In 2008, Jay Z made a deal of about $150 million with Live Nation. Lately, it is undergoing some rough edges. It’s on the verge of selling some of its stake in ROC Nation. Selling the whole company is another reality that they may have to face. Live Nation is getting a pretty good lucrative deal from Jay Z and wants to maintain its contact. Sadly, it doesn’t want to be involved with buying recorded music.

ROC Nation artist includes; Jay Z, Rihanna, Fat Joe, Meek Mill and Shakira. Jay Z and Desiree Perez, the CEO of ROC Nation, recently met up with the CEO of the universal music group, Mr. Lucian Grainge. They wanted him to become a shareholder in ROC Nation, which would help Jay Z develop new artists. The UMG currently have a distribution deal with ROC Nation. If they invested more in the company, they would, in turn, own much more substantial stake. They would still continue to work with Jay Z who is an influential mogul. and Desiree Perez on

Desiree Perez is an entrepreneur mogul. She became the CEO of ROC Nation from 2009 to date. She has been working for quite some time for the SC enterprises. Being good at crunching numbers and the tough business lady that she is has led to her success. Desiree is a fierce negotiator and has been able to close deals with very many clients and making good money in the music industry. She helped Rihanna secure a lucrative deal with Samsung. She plays a huge role in the company like labeling, management, and publishing. Desiree is also signing up clients based on sports in the ROC Nation Sports Agency. She has achieved a lot and worked with moguls in the music industry hence her massive success in the industry.

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Sheds Light About The Life Of An Impersonator

They embrace their mode of dressing, mimic their voices, walk, behave, and most importantly, their looks. This is the life of most look-alikes around the world that have taken up the identities of musical and movie stars. They have adopted these similarities and made a career out of it.
An article by R7, highlights the life of such An impersonator, Michael Jackson’s look-alike, Sergio Cortes. In his Facebook profile, Sergio posts that being an artist with a great composing, singing, dancing, and acting is not for everyone. He further says that possessing great resemblance for an artist as famous as Michael is not just a career is not easy and considers his resemblance of Michael Jackson not a career but a privilege.
Sergio is a Brazilian born Spanish speaker introduced to the world of look-alikes at a young age and later following it and making a career out of it. He confirms that at a young age, his mother revealed to him how much he resembled Michael who was at the time starting his career with the Group Jackson 5. This is how his interest for Michael’s singing, dancing and general behavior before his fans and the press.
His interest for Michael was further heightened when one day in his teenage years got a photo shoot invite. In this, he was to dress up like Michael and have some photos taken of him that would later be sold in the name of Michael. This single was the basis of his major break-through; it gained him enormous popularity and saw him booked into various shows and especially the American Idols international tours as well as a massive following in his Twitter and over 160,000 fans on his Facebook page.

It is on these social media platforms that he interacts with his fans, discusses and receives promotions from potential promoters on new shows. He, nevertheless, expresses how deeply traumatized he was by the death of the pop icon in 2009 in Los Angeles, USA. He says it was especially difficult for him given how deeply he had incorporated pop icon’s life into his life. He notes that his performances are one way of overcoming his loss and that of the late singer’s fans.
Sergio’s impersonation of Michael is not an isolated case. Various look-alikes all across the world continually imitate their favorite stars. In Brazil especially, the most idolized and impersonated figures include Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas and Ronaldinho.

Sergio Cortes Looks So Much Like Michael Jackson

When most people think of an impersonator, they’ll generally turn their noses up and snub them for not being as good as the person they’re imitating. Many have bad things to say about impersonators, especially ones who impersonate big stars like Michael Jackson. It’s been a running joke over the years that there are too many Michael Jackson impersonators, and these impersonators range in colors from black to white. Some impersonators have nailed Michael Jackson’s style and look while others are dismissed because they don’t favor Michael at all. Over the many years that Michael Jackson has been performing, he’s had impersonators from all over the world.

Although there may not be an official Michael Jackson impersonator in every country around the world, many countries have their own imitator of Michael Jackson, and the best imitator is Sergio Cortes, who currently lives in Brazil. Brazil is well known for the Amazon, the sunshine, the beaches, and the girls, but now Brazil is also well-known for having the best Michael Jackson impersonator. Sergio Cortes doesn’t just impersonate Michael Jackson; he embodies Michael Jackson completely. Sergio looks and acts exactly as Michael did, and Sergio is even reclusive and shy like Michael was.

Those who have never seen Sergio perform can easily go to one of his social media pages and watch videos of his performances, and it will be difficult to declare that it’s not Michael Jackson performing in the videos. Sergio has studied Michael so well over the years that he can dance just like Michael, and Sergio even re-created some of Michael Jackson’s dance moves and songs for the public. Many people around the world love Sergio Cortes, and he’s been on enough television shows to where people all over the world now know who he is. Sergio is an amazing Michael Jackson imitator, and Sergio looks exactly like Michael too.

Looking like Michael Jackson isn’t enough, so Sergio made sure to learn every single dance move that Michael performed, Michael’s choreography, Michael’s mannerisms, and he even studied all of Michael’s songs. With all the songs that Michael has had over the years, it’s unbelievable that one person would know so much about the star, but Sergio Cortes wants to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator alive. Although we’ll all miss Michael Jackson forever, Sergio can help us all to remember Michael fondly, especially when he performs on stage.

From Childhood Fan To Superstar

Every child dreams of becoming someone and that was how Sergio Cortes started his career. It was many years ago as he was born in 1971. This was when the Jackson five were quite famous and often on television. In fact many kids loved watching the singer and his family. They were from a different country but that was the uniqueness of Michael Jackson he was just as popular in Brazil, Barcelona and China has he was in America. He was a kindred soul, to many people all over the world. It was Sergio that decided to be one of Michael’s biggest fan and not much later people around the globe would be one of his fans.

