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Jim Toner Points out Attitude as the Main Determinant of Success in Investment

Jim Toner happens to be one of the reputable real estate investors who has operated in the industry for more than two decades. He has survived some of the most acrimonious economic situations that have been present throughout the history of the United States that left many people grieving due to financial loss. One of the most remembered events that left many people financially unstable was the 2008 economic crisis. The crisis, which many people think was caused by the unfavorable market conditions at the moment, left a lot of investors with deep financial wounds that hurt to date. The main group that was affected comprised the real estate investors who had greatly invested in the sector due to the booming economy that had caused the skyrocketing of the assets’ prices.

However, the recession that followed is yet to be forgotten by the investors because as a result of it, they lost fortunes in the form of investments that they had made in the sector. Despite a lot of people blaming the market situations at the moment, entrepreneur Jim Toner tends to approach the situation from a different perspective. He blames the investors themselves for making irrational decisions regarding the investments that they had made in the sector. Most of the investors had purchased their real estate assets when the economy was performing perfectly. The prices of the assets were quite high, and that explains why the recession had to hit the investors that hard. The depreciation of their property made them lose a lot of money and asset values, and many people will leave to regret the crisis.

However, real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner encourages the people who would like to invest in real estate by hinting to them that the time to do that can never be better than now. This is when the prices of the assets are low enough, and the assets have the potential to appreciate within the next few years. Jim indicates that for anyone who has an intention to accumulate wealth, this is the best time to do so and the best economic sector would be the real estate.

In his advice regarding investment, Jim Toner cautions people and necessarily investors about their attitude towards investment. He argues that the greatest barrier for the success of any investor is their attitude. The attitude you possess towards investment determines the kind of investment decisions that you make at any given point. He encourages investors to have positive attitudes towards investment and to ensure that they bear a significant but reasonable amount of risk whenever they make their investment decisions. Having been in the real estate investment industry for a long period, Jim Toner has had his fair share of ups and downs, but he has always maintained a positive attitude towards accumulating wealth. See Jim Toner’s accolades here.

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Town Residential Makes Real Estate Predictions

For the past decade, one of the leading residential real estate firms in New York City has been Town Residential. Town Residential has been a leader when it has come to sales and leasing for all types of residential real estate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of the city. The company has a large team of experienced brokers, agents, and consultants, which can ensure that their clients get the best deal possible.


Beyond providing sales services, the company also is frequently involved in delivering the best market knowledge and is known for making accurate predictions about the future of the real estate market in New York City apartments for sale. Earlier this year, the company made many bold predictions for the near future of the city’s real estate market.


The first prediction made is that the recent hot trend in real estate will cool largely due to increases in the interest rates. The federal government recently increased key interest rates, which ultimately will result in higher mortgage rates. While rates are incredibly low compared to historical averages, they are bound to increase throughout the year. Interest rates increasing will then result in less affordability, which will result in lower demand.


Another prediction is that the typical buyer will now take longer to make a decision on what they will buy. Many buyers in recent years have felt the pressure to make very quick decisions. In the coming year, there will likely be more supply than in prior years, which will mean a buyer has more choices. This will likely lead to longer times for homes to sit on the market, which could lead to a decline in prices.


Town Residential also thinks that buyers will now focus more on prime markets throughout the city. Along with longer wait times for sellers and increased supply, more buyers will try to get into the best areas of the city than ever before. Buyers will likely find that they will be able to get better deals and have more negotiating power in these neighborhoods than they would have had in recent years.