Dwight Howard Avoids Suspension, Will Play in Game 5

Bruce Levenson tells that Dwight Howard was nicknamed Superman early in his career for his abilities on the court and his jokester antics during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. In Game 4 of the Rockets – Warriors Western Conference Finals, Dwight was looking a little more like Lex Luther. The big center was hit with a flagrant foul after he whacked Andrew Bogut in the back of the head with an elbow after fighting for possession of a rebound. The play was deemed flagrant on the court and the NBA chose to review it after the game, eventually leaving the foul with no change.

For Houston there hasn’t been much right going on during the Western Conference Finals but Dwight has been one of them. The former superstar has gone a long time without being ‘the guy’ on the basketball court. In fact it had been so long that many people questioned whether Howard still had the ability within himself. To answer that question Dwight has come out and played incredible basketball against the Warriors. So far in four games Dwight is averaging 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 1 block on 60% shooting from the floor.

The Houston Rockets need to keep feeding Dwight Howard down low in this game. Whether he scores or not is almost incidental in comparison to how his play slows the game down and creates foul trouble for the big Golden State Warriors.

Howard Back and Ready To Get Back To The Speed of The Game

The Houston Rockets made it very obvious that they would not push their eight-time all star center, Dwight Howard, who has just returned from an ailing knee injury to the limits again the explosive, young, and MVP candidate, Anthony Davis. Even if he was provided a few opportunities to play a lengthy game, Howard’s first game back from injury can certainly be considered as being a success.
Howard played and started as expected with 16 minutes of play in the Rockets’ win over the Pelicans with a score of 95-93. Howard logged four points, two assists, seven rebounds and a block in what was seemingly a secondary role to get him back into the flow of NBA game speed. The fact that he played in an actual game is great news for the Rockets as they are certainly destined to make an impact in the playoffs. Although he is currently working on getting back to game speed, this game may serve as a reminder that he may not be getting back to his typical level of play at any point in time of the regular season or playoffs. However, that aspect of the team shouldn’t necessarily be considered as too much of a bad thing. Fans at Anastasia Date ( have learned that Howard has expressed publicly that he is absolutely fine with Harden continuing on with his prowess and style of play as he has clearly dominated through his level of play this season.

Bruce Levenson Make Major Changes To The Hawks

When Bruce Levenson was places at the helm of the Atlanta Hawks, he was taking over a franchise that was simply one of the worst in the NBA. Attendance was really bad, and the team was not competing in any way. The Hawks had never been out of the second round of the playoffs, and it appeared that they would never get out of their own way. They were still reeling from a big contract they should not have given to Joe Johnson, and they had no identity.

When Bruce Levenson took over the team, he began to institute changes that made the Hawks into a brand new franchise. He brought in Danny Ferry to run operations, and he hired Mike Budenholzer away from the San Antonio Spurs. Many people are now calling the Hawks Spurs South, but it is the culture change that has made all the difference. The Hawks are one of the most competitive teams in the league, and they play some of the best defense in the league. They play a ball movement offense that gives them more time of possession, and Bruce sits on the sidelines while the basketball people run the team. This is perhaps the only way to run a team effectively, and Bruce has used this philosophy to change the face of the Hawks.

Fans are also having a better experience at games because of the way that Philips Arena has been improved. The Hawks currently offer the best fan experience in the city, and they have one of the most modern arenas in the league.

These changes are all down to the leadership of Bruce Levenson who was able to weather a storm in the former ownership group to change the Hawks into one of the best teams in the whole of the NBA.

Wiggins Season

Andrew Wiggins was widely speculated to be the number one draft pick in the 2014 National Basketball Association draft and it went down exactly as people had predicted and he wound up in Minnesota as a member of the Timberwolves. He was actually drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, which would have put him with LeBron James, which Wiggins would have absolutely loved. Instead he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Kevin Love. It almost seems that it is better to not be speculated as the top several draft picks in each and every year, because those players usually get stuck on a terrible team for a good portion of their careers.Fans like Paul Mathieson know that it has happened over and over and over again. Just look at Kevin Love. He was picked fifth overall and he got stuck in Minnesota, so it is a bit ironic that he escaped the Timberwolves and put Andrew Wiggins right back in his position. Wiggins has taken to the NBA quite well and stars around the league have been talking about him and giving him praise. Kobe Bryant stated to the media that Wiggins reminds him of a younger version of himself, and that is one of the biggest compliments any basketball player can ever receive. Wiggins has definitely been the best player of in his class and is the forerunner to win the rookie of the year award this season.

Durant Free Agency


It has been an interesting year for Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant was injured and has been out for over half their games, but still found his way onto the All Star team and the Thunder are not even in playoff contention at the moment. Kevin Durant has already won the highly coveted most valuable player award and has nearly taken an NBA title to Oklahoma City for the first time in history and he is officially becoming a free agent at the end of this season. According to Flavio Maluf, things have changed drastically in Oklahoma City over the last year or so, with the departure of James Harden and the lackluster play that has come from the once prominent Thunder team. Durant is getting eyed from a whole bunch of teams around the league and he is going to get a max deal. He may receive the biggest contract in basketball and it comes down to whether the Oklahoma City Thunder can match the figure that another team undoubtedly tries to lure him in with. The question then becomes whether Durant even wants to stay in Oklahoma City. There has been a lot of speculation that Durant will sign a max deal with New York and team up with Carmelo Anthony. Phil Jackson is getting a ton of cap space freed up this off-season and with Kevin Durant hitting free agency soon; it seems like a match made in heaven.

