Fortress Investment Group Acquisition Deal

Softbank was founded in the 1990s it majorly dealt with the selling of pc software. From those decades the firm has been venturing from one business to another while progressively growing and gaining global recognition as one of the leading players in a wide range of industries.

Softbank has hit the news highlights again by making a clear move that nobody saw it coming by acquiring 3.3 billion investment of Fortress Group which is one of the largest asset management firms. The deal is a remarkable big deal from Softbank which is yet to fuel the Fortress Investment for its next stage of development.

Besides striking the big acquisition deal, it’s unfortunate that Softbank will not be able to have control over Fortress Investment day to day operations. As a matter of fact, and also to clear out conflicts Softbank has agreed to stay away from issues concerning management activities of the Fortress Investment Group.

By doing this, the soft bank has shown prudence and also the firm recognizes the fact that Fortress Investment Group paved its way to success by having their room for setting objectives and making own decisions.

This formulae of self-management by Fortress Group has proven to be effective over the years, and it is also for the same reason Softbank has shown interest to work with the leading investment group by making the 3.3 billion purchase which is yet to appreciate immense returns. Fortress Investment Group got its fame back in 2007 when the first public traded private equity firm in the US.

The achievement created waves in both the private equity world and the financial industry. After the acquisition deal has gone through, Fortress Investment Group has become the first private equity firm to be removed from the New York stock exchange.

Many firms regard this delisting as a loss of status, but things turn out to be different for Fortress Investment Group since its top management is reported to claim its return to the private organization will create room for pursuing their long-term goals.

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New Residential Investment Corp. Has Experienced Impressive Growth Over The Past Five Years:

A focus on investment into residential mortgage loans, mortgage servicing rights of an excess nature and servicer advances has been the guiding focus for real estate investment trust New Residential Investment Corp. New Residential Investment Corp. is notably for the fact that it actively manages its investments as well. The expertise that the active team members at New Residential Investment Corp. possess is leveraged in order to bring strong investment returns to the company’s shareholders. Bringing shareholders growing dividends is also a primary focus. In order to accomplish this, the company is noted for targetting assets that have proven to consistently generate a stable and long term cash flow by employing capital structures of a conservative nature. At the head of the New Residential Investment Corp. business model is its esteemed Chief Executive Officer and President Michael Nierenberg. Michael has held these titles since 2013. The 2016 calendar year also saw him named as the New Residential Investment Corp. Chairman of the Board of Directors.

New Residential Investment Corp. has its origins as a subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corp. but 2013 saw the company move to the status of a separate publically-traded firm. Renowned alternative asset management operation Fortress Investment Group provides management services for New Residential through one of its affiliates. The company has been on a steady and upward trajectory of success since the 2013 date that it became a separate, publically traded entity.

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Shervin Pishevar Not Pleased With the US Economy

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most established entrepreneurs in the United States. He has in the recent decades played a significant role in the development of America’s best innovative ideas. As a venture capitalist and angel investor, most of his activities have revolved around activities in Silicon Valley. He has been investing in tech startups that show good signs of success. Some of the companies he has worked with include Uber, Airbnb, and Munchery among others. He has been playing his role through Sherpa Capital, where he has served as the managing director until recently when he retired. Shervin Pishevar has maintained his active social media activities even after leaving Sherpa Capital. At the beginning of 2018. Pishevar came out and posted 50 messages that all talked about the future of the US Economy among other economic and financial related issues.

Shervin Pishevar is one man who cannot be ignored on matters of economy. He understands matters of economics better than many. He has been in the industry for many years making investments that are based on the projection of the economy. The fact that he is successful today is because he understands how certain business would perform in a particular economy.

Shervin Pishevar started a tweet storm that consisted of 50 messages and that took 21 hours to complete. In the tweet storm, he indicated that the US stock market would lose 6000 points in the near future. At the time of tweeting, the drop had started, and the market had lost over 1000 points. By his prediction, the drop in the stock market was an indicator of what was happening to the US economy. The two are closely tied meaning that no way one can survive while the other is losing.

Shervin Pishevar also took the same opportunity to tweet about other matters. He indicated that he expects bitcoin to lose significantly in 2018 until it reached the $2-5k range. He, however, supported the idea of the digital currencies by saying that they will create a frictionless world economy. Pishevar also had an opinion about how gold would perform well as investors moved to protect their assets.

Products That Make Money

When deciding on your next job, it can be challenging to choose a profession after considering the extensive education and requirements needed to make a living to support you and your family. Being highly educated traditionally translates into higher incomes because you are more specialized within a field. But there is one area of business that has two main components that can be utilized and continuously honed from the first day on the job. The business is sales, and the qualities are perseverance and a belief in a product.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis love to work. They tried retiring three times and it just never seemed to stick. They enjoy the interactions that come from sales and working with sales teams. This drive is what brought them to their fourth business, which is proving to be immensely successful. It is called Jeunesse Global. It researches and puts to market a wide range of health and beauty products using advances in stem cell research combined with unique combinations of natural ingredients.

