Ryan Gosling is extremely handsome, a great handy man and talented Hollywood actor. He has appeared in several romantic films, but women love him for his role in the ‘Notebook.’ In real life, Ryan Gosling is married to superstar actress Eva Mendes, and both men and women are jealous of the power couple. Nonetheless, it appears that Ryan and Eva have a perfect relationship, and they seem to be fall in love with each other every day.

Ryan Gosling was recently interviewed by an Australian magazine, and he was asked about his personal life. Ryan Gosling revealed that he was not a ladies man in high school, but some women find that hard to believe. However, Ryan Gosling swears that girls wanted to be just friends with him, and that used to make him very upset. Nonetheless, Ryan Gosling is one of the most desired men on the planet right now, but he is currently married to a perfect woman.

Ryan Gosling’s interview with the Australian magazine became even more personal, and the superstar actor was asked about his relationship to Eva Mendes. Ryan said that Eva Mendes is the most caring person that he’s ever met, but he also said that she never takes credit for her contributions. Ryan Gosling revealed that Eva Mendes has helped him so much on his current film, but she does not want to be mentioned in any of his speeches. Some people will find it very strange that Eva Mendes does not want to be mentioned by her husband, but that’s because she is a very selfless woman. E! recently published the entire transcript of the interview, and after reading the publication, Ryan Gosling fans will love him even more.