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Alex Pall on Their Musical Journey, Identity and New Single ‘Closer’

The Chainsmokers are an energetic DJ/Production duo composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who has been making headlines the entertainment industry with their top singles like ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and ‘Closer.’ The latter is a particularly an exciting track because unlike in their previous songs where the duo have solely relied on other vocalists, Andrew Taggart is also included on the vocals. This is a unique entry in the electronic dance music genre by the DJ duo from their DJ counterparts who focus on beat making.

The Chainsmokers desire to be acknowledged as real artists with feelings and have been putting in a lot of effort to alter their style to suit their ambitions. The pair talked to Mathias Rosenzweig from Interview Magazine on their aspirations and plans to develop their unique style and grow with their audience. In the interview, Alex Pall disclosed that he enjoyed deejaying from a young age, but he decided to pursue dance music fully when he realized it was taking up much of his time. It was during this time that their current manager introduced him to Taggart and the duo immediately hit it off.

Mathias was interested in finding out their experience in collaborating with Halsey on ‘Closer.’ Alex pointed out that it was an amazing experience and they have always wanted to work with her on a project. He added that he admired her personality and strong vocal abilities. He also added that Taggart’s inclusion on the vocals was an essential step in defining and revealing their identity. Alex told Mathias that they had come up with the song while on tour.

Alex Pall also disclosed that social media had played an essential role in promoting their music and helping them connect with their fans. He noted that he was thrilled by the fact that their music cut across different age groups and they had fans from all over the world. Alex also disclosed that they were striving to introduce new concepts to their live shows to entertain their fans. He assured their fans that they would work relentlessly to give them new experiences.

Cassio Audi’s Days With Viper Were Ones To Remember

As a young teen growing up in Brazil, Cassio Audi and his friends used to love listening to the heavy metal sounds of bands like Iron Maiden. The group of teens were also aspiring musicians who used to get together and jam out whenever and wherever they could. In 1985, as freshman in high school, the group decided to form a band which they called Viper. With Cassio Audi at the drums the band would soon embark on an adventure they would never forget.

Cassio Audi

The band was formed in a rather impromptu way but soon the group decided that they were pretty good. They began playing small gigs and soon recorded a demo called The Killera Sword. The demo was a hit on local radio stations and the band’s popularity began to rise. Viper began to tour Brazil and by 1987 they had recorded and released their first studio album, Soldiers of Sunrise. The album was a huge hit and the band toured South America and Europe prior to releasing their second album, Theatre of Fate, in 1989.

Cassio Audi Group

That same year, Audi left the band to attend university at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. The band has continued to record and tour to this day with various members. The original group was unique in that their lyrics were done in English and you could not tell that it was their second language. That original group with Cassio Audio behind the drums is remembered fondly by heavy metal fans of the 1980s. For a few short years a group of Brazilian teens rocked the heavy metal scene, something that few can add to their resume.

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Todd Lubar Presents His Views On Smart Homes

Smart homes can do a lot. They can provide convenience and make life much simpler for the home occupants. They can detect the walking, sleeping and eating patterns of the home occupants. Hence they can adjust the lighting, air-conditioning and much more. These way smart homes are trying to make life better for the people who live and invest in these.

Cassio Audi Group

Todd Lubar is into real estate development. He is highly interested in smart homes. Todd Lubar is serving as the President of Global Ventures, LLC. In addition, he is the Vice President of Legendary Investments. He has over 20 years of experience in this real estate industry. He is among the top mortgage originators from the United States. But this is not all. Todd Lubar has worked in several other industries too. These include entertainment, besides construction along with mortgage banking. Hence his views on smart homes are respected by many.

Todd Lubar details that a few of these smart homes have just a few features, while there are others that have more elaborate systems. This can include high-tech features like toilets that may be able to detect any health disorder. In fact, they may even be able to send this data to the doctor immediately in case the issue is grave. There was a time when all these were futuristic ideas. But today, real estate developers like Todd Lubar are selling such smart homes to interested buyers.

Todd Lubar further explains that people want to do things instantly today. There is no time. This has led to the advent of smart technology. Besides, safety is also a feature here. There have been issues of people forgetting to turn off the stove before leaving the house. Now, this can be done by a simple tap on a screen which turns off all the synced appliances immediately. Hence Todd Lubar is recommending such smart homes to entrepreneurs as there are growing opportunities available through smart home technologies.

But there is another fact here. Already many features have appeared with smart phones. But there are many more that are yet to be developed. Hence there is a market for investors and innovators too.


Desiree Perez: Revolutionizing Music Streaming

Today, in the world of music streaming services, Spotify reigns supreme and Tidal are considered the underdogs. Roc Nation executive Desiree Perez hopes to change that. She is adamant about the company being around to stay. She is no stranger to the business world, being married to Juan Perez, head of Roc Nation Sports. She is known for her skills in negotiation and accounting. She’s also had a successful managerial career, being credited with securing the deal for Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour and taking part in Rihanna’s deal with Samsung.

Although management has changed several times over the past few years. As members and management dropped from the company, Jay-Z sought another plan to save it, related news on   With the assistance of Perez, Tidal has begun to come around, gaining memberships and the curiosity of the public. Desiree Perez is the driving force of these contract negotiations behind the scenes. She has helped finalize some multi-million dollar contracts for both Roc Nation and Tidal. She knows how to secure profitable deals, both for the artists and for Tidal. To know Dez better, visit and read her profile.

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With the help of several exclusive albums from company co-owners like Rihanna, T.I., Kanye West, and Beyoncé, the Tidal app has been gaining a lot of traction in the industry. Thanks in part to West’s release of The Life Of Pablo, the app has gained more popularity than ever. Over one million subscribers signed up for a free trial in February alone. For these developments, Desiree Perez deserves a lot of praise.  Read her recent tweets, follow her page.

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How Desiree Perez Helped Save Tidal

With the advent of smartphones, music streaming apps have taken over the industry. There are huge players in the field including iTunes, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music. Another app that has been gaining steam lately is Tidal, in no small part due to the hard work and intelligence of a behind the scenes player in the company, Desiree Perez.

In the first few years of the company, three Chief Executive Officers had come and gone from the company. Not to be deterred, the founder of Tidal, Jay-Z, soldiered on because he firmly believed in his app. Many others facing the same situation would have folded but Jay-Z knew there was a way to make his app a success. He decided to bring in a long time business associate and friend that he had worked with before, Mrs. Perez. Ever since her arrival, the Tidal app has seen a surge of new members joining the service and general buzz around the internet amid music fans.  Check Dez, on this link from .

One of the things that Jay-Z knows about Desiree Perez is that she is extremely good at closing deals and crunching numbers. He knew that he had the right person in place when she started signing exclusive contracts with some of the biggest names in the industry that would release a new album only on Tidal. This led to his app attaining the highest ranking it had ever had on the iPlay store and millions of people checking out the app.  Related article here.

Outside of Tidal, according to,  Desiree Perez is also a leader at Roc Nation and operates her own business. She has brought that wealth of experience to Tidal and it has shown in not just exclusive contracts but also improvements to the app itself. The service now features new music from beloved artists as well as exciting up and comers.  Check

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