This has been a winning formula for them, but especially for their sales representatives. The product representatives are seeing they are offering a product they can believe in. Using advanced science with natural ingredients is an easy sell. And the process of selling is easy too. Each individual can sell from his or her home at a time that works best. This translates to increased opportunities for sales for the company due to fewer restrictions. Also, the representatives can provide the products to customers without having to set up time consuming and expensive relationships with traditional retailers. This means more products reach the market, again with no restrictions. Sellers in every part of the globe are taking advantage of selling to their local communities and can continuously hone their skills in the process.

For Jeunesse, offering the right products is integral. They offer a wide range of products from vitamins to hair shampoo and conditioner. Each product is produced with the latest knowledge from the company’s on-board doctors and product specialists in order to provide a winning formula that works for customers. There are products such as Naara, a collagen rejuvenation formula, or M1ND, a memory enhancement gel. There is the NV, a line of makeup products geared to maintain healthier skin. There is even the energy drink NEO, a natural energy booster that uses all-natural ingredients.

These products are bringing success to Randy and Wendy and sales teams. Randy and Wendy are proud to see success in representatives from all walks of life and all economic backgrounds. They see how the right products allow people to provide for their families and have hope for a better future.

All it took was a drive to sell products they could all believe in, and the perseverance to make it happen. No college required.

Who Benefits From Softbank’s $3.3 Billion Acquisition Of Fortress Investment Group?

Established two decades ago, Fortress investment group has made the biggest impact in the alternative investment markets. It would especially make most of its fortune by investing in distressed markets and credit markets as well as real estate. Softbank, on the other hand, was established close to four decades ago, and only centered it operations around investing in technological startups.


Its acquisition of the New York-based Fortress investment group was therefore unprecedented. Investment industry players can’t even tell who stands to benefit most benefits from the deal. Here are some pointers that the transaction may be mutually beneficial:


Softbank takes Fortress shares of the market


Soon after fortress investment group listed become the first private equity firm to trade publicly, pressure from investors started mounting. In their first decade of operation, the principals made most of their business investment decisions based on instincts and the size if returns expected from the investment. Read more on



With the listing, however, came the need to please the investors. They had to consistently post positive returns during the earnings calls, making it hard to invest in the more rewarding but long-term investments. By taking these shares off the market, Softbank helps bring back some level of investment sanity to the hedge fund.


Fortress presents a new investment avenue


Softbank rarely invests in non-technology companies. Since its establishment, it has concentrated its investments efforts in the technology startups and struggling technological companies scene. It has however embraced a global diversification strategy with the ultimate goal of becoming the biggest alternative investment firm in the world. The highly diversified Fortress Investment Group, therefore, presents the banker with a great avenue of penetrating the different markets.


Exchange of expertise and tools


Softbank has access to an unrivaled pool of technological tools relating to data collection, tabulation, and forecasting. Deploying some of these to Fortress investment group would help the hedge firm simplify some of its operational tasks thus achieving more operational efficiency and productivity.


Fortress on the hand has access to some of the most experienced and widely exposed research analysts. Their ability to evaluate industry trends and tell off good from bad investments early on would go a long way in helping Softbank achieve its mission of conquering the global alternative investment industry.



The Secret to Success in the Corporate World with Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is an icon in the business industry. Many business people across the globe are embracing his mechanism of running a conglomerate. Besides his legacy in UTC, he has had success with other multiple corporations. Fortunately, the investors have not been disappointed. Here are some of his strategies that he uses in his business;

Investing in the Future

The CEO of a company is a steward of the firm. This means they got the responsibility to protect the future of the firm. Louis Chenevert joined UTC when the USA was struggling with the recession period. He watched many firms close down, which subsequently led to unemployment.

Louis Chenevert led the firm to invest in future high innovative technology. This was his way of ensuring the country never had to deal with the financial crisis again.


Louis Chenevert is known for his wise acquisition ability. He led UTC to purchase the Goodrich firm. The deal took a year of negotiations. Finally, Goodrich agreed to sell at $18.2 billion. This was the most expensive aerospace deal that had ever been closed in the state.

Louis Chenevert also purchased the GTF engine. When he was working in Pratt & Whitney, he realized the GTF engine had the potential to do well. It cost UTC $10 billion to purchase the engine, and an additional twenty years to design.

The acquisitions have proved to be effective. UTC Company is speculated to have the ability to employ 25000 new employees in the near future and launch 5000 innovation programs.

Focusing on the Important Factors

The corporate world is a world for tough minds. There are many counter forces that you have to fight on your way up. Not everyone will support the agenda you feel would be a game changer in the firm.

