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An Investing Mastermind – SahmAdrangi Shorting Endeavors

As the stock market provides limitless opportunities for capital growth, many businesses have taken advantage of this to create profit. One such company is Kerrisdale Capital Management. Founded by SahmAdrangi, whose portfolio value exceeds $100 million, this company works on betting for and against companies.

What Does Shorting of Stocks Mean?

The betting “against” companies is done by shorting their stocks. If SahmAdrangi believes that some company’s stocks are overpriced, they will borrow them and sell them right before the price drops. Then, they will pay them back when the price has dropped, thus keeping the difference for themselves.

Current Plans

One of the latest endeavors of this kind involves gathering money from the public so that a major stock shorting can be done. The business was able to obtain over $100 million from various investors who were fond of the plan. The company which Kerrisdale Capital Management has chosen to do this to is undisclosed, but it has been reported that it is a multi-billion dollar organization.

Success in the Past

This will not be the first time that Adrangi has betted against a company and profited a lot of money. Some examples include a satellite company Globalstar and drug-producing business Sage Therapeutics and Zafgen. Success in these endeavors is what led to the growth of Adrangi’s company and portfolio to over $500 million in total.

Origins of the Founder

Although Adrangi may appear as a villain, his career started by shorting fraudulent companies in China. This led to Security Exchange and Commission’s enforcement actions that were pushed on thosecompanies.He graduated from an IVY League School, Yale University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Soon after his graduation, he went into the industry and found himself working for LongacreManagemen, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund.

He formed his own company in 2009 and it has been exponentially growing ever since. Nowadays, he stays active by working with investors who are interested in his “shorting” expertise that has earned him millions of dollars over the course of his career.


One World, Two Investors

In the world of investing, several factors determine the success of an investor. Investing remains an innate skill that a person cannot teach. Moreover, investing requires an analysis of the investment market. Although millions of people partake in investing, only a few of them possess the acumen to achieve a return on their investment. This remains attributed to their lack of understanding pertaining to the investment market. In addition, these investors do not understand how to achieve a high rate of return. Moreover, investing remains a high-risk endeavor. Its similarities between gambling such as baccarat remain obvious. In many ways, investing is gambling. Moreover, no one remains guaranteed a return on their investment to learn more: click here.

However, a few businessmen continue to rewrite the rules of investing. With that being said, Timothy Armour and Warren Buffett remain the businessmen in reference. For those unaware, these businessmen have dedicated their lives to become household names in the world of business. To begin, Warren Buffett remains synonymous with investing. In fact, he remains a pioneer in the industry. For over 50 years, Buffett has created a lane for himself. As a result, he became one of the wealthiest people in the world. Since he began, Warren Buffett has utilized the same strategy repeatedly. In addition, Warren Buffett strategy consists of buying long-term stocks and achieving a high rate of return.

Recently, Buffett challenged a group of hedge fund investors to an investing competition. During the competition, Buffett wagered $1 million dollars if he did not achieve a better rate of return than they did. Unfortunately, for the hedge fund investors, Buffett won the bet. In parallel, Timothy Armour remains another powerful name. For over 32 years, Timothy Armour has dedicated Tim Armour life to Capital group. As a result of his efforts, Timothy Armour now serves as chairman of the company. Due to his tenacity and ability to lead, Timothy Armour remains highly respected. In addition, Timothy Armour hails from an educational background. While at Middlebury College, Armour earned a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, he possesses an unmatched skill-set. In closing, Timothy Armour remains a talented investor.

Highland Capital Management Investment in Communities

Highland Capital Management, founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, has grown to be one of the main and most recommendable global credit managers. It is an SEC-registered investment adviser and when combined with its affiliates, it has over $15.4 billion assets under its management. It mainly focuses on credit strategies, such as hedge funds, separate accounts, long only funds, special situation private equity, distressed and collateralized loan obligations. Other than that, it also provides alternative investments, including long and short equities, emerging markets, and natural resources. The firm has a diversified client base which includes public pension plans, endowments, financial institutions, foundations, fund of funds, corporations, high-net-worth individuals as well as the government.


Highland Capital Management headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. It has offices in Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo and Seoul. The firm cares more about the community and for this reason they invest more than just in financial markets. They have invested in communities and is committed to making a difference in the way people live by offering voluntary services, advisory board involvements as well as giving financial donations. These benefit both local organizations as well as non-profit startups. More than $10 million has been donated by the firm towards organizations around the world.


Very recently, the firm partnered with The Dallas Foundation to see to it that communities in North Texas were improved. James Dondero, the President of Highland Capital Management is known for his proactive management approach towards giving to charities. He clearly has a heart for the locals, and the communities where his employees live since most of his investments and donations are directed towards these communities.

The firm adopts an investment approach that is based on production of consistent, above average returns. This is achieved by the application of time-tested principals, maintaining discipline in capital preservation and also targets an appropriate return balance in their portfolios. They focus mainly on strategies and asset classes since these are the areas where they feel they can add significant value by providing unique skills or expertise to the investment process. Their experience of over 20 years has led to the refining of their processes to provide more and better results over time.