empire crossing a range of different sectors. Included in the companies owned by Hussain Sajwani is his Al Jazeira Services group focusing on catering for industrial and military agencies. In a post from, it says that this is the sector Hussain Sajwani used to launch himself on the business world and provided him with a service award from the U.S. military following the Iraq Wars.

Like all god investors and entrepreneurs, Hussain Sajwani does not believe in placing all his eggs in a single basket but spreads his investments across a range of sectors. His own DICO Investments company has become the most important arm of the empire of the DAMAC owner as it handles more than $3 billion in assets. Not only does the University of Washington graduate look to maintain his real estate investments but also looks to continue his success by investing in developing banking institutions for the long-term. Visit his website for more details.

In the luxury real estate industry, the establishment of the Nine Elms Property group has been one of the most important and long-awaited of recent years. The group is in charge of the AYKON One Tower overlooking the River Thames in London with interiors designed by Versace Home. Strategic partnerships have become a major part of the work of the DAMAC owner who saw his golf developments on the outskirts of Dubai completed with a partnership with the Bugatti sports car company. Partnering with other luxury brands have become a major part of pushing forward the DAMAC brand on the global stage.

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How Ryan Seacrest Does So Much and Makes It Look So Easy

Ryan Seacrest has accomplished a lot in his 43 years on this earth. Hosting “American Idol” put him on the map but he’s taken on a lot more in and out of show business since then. He produces the hit television shows “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “American Idol.” He also has a nationally-syndicated radio show “On Air With Ryan.” Outside of the entertainment industry Ryan has a skin care and fashion line, and started The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. His foundation’s purpose is to inspire youth through entertainment and multimedia experiences. Most recently, however, Seacrest moved to New York to co-host “Live” with Kelly Ripa.

In an article from The New York Times, Ryan mentioned that his fast paced lifestyle may make some people wonder how he keeps up. His daily routine is surprisingly normal considering all the endeavors on his plate. Over the years he has disciplined himself to structure his day and stick to his plan, instead of being overrun by the demands of the moment.

According to Ryan, he starts his morning early, waking up to an alarm clock at 6am and takes care of himself at the beginning of the day instead of jumping into the day’s work. Seacrest has learned the value of taking care of himself physically, and makes time for a cup of matcha tea for the benefits it gives. He also carves out time to work out, something he felt guilty about earlier in his career. Currently, that workout is usually boxing, his Peloton bike, or a jog outdoors. Besides physical exercise, as a self-proclaimed “foodie” he makes sure to make time to indulge in good food, friends and wine on the weekends.

All these steps to organization of his work and personal life only add to Seacrest’s success and image. He worked for Dick Clark early in his career and noted the vibe of ease and poise Clark put out. Seacrest makes his busy lifestyle look easy, bringing the same distinction he admired in Clark before he passed away.

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Irish/American Baritone Brian Mulligan Hits All the Right Notes

Although famed baritone Brian Mulligan has performed in opera houses around the world to wide-spread acclaim, the Irish/American singer always enjoys returning to the peace and quiet of his Pacific Heights home and neighborhood.
As he prepares to debut in the title role in the San Francisco Opera’s production of “Sweeny Todd” in September, the New York native is thrilled that his long-time dream of playing the psychotic barber is being fulfilled.
“It’s a brutal role,” he says. “With a range emotion of joy to despair, it the kind of role you long for.”
Mulligan studied voice at Yale University before moving on to the prestigious Julliard School of Music. While still a Julliard student, he debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in December of 2003 in Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman Without a Shadow), an opera in three acts by Richard Strauss.
The baritone is a perfectionist when it comes to learning his roles, interpreting the musical score, and rehearsing endlessly to hit each melodic note perfectly.
The range of roles Mulligan has appeared in is astonishing for such a young performer. From his critically acclaimed performance of Richard Nixon in Nixon in China with the San Francisco Opera to debuting in Pique Dame in Zürich and in the Frankfurt Opera’s production of Lucia di Lammermoor, Mulligan has more than proven his versatility as a world-class baritone artist.
Mulligan doesn’t limit his performances to operatic settings. He is a popular soloist on the domestic symphony orchestra circuit. He has performed in sold-out concerts with the Cleveland Orchestra, the Chicago and Houston Symphony Orchestras and the Los Angeles Philharmonic in recent years.
Not limited to live stage appearances, his performance of Mahler’s 8th Symphony in Los Angeles was recorded by Deutsche Grammophon and released on DVD in 2012.
Mulligan credits his primary voice instructor, W. Stephen Smith, for much of his success. Always one for hard work and total effort, Mulligan shies away from listening to the recorded voices of yesterday and today and prefers to get his musical inspiration directly from the composers through their written scores.
Although bestowed with numerous awards for his singing talents, Mulligan says that being named one of the top 100 Irish Americans by the Irish America Magazine is one of his favorite honors.

Critically Acclaimed Operatic Barritone: Brian Mulligan

Born in Endicott, New York, Brian Mulligan began pursuing music at a young age. To study his passion, Brian Mulligan attended Yale University and the Juliard School.
Brian Mulligan major debut performance was at the Metropolitan Opera in December of 2003. He was still a student at the Juliard School when he took the stage at the Met. His debut performance was in the Opera Die Frau ohne Schatten. After his debut performance, Brian Mulligan performed throughout many other cities in America and the whole world including San Francisco, Zurich, Chicago, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York City, and Houston. He has performed as Marcello in La Bohème, Yeletsky in Pique Dame, Enrico in Lucia di Lammermoor, Prospero in Ades’ The Tempest, Prometheus in Die Vögel,Valentin in a new production of Gounod’s Faust, Jake Wallace in La Fanciulla del West. Brian Mulligan has played a wide range of roles and continues to do so throughout American and European countries!