Louis Chenevert says that it is critical that one learns to focus on their goals. He advises the young leaders to always move ahead with the people who are willing to support the progressive agendas. He adds that the naysayers have a habit to join when things appear to be successful.

Freedom Checks Foster Questions With Profitable Answers

Questions about Matt Badiali’s freedom checks pile up rather quickly. The investment opportunity first appeared in a popular commercial starring Badiali. The commercial promised some lucrative payouts but did not fully explain how the system worked. So investors began looking into both Badiali and Freedom Checks. They quickly discovered a legitimate investment in what are known as Master Limited Partnerships.

Master Limited Partnerships are a little known investment perk of the natural resource market. Anyone who seriously invests in this market knows of Badiali. He is one of many investment analysts who operate in the natural resource world. He is a trusted source of actionable information for many mid-level investors and authors two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. His extensive knowledge of the market is how he became aware of MLPs. The truth is MLPs have been around sine the early 80’s. They are essentially a way for private companies to operate like publicly traded entities. In the natural resource industry companies file as MLPs to appreciate a tax break from the government. This is where the concept of freedom checks comes in.

Freedom Checks are return of capital payments from companies that deal 90% of their business in natural resources. As these companies aid U.S. energy independence the government awards them with incentivized tax breaks. The breaks basically allow them operate tax free as long as they divvy out most of their profit to stakeholders. The stakeholders are the investors that purchase stakes in the companies so they can classify as Master Limited Partnership. The stakes purchased provide working capital for the company, and grant a percentage of the company to the investor. Anyone can buy them and they sell for as low as $10 dollars. The companies pay out their profits through these payments in a quarterly or monthly loop. The payouts are always more than the amount put in. This amount varies depending on how many stakes an investor purchases.

MLPs are a good investment because natural resources are always needed. The market in the U.S. is also increasing its profits as imports from the Middle East decrease. These are the trends Badiali has been looking at. They are also the reason he is so adamant about investing now.

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What Exactly Are Freedom Checks and How Can They Make You Money?

Investing is one of the best ways to bring in a large sum of money over the course of time. Unfortunately, when most people think of investing, they automatically think about the stock market that shifts and changes all throughout the day. If this has been a problem for your finances in the past, there is an easier and more effective way of investing that you might not have heard about. This option is known as Freedom Checks and it’s been around for a couple of years now. It has been utilized by thousands of people who are able to supplement or even replace their current income because they became shareholders of highly successful corporations.

The way to learn about Freedom Checks and how you can become a shareholder is to make use of the book and news letter provided by the founder of the company, Matt Badiali. The company currently employs almost 50 people nationwide who have helped individuals to realize their dreams and bring in the revenue that they both need and want. Once you make use of Freedom Checks and how they can work for you, you will never want to go back to any other form of investing that you might have done in the past. It is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to earn revenue without the massive amount of work that is needed to put into it.

The reason Freedom Checks are also so popular is because they’re ideal for all levels of investors.Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All. Whether you’ve been investing for many years or you’ve never invested in your life, this option is easy to learn and quick to get into with little money put into it. This makes it an ideal option for those on strict budgets and who may not have a lot of money to invest into their own efforts. Before you continue investing in any other type of fund or stock, think about this option for yourself and see why it has become one of the most popular forms of investments in the world since it was introduced a few years ago.

Some Thoughts From Shervin Pishevar

There were some big thoughts on the Twitter account of Shervin Pishevar recently. He has to put out some ideas about what he thought about the state of the economy and the world in general. He wanted to make sure that he put out these ideas in a way that people could understand. He broke down some ideas such as this.

Startups Are Not Going To Have As Many Benefits As They Once Did

Shervin Pishevar says that startups are not going to have the kind of key advantages that they did in the past in America. He says that so much policy has focused on helping the biggest of the big corporations with their goals. While that may have seemed like a good idea in the short run, the reality is that it does not work well for things in the long run.

Of all of the people to talk about this idea, Shervin Pishevar is among the best to make this point clear. He points out that startups such as Uber and Airbnb once had a big advantage in America. He thinks that they may be the last of the great startups to start in America.

Bitcoin Is Overpriced

Shervin Pishevar is not the first person to say that Bitcoin is overpriced, but he honestly believes it. He thinks that it is reasonable to believe that the cryptocurrency does have some value to it in the long run, but he thinks that the price that it has reached as of late has gotten out of hand. He thinks that those who have put so much of their faith in Bitcoin are putting themselves massively at risk.

He would like to see Bitcoin pull back to at least between two-thousand and five-thousand dollars per coin before he would ever recommend making a move into the currency. Shervin Pishevar made that very clear when he put out his thoughts on Bitcoin on Twitter.

These are two of the areas that you could have learned a little something about if you had been a reader of the Shervin Pishevar Twitter account.