As the head of Talkspace, Oren Frank envisions a healthy society that receives effective psychotherapy, and that is accessible and within the means of everyone in need of the service across the globe. For half the decade that Talkspace has been in operation, it has helped millions of patients access the most needed outpatient mental health services with much ease. The Talkspace has a messaging application that provides unlimited therapeutic messages that have significantly removed the major barriers that used to hinder people from accessing outpatients’ services.

According to Oren Frank, The OECD report indicates that the average American spends way too much on healthcare as compared to the quality of services they receive. For example, according to the said report, every American spend over two times per head while receiving less than 70% of the quality of service delivery that has led to low life expectancy.

Frank believes in value for money especially when it comes to offering health services. According to him, it is very unfair to overcharge the general American population with the most expensive and tedious healthcare delivery system that is among the least efficient. Having gone through the deprived healthcare system, Frank was inspired to be the change that he would hope to see in the world, and that’s how Talkspace came into being. He wanted to make a difference that will touch the lives of people from every corner of the world and impact their livelihood positively. He believes that his timing was perfect as the attitude towards behavioural health as well as mental health care has undergone some drastic changes in the last few years. In addition, today’s ways of living are facing dramatic challenges that have generally affected the mental wellness of the people.

Cases of mental disorder have rapidly risen with most patients complaining of receiving poor services, which is becoming a broken delivery service of behavioural service. What Frank really wants is to try the best he could to save the Americans and the world at large from elevating human suffering and pain. Introducing Talkspace came to save the world from helping people fight depression among other mental health issues that people are struggling with. Besides, the program is helping cushion the huge damages done to the economy from other insanely expensive but inefficient healthcare systems.