The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group was the former owner of the NBA franchise in Atlanta, and Bruce Levenson, co-founder of the United Communications Group, and a well-known philanthropist has a big role in that group. The former Hawks ownership group under the direction of controlling partner, Bruce Levenson, filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Fulton County recently that states the Big New Hampshire insurance company, AIG, breach a contract with the group. The group had an AIG policy that covered certain losses due to employment practices like wrongful termination and workplace torts, according to the court documents. The suit involves former general manager of the team, Danny Ferry. Levenson and the other partners in the group claim that AIG breached the insurance policy that was in force when Ferry and the Levenson group reached a buyout ( agreement right before the group sold the franchise to Tony Ressler in 2015.

Bruce Levenson is one of those larger-than-life characters that has the brains, charisma, money, and fortitude to stand behind a number of worthy causes and businesses. Levenson played a pivotal part in completing the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership on the campus of the University of Maryland. Levenson is a vocal Jewish leader that has ongoing communication with the Israeli Prime Minister. Levenson is considered the founding father of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and he continues to fund several programs that are part of the museum.

According to, two other important causes that are funded by Bruce and his wife are the Hoops Dream Foundation and I Have A Dream Foundation. Levenson also contributes to the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Birthright Israel, BBYO, and the Jewish Federation.

The amount of the claim against AIG is confidential, but according to court documents the Levenson group is asking for a 50 percent penalty on the unpaid losses as well as court costs and attorney’s fees. For more info, visit