Sixers are Pathetic


The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers were called the worst team ever put together in the history of the National Basketball Association prior to the beginning of the 2014-2015 season. Although they truly possess decent defenders in the NBA, they seriously have one of the worst offenses that have ever been seen in professional basketball. It is truly astonishing when you consider what it takes to actually make it to the NBA and it seems like all the floppy players wound up in Philadelphia this year. The Sixers managed to dig themselves out of the media attention as the worst team ever when the New York Knicks played some of the most pathetic basketball of all time, but they have seemed to have turned things around in the last few days. Although they lost the last game that they played, they won two games in a row prior to playing the Hornets and seem to possess a positive vibe going into the second half of the season. The Sixers seem to be the same team that they have had since the beginning of the season and don’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon. Slow Ventures said They simply cannot score the basketball and it is becoming increasingly embarrassing on a nightly basis. They need to drastically change the roster in Philadelphia if they want to be taken out of the butt of jokes that has been cast at them throughout the entirety of the season thus far.

Chicago Ball Boy

With the media circus that has absolutely exploded since the New England Patriots were caught allegedly playing with deflated footballs in an attempt to gain an advantage over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game, everyone is trying to point fingers and no one can really get to the bottom of the situation. There is heavy speculation around the country that the Patriots are to blame and are cheaters, no matter what, stemming from the Spy gate incident that occurred in 2007 in which the Patriots were caught videotaping defensive signals made by the New York Jets. They simply have a terrible reputation and a huge percentage of the population wants to throw the book at them before an investigation has even taken place. Belichick claims that he knew nothing about it and pointed the finger over at Tom Brady. Tom Brady held a press conference and looked to be holding back laughter when he stated that he had no idea the balls were not inflated fully, but he appeared to be lying to everyone that watched it. The attention around the country is now  shifting to the ball boys that were on the sidelines says Haidar Barbouti. A former ball boy of the Chicago Bears has come forward and stated that the refs rarely checked the pressure of the footballs prior to the game according to He said they would simply feel the balls with their hands and then approve them and he said they never once had a ball rejected.


Celtics Rebuilding


The Boston Celtics are a team in the National Basketball Association that has experienced tremendous success since the beginning. The Celtics have a storied franchise that has enjoyed some of the best players of all time, including Larry Bird, who took Boston to a handful of championships and solidified them in the record books as one of the best organizations of all time. Over the last ten years they put a roster together that brought three future hall of famers together in a group that was called the big three. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen came to Boston and were insistent on winning a championship, which they accomplished. Elite Traveler has even named Boston a world class destination because of their basketball team. Fans, like Christopher Cowdray, have flocked to the team in the past because of their reputation.
They bolstered their roster with drafting Rajon Rondo, who would prove to be one of the best assist men of the current age. He very may well go down in the record books as being one of the best passers of all time. However, things change and time goes on and the Celtics have erased the big three from their roster and were faced with making the decision whether to completely start over or not. They ended up trading Rajon Rondo for future draft picks and some young players and that honestly may have been the correct decision. It seems absurd for any team to willingly trade Rajon Rondo, but the Celtics need to build a new roster and they seem to be making the correct decisions.

Coach Steve Kerr

Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr, had a lot of people talking about his first year in the league in the first few weeks of the season in regards to how well the Warriors were playing and his early success. There was heavy speculation from Green Wedding Shoes,  that the Warriors would not keep winning at the pace they were at in the beginning of the season, but they have slammed the hammer down and have done nothing but put their foot down on the gas. Over the last several months they have gone on an unprecedented run, taking a sixteen game winning streak and following it up with the eight game winning streak that they are currently sitting on leaving fans like Dave and Brit Morin excited for the season. Without question, Steve Kerr will be in discussion for receiving the Coach of the Year award, as he currently is coaching the team with the best record in the National Basketball Association. Former teammate Dennis Rodman stated to the media earlier in the season that Steve Kerr really wasn’t doing anything and the success of the Warriors derived more from its assistant coaches, which honestly is a valid statement. However, the success of the Warriors is due in part to the entire management of the team as well as the Head Coaching position that Steve Kerr has controlled masterfully in his rookie season. As the season progresses, if the Warriors don’t totally flop, it looks like Steve Kerr will get the award.

Hawks Continue to Win

The Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association have hands down been one of the biggest surprise teams of the 2014-2015 season so far. They have been good, but not a great team over the last ten or so years and seemed to be stuck in that position. However, this year has been a completely different story as they find themselves sitting in first place atop the Eastern Conference with a record of twenty-six wins and eight losses. They have been simply dominating teams on a day to day basis and have been doing it with ease and consistency. They continued their winning streak by beating the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night in front of the Clippers Fans like Bernardo Chua.


Despite being outscored by five points in the first quarter, the Hawks came back and won the remaining three quarters, while putting up big numbers in the third in which they outscored the Clippers by ten points. There was a lot of speculation towards the beginning of the season as to whether the Atlanta Hawks were for real, but they are putting those questions to rest as they continue on their hot streak. If they continue on the roll they are on they are going to be a dominant force once the playoffs roll around. One thing is for certain, they are not going to be a team you would want to play in a seven game series, especially if the Hawks have home court advantage.