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Being Moved To Tears By Yeonmi Park’s New Book

I went to a local university that Yeonmi Park was speaking at. When she stepped up to the stage my mind wondered as she still looked like a little girl. She is 23 years old today, but she was 13 years of age when she escaped the horrors of Human Trafficking. When I listened to her speak it reminded me of my daughter who is 15. Yeonmi Park seemed so innocent and so childlike. I couldn’t’ have imagined the things she described that she had been through. She was promoting her new book that was released in September. The book is “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” Wow, I complain when I get out of bed and don’t have enough sleep, hearing her story really put my life into perspective.

What I liked when I heard Yeonmi Park speak was the fact that she is not just anybody, but she talked about her family ties. She talked about how much she loved her mother and sisters. She talked about how she longed to be normal and do the things that others did. This child has been starved, beaten, raped and done more in her short years than I will ever see or experience in a lifetime. My children complain if they are having eggs for breakfast two days in a row, but this girl would have killed for an egg when the North Korean regime was starving her and her family after her father was sent to prison.

I grabbed a copy of her book on on the way out and by the time I was home, I couldn’t wait to crack the copy and start reading. I wasn’t even one chapter into the book when the tears began to roll down my face. I decided to share this book with my daughter, who is 15. Together we read the book and developed a new appreciation for life and our freedom.

During the whole ordeal, Yeonmi Park lost her father to colon cancer. She also lost her sister for a brief period of time. She lost her virginity, her hope and was in a deep dark place. Watching her mother being raped would be more than any child of 13 could bear. She did escape through the dark of night when no one was watching. It was actually one of the captors that helped her and many others get away. It was through a desert, so that had its own challenges too. The fact is that she got away.

I hope that others will read this book with the hopes of understanding that the freedom that we have in the United States is valuable. That even though there is human trafficking here, the conditions and the way that people in other countries live is just unbelievable.

A Lesson from Susan McGalla

Which character traits define a business, woman?

Some will say there are no definitive traits to gauge business, lady. This might be true but if we look at all the successful business women, certain traits will feature among some of them. Traits such as aggressiveness, negotiation skills, networking, ego-strength and stress tolerance run across the board.

• Aggressiveness, successful business ladies communicate confidently and with authority, they make their opinions known openly. Straightforward women have an added advantage in the competitive business world.

• Ego Strength, successful women, formulate proper ways to tackle their challenges; they show maturity in the way they solve problems at work.

• Stress tolerance, women, are known to be emotional beings, they get hurt easily, but a business woman should be able to withstand such challenges. This can be effectively done through having a supportive family and friends whom you can talk to.

• Networking, this is very vital for one to succeed in the business field, create a network of supportive associates and professionals who can guide you through the complicated business world.

• Education, it is an added advantage if you have a proper education. The knowledge you gain from school will be needed in the business arena. Through MBA, one acquires skills that will put you ahead of your competitors.

Another successful business lady worth mentioning is Susan McGalla on johnkokishpc best known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. The established executive business consultant began her long and inspiring career at Joseph Horne Company; she offered her services diligently. She was with the Joseph Horne Company for eight years. She gained a great deal of experience that saw her jump straight to American Eagle Outfitters Inc. At this organization, she foresaw the launch of women’s accessories and 77 kid’s brands. McGalla would later leave American Eagle Outfitters Inc for Wet Seal; during her stay at this organization she improved the products quality by far. Susan grew up holding on the lessons from her father that her opinion was important despite her gender. Susan McGalla has shared to the rest of the world her secrets to succeeding in the business world. All the young entrepreneurs should take this as a challenge and come out to beat this challenge posed by this great and successful business lady.

Women were missing in action in the business world for a long time now, but not anymore, various boardrooms are now flooding with women who play pivotal roles. Many large organizations are now under the leadership of women. Women’s opinions are highly valued in boardrooms. The traditional idea of a male-dominated business world is fading fast. Various women’s rights activists have since emerged in the hope of striking a balance between the male and females at workplaces. Hillary Clinton has advocated for women’s rights for a while now. The former Secretary of State is an inspiration to many women worldwide. Oprah Winfrey has also established d her career doing what she likes; helping those with the same problems as the ones she faced as a child.