There’s no denying that Andy Wirth is a busy man. He’s the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, as well as a member of several professional and civic boards, a philanthropist, husband, father, and sports enthusiast. In spite of his hectic schedule, Wirth is making time for his latest philanthropic passion, raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

The goal of the Navy SEAL Foundation is to provide ongoing, immediate support for members of the Navy’s Special Warfare field and their families, to help offset the unique stresses that are inherent in this highly specialized, extremely dangerous branch of service, including educational programs, support in the aftermath of tragic injury and loss, and more.

Wirth first became interested in the foundation when he befriended a group of Navy SEALS, following a skydiving accident gone horribly wrong, in which he missed his drop zone, landing in a vineyard full of upright posts, rather than in an open field, as planned. As a result, he nearly lost an arm and his life. During his long, difficult convalescence, as he was training to do the running leg of an Ironman triathlon, these friends became an inspiration to Wirth, and he became determined to lend his support in return, using the race to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation.

In 2015, Wirth has once again put together a team, named Special Warfare Warrior, to participate in the Ironman at Lake Tahoe, with the aim of raising funds for the support of Naval Special Warfare members and their loved ones. The fundraiser is being conducted via the CrowdRise online platform.

Our service members, especially those in Special Forces, have made and continue to make incredible sacrifices for the good of this nation, risking life and limb as a matter of routine for its continued freedom. This is a perfect opportunity to thank and support those in the Naval Special Warfare community by visiting and contributing today.