It is quite neat when what Sergio dreamed as a child became reality. He went from watching someone he adored to later becoming just like that person. He had a goal to become great like that little boy he once watched on the tube. First he animated his moves to be similar to Jackson. Then he later realized that he enjoyed the limelight. He was good at dancing, at singing and at doing his very best to be like who would later be considered the King of Pop. At first he danced and sang in front of his family. He honed in his skills and improved.

He also started to do what he needed to do to work on looking like Michael himself. Today he looks exactly like Michael Jackson it couldn’t be any closer. Sergio can move just as smooth as the superstar but not without years of watching, practicing to the point that he perfected his moves. He carries himself just like the star. It is quite something to watch the way his mannerisms are similar to Jackson. It is something he has worked incredibly hard for where he is now. It is often easy for many to want to discredit look a likes but in many respect it is almost much more difficult. He is crafting himself to be exactly like the King of pop. It is a challenge to become as good as the famous person. It is then another skill to be so good that people become interested in following. Now that once little boy in Brazil is famous not only because he is like Michael but because he can stir up a crowd just as well.

Sergio Cortes Is Now The Greatest Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes is highly acclaimed for his best work of impersonating Michael Jackson. He has obtained a big number of fans and followers from this work. Sergio Cortes is a Spanish, who has spent much of his life trying to imitate the King of Pop. He is considered a big name among those people who impersonate Jackson and is probably the best so far.

Sergio Cortes feels that it is not only a privilege but also an honor to be able to experience the likeness of Jackson. Cortes was born in 1971 in Barcelona Spain. He started being infatuated with Michael Jackson during his early days. His mother also loved Jackson, and they could dance, sing, and act like him.

Later on, Cortes learned the way Jackson used to carry himself in performance, clothing, and singing. While there may be many people who have tried impersonating Jackson, not many have made it like Cortes. He is a true representation of the image and personality of Jackson today.

Cortes takes this as a career and says it’s out of passion. During the 1980s when Jackson was rising to be an international star, Cortes began to dress like him. He had photos, which made other people think that he was Jackson. A reporter did publish the photos, and soon after, Cortes was invited to begin working as an impersonator.

Today Cortes has attracted more than 16,000 fans on Facebook, and these people admire and love him. He is very famous in Brazil where he has a big number of followers. Cortes has continued to work as an impersonator for Jackson and sees it as calling for him. He has spent many hours doing practice and learning choreography and music. His voice, dressing, and performance just mimic those of Jackson.

In 2012, Cortes was in the event staged in Spain to pay a big tribute to late Jackson. Cortes works as hard as if he is doing his own music and performance. He is dedicated to his artistry work and spends a lot of time singing.

Many people have actually mistaken him for Jackson. He is just so much excited and feels good to be an impersonator of Jackson. There have been speculations that Jackson could still be alive many years after his death— and all this is because Cortes portrays the looks and does music and performance like Jackson.

Cortes is today very happy to live in footsteps of Jackson and hopes that he will continue touching the lives of fans of Jackson. He keeps on attending tribute shows and giving his best performances.

In another Jackson’s tribute show, Cortes was in Milan Italy on June 26, 2015 where he gave his performance. In this show, fans felt as though Jackson had come back to life. Cortes really portrayed an amazing yet shocking image of Jackson in appearance, vocal resemblance, and clothing. The stances and moves left everyone delighted. Cortes has been a client of Destiny Projects. Destiny Projects is a company that works to nature and develop artistic tale

Sergio Cortes; Michael Jackson Reborn

Michael Jackson performances were of an unmatched brilliance and as such, millions of his fans would treasure seeing his live performances again. Unfortunately, death does not offer mankind second chances and we are forced to move on regardless. However, fate has a rather humorous way of giving people what they want most back to them. In this case, fate has thrown quite a great surprise for many of Michael Jackson’s fans through a very unique individual fondly referred to as Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes is a young man with a pure Spanish bloodline. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, this exhilarating performer has definitely made a name for himself among the millions of Michael Jackson’s all over the world that would do anything to see a live MJ performance again. Many people consider him simply as some MJ impersonator. This is hardly the truth, and after attending Sergio’s live concerts, MJ fans definitely come to terms with the fact that he is not just a simple MJ impersonator but rather an MJ incarnate.

For a Michael Jackson diehard fan, it is at first eerie watching Sergio Cortes perform live on stage. This is not because he is some scary figure but rather, the opposite. He has been naturally endowed with a physical resemblance, vocal cords and perfected Michael Jackson’s dance moves in a way that one almost believes he is the late entertainer’s ghost! He performs Michael Jackson songs with a vocal semblance that is almost an exact replica of Michael Jackson when he was alive. There are indeed thousands if not tens of thousands of Michael Jackson imitators all over the world. However, Sergio Cortes stands out from this crowd.

He credits his near perfect MJ performances to his innate adoration for the fallen pop icon and dedication to hard work fate for his good fortune. He now enables MJ’s millions of fans relive experiences of watching Michael Jackson perform live on stage again and is also able to earn a wonderful income from his exploits. He is now the leader of a touring entertainment outfit known as ‘The Live Project” which travels the world offering MJ fans with a chance to see the King of Pop live on stage again. This entertainment outfit is composed of backup singers, dancers, band and costumes which enable even the staunchest MJ fan to enjoy Sergio’s live performances.