“There is something significant to be said about us as a culture, when we all agree to make a change that feels impactful and healthy and honest but then we go on behaving in roughly the same way that we did before.” Dr. Johanan Rand talks about the people who come to him who are fed up with status quo. “My patients don’t want to be the norm. They want to break out of the rut and do something healthy and most importantly, lasting.”

Dr. Johanan Rand is the founding member of the New Jersey company Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which is dedicated to providing health and wellness programs to all of their patients. “Our patients have an assortment of age-related issues. We deal with the entire spectrum of preventative medicine as well as anti-aging protocols.” Dr. Rand however is the first to say that he and his team of experts are more about changing the way people view aging. “We are not a cosmetics company and we are not selling the Fountain of Youth. What we are is a health and wellness institute that wants to educate, empower and re-define how we see ourselves. Every day we are aging and we cannot stop it nor should we want to. We can, however, be healthy and feel strong and alive in this process (Newjerseybio-identicaldoctor).”

Healthy Aging Medical Centers considers themselves to be an educational facility. They have many different programs and treatments that are designed to help people get proactive in their lives. “The people that come to us are usually those people who feel that they have been asleep most of their lives and that life is happening to them, rather than them living fully. We help them shed old beliefs and embrace new empowering beliefs.” Dr. Johanan Rand laughs at being called an Anti-Aging Guru. “I think people see me as this guru mainly because of my passion and me belief in them. But I am always quick to add, if I believe in you then you must believe in you too, otherwise we are both wasting our time.”