While Brian Mulligan performed with the San Francisco Opera House, he portrayed Richard Nixon in the Opera “Nixon in China.” He received rave reviews from critics for his stellar performance. This is well known as one of his standout and best performances. Brian Mulligan has also received multiple awards for his Operatic work. In fact, the Los Angeles philharmonic states that Brian Mulligan has “been awarded a Richard Tucker Career Grant and a Sara Tucker Study Grant and the George London Prize,” all major operatic accomplishments.

Brian Mulligan currently lives in the city of San Francisco, California. Although he’s a resident of San Francisco, he also holds dual citizenship with Ireland. Brian enjoys spending time in San Francisco’s presidio district. Brian focuses a majority of his time on his operatic work and is constantly practicing his operas. He likes to sound original and practices the old fashioned way. As Brian Mulligan states, “If you come to my dressing room, the score will be open on my table, and I’ll study it through the final performance. I spend a lot of time making sure every note I sing is inspired from a place of care, giving, and from the air moving through my vocal folds.”

Brian Mulligan is an incredibly accomplished singer with a true and genuine passion for the operas that he performs.

Juniper Networks Recent Stock Climb

Shaygan Kheradpir is a respected figure in the tech industry having worked with Verizon and the Barclay group where he helped pave the way for communications in the 21st Century. Recently he has been working in the American Banking Industry conducting innovative work that looks to help the current American economy. He was the CEO of Juniper Networks but as of Nov 2014 he has resigned. Juniper Networks is an Internet Protocol Networking company based in the Silicon Valley.

Juniper Networks continues to grow in all the right directions despite the recent changes in the executive hierarchy. As a company they have made strides in the fields of networking technology by taking advantage of the recent boom in the markets of cloud computing and data virtualization. The company has also benefited from its recent growth into the Software Defined Network field, which allows their network administrators to manage the network services through lower level functionality.

This all of course has increased their stock price which in the end is what matter to their shareholders and given the recent jump of .30 in the market share over this past trading day I think it’s safe to assume that Juniper Networks will continue growing in the right direction as long as there is a need for technological security and advancement.

Amazon Customers Can Now Stream HBO

HBO has long been known for being the studio behind many of T.V.s greatest hits, but the premium channel has had distribution issues. With more and more people on Skout and social media, leaving cable behind, the need to pay for extra channels has diminished. Their response has been the HBO Now streaming service which is currently available through Apple TV, Dish Network, and Cablevision System’s Optimum TV. The service costs $15 a month. In the next few weeks customers will be able to access the service on Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV stick.

While HBO hasn’t released data on how widespread its streaming service is, other companies have been quick to trumpet the death of traditional TV. Netflix gained 3.3 million new subscribers during the second quarter. Marketwatch has reported that their CEO Reed Hastings stated that he expects to add 5-6 million new subscribers each year. Google announced recently that viewing hours on YouTube grew by more than 60% in the second quarter. Analysts belive that HBO Now has somewhere between 850,000 and 1 million subscribers.

Tim Duncan Travels To Meet LaMarcus Aldridge

Yahoo Sports reports that Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Coach Greg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs are meeting with free agent LaMarcus Aldridge to try and woo him to sign with the team. Parker, Pop, and Duncan are all travelling to Aldridge’s off-season home city, Los Angeles, to try and convince him that San Antonio is a great fit for him. Duncan is a free agent, but the fact that he is travelling to meet with one of the off-season’s biggest free agents suggests that he is planning to play another season for the Spurs. The Spurs have been in two out of the last three NBA Finals and would like to try to be a contender again. They believe that Aldridge might be the key to a return to the Finals, and it is rumored that Duncan may take a pay cut to help his team land the free agent. The Spurs aren’t the only team trying to land the forward, but it’s thought that San Antonio is where Aldridge is leaning toward signing right now stated The Mavericks, Rockets, and Lakers are all vying for him and may be places he would like to go as well. It will be interesting to see where LaMarcus ends up, but it’s safe to say that if he signs with the Spurs they have a good chance to make it back to the Finals soon.

Chris Brown Rihanna Run In

Lately, Chris Brown has been dealing with more drama than one man should ever get used to. Not only is Chris still in the early stages of fatherhood and learning how to be a parent and a celebrity, but he is dealing with typical drama from Nia Guzman who wants more money for Royalty. Karrueche Tran used to be Chris’s fallback plan, but after finding out the news about Chris fathering a 9 month baby girl Karrueche cut Chris off once and forall. Chris has made multiple attempts to get back with Karrueche but she refuses him time and again.

Now that Karrueche is used to Chris’s constant ups and down, she knows how to deal with Chris without making too much of a scene. Speaking of scenes, Chris is lucky he didn’t make one last Friday while partying at Hooray Henry’s when Rihanna and her new boyfriend Karim Benzema. Apparently Chris quickly spotted the new couple, and and didn’t start any drama.

Just a few days ago Chris was in a shouting match with is ex Karrueche, after she turned down his advances in a club. Ricardo Tosto knows there is probably more to the story, and others on agree.

Sources say that there was no drama whatsoever, Rihanna and Karim were seated comfortable and seemed to be very affectionate. Chris watched in the distance but he remained on his best behavior. Either baby Royalty is having a positive effect on Chris, or he is trying to catch flies than honey.