Equities First Holdings – Recently Relocated its Melbourne Office to Reach Out to its Target Market More Effectively

Equities First Holdings has its headquarters in Indianapolis, USA, and is a global leader in providing non-purpose loans to small to medium-sized businesses and middle market companies. Equities First Holdings have three offices in Australia in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Globally, Equities First Holdings have branch offices in many countries, such as Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, China, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

The company believes that non-purpose loans is the convenient solution for the businesses as they are easier and faster to get, and comes with easy terms. Going for conventional loans is not suitable at times because of the bulk of documentation it requires and time it takes to get approval. However, Equities First Holdings has designed its alternative financial solutions to suit the requirements of the small to medium sized businesses.

Recently, the company relocated its Melbourne office to the central district of the city. The new office is much larger than the previous one and is located at a convenient address, making it accessible to the new and potential clients. Having an office at the heart of the business district certainly makes an impact, and the company believes that it would also play a significant role in attracting new business. As the new office is much more spacious, it would help in accommodating more employees as well, which would also assist in adding to the company’s performance and make room for providing much faster customer service.

Equities First Holdings believes that non-purpose loans are essential for the businesses as it provides the much-needed liquidity to fuel the aspirations of ambitious companies. The company also offers non-purpose loans to high net worth individuals and investors. The best part is that it helps in saving the investment made in securities else the clients might have to liquidate the same, which can potentially cause huge loss.

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Stock-Based Loans Becoming Synonymous to Equities First Holdings

There is no better way of appreciating a company than by mistaking its name for the name of its products. It simply means that the company stands tall among other competitors. This is what Equities First Holdings has turned into in just14 years of existence. Call it impeccable achievement; you will not be wrong. Today, the company has spread to other countries from its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. EFH now has offices booming with continuous daily activities in London, Bangkok, Sydney and Hong Kong to mention but a few.

The company has endeared itself to many business persons and organizations with the stock-based loans it makes available. This type of loans has proven to be an escape rout from the outrageous collateral and interest rates demands of conventional lenders like banks. Many business persons including high net-worth individuals have been denied much needed capital by banks and other conventional lenders because they could not provide huge collateral. As a result great business ideas that could have profited the nation have been left to die in the minds of creative men and women.Also visit:

The inappropriate interest rates demands of conventional lenders have done worse harm than the huge collateral. Thriving businesses providing gainful employment to youths and adults have had to fold-up by reason of these outrageous interest rates. Almost all profits made are used to pay interest leaving the company with little or nothing for staff’s salary and daily running of business. Little wonder the number of unemployed persons increases yearly.Equities First Holdings through its stock-based loans is helping to correct these anomalies. Today, you only need some stocks or shares as collateral in any viable company to access quick capital for your business. The interest rates are fixed, affordable and negligible, something in the region of 3 or 4 percent.Excelling in business is now required only an enterprising spirit because capital in no more a problem; EFH is taking care of that through its stock-based loans.