Inmate Communication App

Help from Securus Technologies to Preventing Dangerous Crimes

Even though criminals are locked away in side jail, it does not stop them from being able to commit crimes. As a law enforcement officer, I can not tell you how many times I have seen an inmate conduct business from the phone in the jail in coded messages, and the crimes then taking place on the outside. This is a very difficult type of crime to fight because you have to stay one step ahead of crafty inmates who know you are watching their moves.


One particular inmate was about to serve a very lengthy sentence if he was found guilty in court. As the case was winding down, it looked like when the star witness was going to take the stand, the case would be air-tight and this suspect would be in jail for life. Around this time we had Securus Technologies install an inmate communication system that could come at a better time.


This inmate was a talker, and other inmates had already reported that this suspect was on the lookout to hire someone to do some work for him. The details were always fuzzy and the people reporting the incidents had very bad pasts, so we really couldn’t work with any of their testimony until the suspect himself stepped up to the plate and dug his own grave.


From the jail, this suspect was speaking in code to a person on the outside, and the LBS software alerted us the chatter had to do with our case. The suspect was actually ordering a hit on the next witness in the case, one that could make or break the trial. We set a trap and this suspect thought that his associate actually did the killing, only to find out his own words were what caused the jury to come back with a guilty verdict.


Securus Technologies promotes many benefits of video visitation

Securus Technologies, the largest provider of jail and prison services in the U.S., has begun a campaign to spread awareness of its products to those who could most benefit from their use. Securus’ giant product line is aimed at making prisons safer and more efficient while making a difficult time a little more bearable for inmates. It’s best known product is probably its video visitation service. This service has caught on like wildfire in recent years, becoming a great favorite of inmates and their families nationwide.


Securus is running ads through various media including television, social media and through Google ads. In addition, it is undertaking an outreach program to directly inform inmates and their loved ones about the compelling benefits of video visitation over traditional in-person visitation. This campaign has been a resounding success, as Securus’ video visitation traffic has nearly doubled in just the last year.



A long overdue relief for families


The modern U.S. prison system has evolved greatly since its inception in the early 19th century. Unfortunately, through all the progress that’s been made things had not gotten much easier for the families of inmates. Most state corrections departments don’t consider an inmate’s city of origin when choosing to which facility they are sent. In practice, this means inmates will often end up hundreds, or in the case of the Federal system, even thousands of miles from their loved ones. Until recently, this meant visitations were often luxuries undertaken only once or twice a year.


Securus’ video visitation eliminates the barriers of communication between an inmate and their loved ones. At just $2.72, the price of the average video visitation is often hundreds of times less expensive than in-person visits. Inmates who were previously cut off from their outside life now have hope and goals to strive for, thanks to Securus.



ConnectUs Automated Forms May Revitalize Rehabilitation Institutions

Rehabilitative institutions, correctional facilities, prisons – they all have one thing in common today: they’re all over-crowded. A lot of things contribute to this situation. One is recidivism. There is exceptional recidivism in contemporary America, and that’s because a lot of rehabilitative measures to nothing to quell that which compels a criminal into criminal activity. It’s been found that a big factor is education, so solutions which facilitate education are definitely sought today. Beyond recidivism, things like refugees, political upheaval, drug use, and increasing legislative measures are crowding prisons so much that they seldom have the chance to upgrade technologically. Functionality must remain constant; ergo upgrades come at much extended intervals. Some institutions have been stuck in the 20th century. They’ve been filing paperwork by hand for the last sixteen years; and that simply must stop.


ConnectUs by Securus Technologies is an automated form program that allows all paperwork to be done without the need for any actual paper, or any supplies related to paper. Medical forms, complaint and grievance forms, signup sheets, and anything necessary can be programmed into the system for inmates to use. Inmates can also monitor the progress of their requests from the system without having to constantly irritate correctional facility staff. Additionally, applications of the educational variety are available, as are features and support in an unparalleled way that has never been available to inmates before. Furthermore, correctional facility staff have full control over the information prisoners can use, so nothing untoward gets through. All in all, ConnectUs by Securus Technologies offers a real solution to infrastructural redundancies that could potentially cut tens of thousands from the budget of even small correctional facilities. It’s no wonder that with such savings, and the reduced recidivism which could potentially come from reapportioned budgets, ConnectUs is currently in hot demand.