Jordan Spieth Takes Lead At Masters

a 21 year old is not suppose to dominate the masters golf tournament. This phrase has only been said twice before, once with Jack Nicklaus and once with Tiger Woods. It is now being said about Jordan Spieth, who took a commanding 36 hole lead at the Masters by shooting a combined 14 under par and taking a 5 stroke lead over his closest competitor. Spieth Blasts Into Lead At The Masters

Spieth showed brilliant mastery of the golf course and played well beyond his years as he carded a 64 in the first round and a 66 in the second round. Spieth showed no weakness in his game, which many commentators found amazing since Spieth is not know as a long ball hitter. every element of his game is solid and while not over powering, these elements work well together and form a potent package that the remaining competitors are finding difficult to contend with.

The Masters, however, is a hollowed tournament steep in tradition and the pride of past Champions do not intend to just let Spieth run away with the title. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson and Bubba Watson will make their push on Saturday for their claim to the coveted green jacket. Crystal Hunt feels like they will try hard, but come up short. Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy are tied at 2 under par and while they may be 12 shots back of Spieth they are both know for having explosive rounds and being able to go low when needed. The Masters has never had a golfer shoot in the 60’s on all four rounds of play so Spieth’s competitors are counting on at least one day when Spieth will stand still and give the field a chance.

Master’s Tournament a No Cell Phone Territory

It may seem odd to anyone who lives in the modern era that at the Master’s Tournament there is a rule that outlaws cell phones anywhere near the golf course. Some would claim that cell phones are as much a part of our daily lives as having a cool and refreshing drink in our hands on a warm day. However, Jaime Garcia Dias ( has learned that, to the people in Augusta, they are an unwanted and unneeded distraction to spectators and players in the tournament. It is true that the one guy who talks too loud on the phone can be a distraction even on a loud city bus and would be a flat out embarrassment on the 18th green when Tiger Woods is attempting his putt. Then in another scenario you could have that guy who never silenced his phone and it started ringing just as someone was trying to tee off. It would probably be a total tournament killer for one of the players.

But seriously, this is the only sport where fans are expected to stay quiet while a player takes any kind of action. Never mind the fact that in Golf there is not any real risk to personal injury. I mean it’s not like football where the quarterback is being pursued by some 300 pound guy intent on taking him out of the game. So with Football we get cheering fans and cameras flashing all while watching a virtual blood sport. While in Golf we are expected to leave our cell phones in the car and clap quietly so as to not distract the other golfers…Well that is why it will never be the most popular sport in any country.