Founded by the gold market veterans, U.S Money Reserve was created to offer services to customers by guiding them in their investments in precious metals. These include gold, silver and platinum. Currently the organization has many clients who have placed great trust in them for the guidance from the highly experienced experts.
U.S Money Reserve stands out as the main distributors of the Government’s gold, silver and platinum coins. The organization has a team of qualified professionals that include coin research professionals, senior gold specialists and leading numismatic expert among others. These have managed in helping clients choose coins that bare the highest value the hence helping many clients get onto the profit margin.
Following a recent release on The Digital Journal, the U.S Money Reserve has come up with a campaign on CrowdRise. In this, they target to have people come in support of Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. This will hence work in helping fight hunger in people living in Texas region.
The company over the years has involved itself in social responsibility activities. Therefore, in their current project, they have managed to convince their customers and clients to give a hand in helping those in need in Central Texas.
In 21 counties across Central Texas, Capital Area Food Bank of Texas supports nearly three hundred partner agencies. The money raised in the CrowdRise campaign will hence be used to fund the food bank so as to extend its services far and wide across Central Texas.
Relating to the previous years, there is a set goal to provide more pounds of food which will help reach out to more families in Central Texas area.