Patriot’s superstar Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to first degree murder early yesterday morning. For the first time in his life, Aaron had to take responsibility for his reckless behavior and no amount of money could buy his way out of this one. All his life the convict was able to get away with anything based off his football status. Even in college Hernandez was involved several fights that just got brushed under the rug. But not this time commented Jaime Garcia Dias.
A women by the name of Lesa Strachan, whose is only around five feet tall was able to take down this monster. Lesa was the forewomen of the jury and had to read him the verdict face to face. Watching the disbelief cross his eyes and Aaron mouthing the words “your wrong” to the jury, everyone witnessed Hernandez being sat down physically soon after the verdict was read due to the fact that he was now a convict and did not have the right to stand anymore. Lesa stated that “this was one of the hardest things she has ever had to do to someone”.
Aaron was used to living a life of carefree freedom, doing whatever he pleased without consequence. As he was sat down, Hernandez let out a slight sigh of disbelief. Realizing that he was in trouble now, Aaron will be spending the rest of his life paying for the fast paced lifestyle he choose to live for a short 25 years.
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